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September 13, 2018


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Speaking of Chinatown.
"You got a nasty reputation" Mr. Talton, "I like that."

And the Singh High restuarant closes forever this month.

Good column. Jon.

Thanks Rogue

Astonishing to me the so-called "educated elite" is concurrently phenomenally stupid when it comes to this "lather, rinse, repeat" cycle. Or maybe it's just the usual combination of greed and sloth.....

dont forget who Fast Eddie has to give 10 percent of them tax payer millions too?


Metro Phoenix plays the sprawl game because there's no good card left it hasn't either discarded or ruined. It will continue to deny reality until it can no longer be denied and then look for scapegoats. We humans are very stubborn although we're very inventive when it comes deflecting responsibility.

I thought of this early today when Trump rage-tweeted his innocence (and the guilt of Democrats) concerning the catastrophe in Puerto Rico. Of course, he can't be to blame for anything since humility and humanity are signs of weakness. The Republicans in Congress eagerly nod and go about the business of jiggering yet another tax cut for the rich. The hapless white identitarians in the GOP base take his word for it since reality is no longer reality so much as a contested talking point. Fox News will ease their qualms with bromides for the faithful: "why is no one talking about what Obama/Hillary/George Soros did"?

What is happening nationally has already happened in Phoenix where government has long devolved to serve the rich and tribally connected. People want low taxes, Latinos on the other side of town, tough law enforcement, and patriotic hoopla that reminds them who the Real Americans are.

Puerto Ricans aren't exactly real in that way, and they can't vote in federal elections either. If you tried to deport them, which country could you send them to? They don't even have oil, so they're costing non-kneeling Americans money. Ingrates!

Arizona decided a long time ago that its Hispanic and Native American heritage was a quaint tourist draw and not much more. Creating Ohio in the desert seemed to be the main point in our sporadic attempts at explaining Arizona to ourselves. Eventually even that failed, and then we decided whatever knock-offs of California's Good Life was good enough for us. Hence, Fountain Hills.

I think of this because there is no one America anymore, no encompassing ideal that explains US to us. We are marooned in our explanations waiting for the Strongman who will restore our childhood dreams in this diminished present. He doesn't have to be moral, or good, or measured, or knowledgeable. Just angry enough to tell us who we really are.

Soleri's comment is spot on:
"Metro Phoenix plays the sprawl game because there's no good card left it hasn't either discarded or ruined."

For the few who still reside in Phoenix's commanding heights all that matters is more feet on the ground. Low wage folk still need shoes, just like rich folk. Bread and the other basics of life too. When they get old and retire low wage folk can spend just as much on medical care as rich folk. Medicine is the economic driver of about the only high wage business left in town.

Dropping the retirement age to 62 would add to the local economy but that ain't gonna' happen.

If only Jon's commentaries and Soleri's thoughtful additions to them could reach millions in America. But we have been systematically dumbed down for the financial benefit of a few. We might all need to follow Edward Abbey's example.....work hard to save what you love, and then spend a good, long time in the desert wilderness and enjoy being alive. Some of us will have to substitute the forests or seashore for the desert.

Human destruction of the southwest is not limited to Phoenix or as some say to the “Valley of the Sun.” In Apache Junction and Mesa and Chandler and Queen Creek and on into Pinal County the subdivisions and condos and apartments and RV Parks keep rising. And as said here before the State of Arizona recently gave an OK to further destroy the San Pedro River and the Riparian area and water supply near Benson Arizona to allow for the building of hundreds of residential structures and accompany business support systems. And then we have noted pillars of community investing in properties for residential construction west of the White Tanks and on to California. The southwest population will increase for some time. Particularly with the eastern/southern raging climate change hurricane storms continuing wide paths of inhabitable destruction.

Speaking of Cactus Ed, I recall when he got in trouble for wanting to send “illegal or undocumented” Mexicans back to Mexico with a gun. One should consider ED Abbey’s comment was possibly about terrain destruction and about the Mexican government.

“Abbey is a gadfly with a stinger like a scorpion, the most effective publicist of the West’s curious desire to rape itself since Bernard DeVoto” Per Wallace Stegner in an intro to The Abbey’s book, “Good News.”


In the End the desert will WIN. Hear their whispers on the wind “those who are gone.”



Ten years of folly. Simply amazing the people in charge have continued to double down on folly. But given the vast amount of money to be made and thrown at the plebes, it will go on.

The republican bezzle is politics as usual.

And ultimately, it will fall because of the classic counterrevolution. And then eventually corruption will eat the successors. The wheel turns. The real questions are sustainability and the end of the current political system.

Those questions will far outlive Trump and Ducey, and will continue to haunt humanity for a long time.

The lifeboat problem will be next in the world, with the places that have overpopulations seeking to move into places they perceive as rich enough or better than what they leave. The African diaspora is the first big sign of the carrying capacity blowby predicted by a lot of modern malthusians. I would add that Mexico is now beginning to experience this as well, just looking at the lack of new areas to irrigate, and the increase in population without resource increases....


2015 seems to be the turning point...I would also notice the number of people affected by food insecurity is now growing, and with climate change showing up in much of the world, commenting about Phoenix is going to be a small bagatelle compared to other places with very large populations.

I would personally estimate that at least 20% of the population of India will no longer be able to survive within 20 years in their current locations....so either 250 million people will move or die.

Think about it. One of the mitigating circumstances here is that the Pacific will generate a lot more moisture as the climate warms, so flooding here will be much more likely.

Thanks concern troll.

If you're not depressed enough already, pick up a copy of Chris Hedges' powerful new book, America: The Farewell Tour. The first chapter is deadly accurate and almost unbearable to read.

What has happened in Phoenix is happening all over America. We have allowed it. We have sat back and actually allowed a force outside of us to take our very soul. Dig deep into the ground around Phoenix or ANYWHERE and find the dirt and the bones and the rocks. THey can tell the story if you can stop, put down your cell phone and listen. I'll meet you there.

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