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January 25, 2019


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I have lived in Phoenix for 52 years and have the following observation. You see a lot more pedestrians now. I don't if it is due to improved public transportation or some other cultural issues. More pedestrians will equate to more deaths. It also seems like there are a lot more jaywalkers which I believe contributes to the situation. I regularly drive the 7th street area
mentioned and it is particularly bad with jaywalkers.

7th street north of McDowell is a race track day and night. You couldn't hire enough motor cops to get this under control.
I am just back from Quartzsite and I-10 west is another nightmare.
Out of control 18 wheelers and lane changing idiots have made this a death trap from Central to the turn off to Buckeye.
The Arizona posse comitatus mindset makes Pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists fair game.
Glad you found the strength to post Jon.

Jon I hope you'll befeeling much Beto soon. I'd like to not think of Otha ways we have seen tradgedy they're ll sad nonetheless and I won't say Clarendon as a street.Not true about the lackadaisical nature of "walking around town"everyone who thinks ok to bash Anyone as well as big figures I'm seriously saying if anyone! in ax thinks any highway death is okay -/:they're off their rockers . We have a zero tolerance thing in Tempe it's progressive o see. And they neva get out And walk in phx except maybe around the colleges and light rail or the mail etc like Jon new his fucking neighbors which isn't okay for many. he I'll call em all out to show me the way as a rule I won't stop this feed and take away from the sorrows but I heed no warnings right now I wasn't almost hurt I was almost killed thrice this past month near traffic as a led and I'm tired of anyone who doesn't read world news and no that that's no way to go. Also -bounty hunters in according to our friends china and other places hit people all the time to monitoze life ain't no way to think it out. Driving here has been the worst ! I have seen in my life travelled errywhwere as a rule I won't share my life but for real this text talk thing has no purpose except to steal time And livelihood s. Not that I kno anything except our own experiences here but hey I'll drone on until o say it it's Not Easy walking here for your health life or death certificates won't Eva pay sorry for your loss I used his services me I really believe in you as a reporter it's weird d here in ax in my people's go holy f! I don't want anyone hurt it's a burden on our lives in ax

Oops I'll edit it wasn't supposed to be "smashed into two pats aorry feedless here in typoland on my fone - sorry for your losses folk Phoenix doesn't car for higher ups but how many times and things didn't he do stuff for money which has a lot to do with our economy here

Amy McNamar not amy mcnamara?

Sorry for your loss, Jon.

This is truly a statewide problem. Here in Prescott, I live on one side of Highway 69, with state land on the other. Every time I attempt to cross the highway at the Sunrise Boulevard intersection (to access hiking trails), my life is at stake. Everyone is in a hurry. Even though "pressing the button" holds the light for an extra 30 seconds or so, and even though I'm a fast walker, drivers act like they don't see me, nearly mow me down, or cuss at me. One guy once yelled, "No one ever crosses here, a**hole!"

Ah, the wonderful folks in "Everybody's Hometown"!

Sorry for your loss. I grew up in Arizona and lived in Seattle for 7 years, and moved back to Phoenix 6 years ago. My experience in Seattle was an eye opener. People who drive in Seattle are also cyclists and pedestrians so they are more likely to be more careful and respectful when driving. When I ride my bike through the streets of the Valley or when I am on foot, i often sense a fear or agitation from Phoenix drivers. I think this is because they are not pedestrians or bicyclists. With that said, I think public education, better signage, better lighting, and better infrastructure for bicyclists and pedestrians would help save lives and create a more harmonious coexistence.

I was in Phoenix for two weeks this month and gawked avidly at the changes, good and bad. Two things jumped out:the worsening traffic and the influx of young people to the center city.

I asked several people what was contributing to this latest boom although almost everyone was vague about the causes. Housing prices are up, which seems both like a validation and a headwind. Why move to a city when the housing prices are approaching those of more desirable cities?

I don't mean to damn Phoenix with faint praise. The people I know there love the place, the sunniness of it all, and the relaxed lifestyle. What bothers me is how unrelenting the traffic is. It feels like a city crisscrossed by surface freeways every half mile, and the walking experience is daunting.

If you drive everywhere, you might not notice. What you do notice are the deteriorating street conditions and how jammed they are at rush hour. Phoenix isn't LA yet, but that may be scant comfort when you consider how flaccid its civic spirit remains despite the stunning growth.

I have a friend who runs up the Central Avenue bridle path. He was crossing Orangewood last year when a truck made a right turn into his person, which left him in ICU overnight for observation. His nemesis wasn't the kindly man who didn't see him in time. It's the drive-everywhere urban form that makes Phoenix a one-trick pony of great American cities. Cars define Phoenix too completely. There's no breathing space left for the kinder, gentler impulses of truly livable cities. It's too bad because Phoenix has virtues that tree shade and good sidewalks could enhance if not completely redeem. Sadly, a city engineered primarily for cars doesn't seem to care about those human beings uncased by steel exoskeletons.

Cal's pothole theory.
I have maintained for years all big cities eventually become shitholes due to the inability to maintain infrastructure.
Phoenix was a nice village when Central Avenue was two lanes and a tunnel created by the overhanging cottonwoods.
But now with the out of control human population the planet is rapidly becoming a Galaxy outhouse.

The only place that controls speeders is paradise valley and that is because they aggressively enforce speeding laws. Was there at daughters house for week and saw more traffic control efforts than I have in a year anywhere else. Besides street modifications police must be more effective.

Might I add that Phoenix has the worst drivers I've ever seen anywhere?

Some are eating and drinking. Others are just too busy looking down at their phones to notice other cars, let alone bicyclists or people crossing the street.

Trivial things like speed limits, red lights, and lane markers are petty annoyances, to be ignored.

It truly is the Wild West out there.

If we had heavier urban pedestrian congestion, we'd need triage centers on every corner.

Get better! Rest and liquids!

Of course Phoenix has terrible drivers -- it is an epicenter of me-first, individual liberty culture.

The heedless, the selfish, the stupid, and those who can't make it anywhere else come here.

Welcome to the Nightmare City of the New West. It has no future other than to be a cancerous blob. It will not be satiated until it has consumed everything, and then its benighted denizens will move on to the Next Thing.

Readers from other places: DO NOT COME HERE. You have been warned.

Bravo Joe! The heedless indeed.

Did you mean Headless?
95 percent of my neighbors rolled between October and November 15. They should be gone by April 16. For sure by June 1st.
More coming from Chicago Antarctic next fall.

Heedless headless, same same:)

Yep I knew that but thanks Drift.

Just saw this. John Bouma was a fine man and I was very sad when I heard the news. Dying just doesn't seem like something he would do.

OMG. According to the Daily Courier, five pedestrians were hit by four cars in the Prescott area yesterday. One of the pedestrians, a 14-year-old boy, has died. Everybody's Hometown.

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