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November 14, 2017


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From what I can gather, the land parcel in question is to the west of the White Tank Mountains, adjacent to the proposed I-11 route and the fabled Sun Valley Parkway. Am I correct in remembering that there wasn't a lot of water in the Hassayampa aquifer which led to... no development in the area?

In a Republican state, where capitalism is much, much more the true religion than anything based on Christ, making money in an immoral fashion is the accepted form of worship. Also, denying climate change by just "sucking it up" and "manning up" is very preferable than having to admit you're the butt of the global warming "joke" the capitalists have played on you. And realizing Phoenix's time has come--and is rapidly going--surely is not something the power-brokers in Arizona want the public to get a whiff of.

You are correct, Norm. The Hassayampa is small and oversubscribed, and the underlying aquifer quite limited — and remember, AZ is supposed to stop pumping ground water.

"In reality, we need fewer cars, way fewer. Most red-blooded Americans want to drive their own cars, thanks very much"...Both true and ironic.

The Gates deal sounds like a tax angle, perhaps they need to park 80 million somewhere for a while. I don't know. But for the lack of water not being discussed as part of the "planned community" is a wonder.

100 Octane, I'm curious...has potential lack of water, whether current or future, ever been discussed regarding "planned communities." I've never heard of it being a consideration in Arizona.

"Once a man drinks from the waters of the Hassayampa, he can never tell the truth again."

Since I heard this would be in the area around Tonapah, I had figured there was a geothermal component to the concept.

A weak defense of Gates' plan suggests that a smart city is one where residential and commercial building environment, traffic and food and water consumption is centrally controlled to enable efficiency and sustainability in the desert. I tend to think *when* that goes wrong it will *really* go wrong, but we should be experimenting with those things. The specific location and scale of this project is probably not appropriate, I assume its' outside the corridors where 100 year groundwater supply is required by AZ law.

I can relate to Rogue's comparison to the self-driving cars. Last weekend LD 18 rep Mitzi Epstein (D) called for comments on Facebook about the cars. I got trolled by four people when I suggested public safety and jobs might be at risk and asked "Is This a Good Thing?" I didn't know I am a buggy whip proponent. The lack of thoughtful discourse around new technology is concerning.

Trump must have had some Hassayampa water.
Old Ned Warren. I love to tell the story of how I "scammed" Ned and lived to tell about. LOL

Nice quote Jeffie! And do tell Ramjet...

If the scarcity of water is priced appropriately the demand for water will adjust appropriately. Large lawns, golf courses, municipal parks and pools may become a lot more expensive. However, xeriscaping will become more popular.

Self-driving cars will not be owned by individuals and sit idle for 90% of the time. They will be dispatched from central storage facilities using apps like Uber and Lyft. The price of using self driving cars will decrease dramatically as economies of scale are realized through more efficient car utilization, cheaper insurance, bulk maintenance and a more efficient driving style.

Solar energy continues to become more productive. There's no lack of sunlight in the desert!

Question: Who wants to move out into the sticks? And, if there is anyone, who goes first? The residents or the jobs? What do the developers construe as the demand driver? After the Great Recession of 2007 to 2015 (polite term for "The Last Depression"), the real estate that was clobbered the hardest, lost the most value and took longest to come back to life was in nearby Buckeye. What's smart about Belmont?

Not sure what was on Gates mind but maybe he has to much leisure time and has been reading up on Sun and Sand.


Maybe Bill has been talking to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
The grandiose Future Investment Initiative, held in Riyadh on October 24-26, was meant to symbolize the transformation afoot in Saudi Arabia to the thousands of business and political leaders from across the world who attended to hear the plans for a new “robot city”—complete with gimmicks like offering Saudi citizenship to a robot.


On the subject of autonomous cars, Car and Driver's November issue has the bulk of the issue on a section examining the current state of self driving cars. It is edited by Malcolm Gladwell, who surprisingly to me, is actually a car guy. Very in depth and thoughtful look at the possible futures of the automobile.

Cal Lash wrote "The grandiose Future Investment Initiative, held in Riyadh on October 24-26, was meant to symbolize the transformation afoot in Saudi Arabia to the thousands of business and political leaders from across the world who attended to hear the plans for a new “robot city”—complete with gimmicks like offering Saudi citizenship to a robot."

When I read that, an image popped in my head of a Jetsons style robot with a red and white checkered head scarf.

A belated post, but I just have to add - Bill Gates genius is not technical prowess, others did it better but his lawyers silenced them. His real forte is turning a product already legally purchased into a perpetual annuity. A Bill Gates "Smart City" is a true nightmare. 4 years after purchasing a home you will get a notice that Belmont 101 will no longer be supported. You will need to either buy Belmont 202 or subscribe to Belmont 365 for an annual fee. What could go wrong if you don't? The automated school bus might pass your kids buy and the automated trash truck might pick them up and send them to the dump. AND, Russian hackers might open your garage door and take your self driving Mercedes to the nearest seaport for shipment to Vladivostok!

I believe you (all above) may be wrong. History will have the last laugh.

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