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September 18, 2017


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Denver, Dallas, Chicago or Minneapolis.

Denver has the same drought issues that Phoenix has and it's in the West. I think Toronto and Boston would be exceptional places for an HQ2. You don't get a better educated workforce than in this region; MIT, Harvard, Brown, Dartmouth, Boston College, Boston U, etc.

I really enjoy living in New England. It's beautiful here, especially in the summer.The history is unparalleled. There are many things I miss about Phoenix but the heat isn't one of them.

None of the listed considerations is as important as an airport close to downtown. Phx is the only city with that.

East coast. Mild weather. Educated workforce. Transport.

North Carolina or Baltimore.

You are an idiot, you set up strawmen with little to back your hypothesis, Phx has one of the fastest growing tech sectors in the country,

"After the housing bubble burst -- a crash that hit Arizona particularly hard -- Phoenix worked to diversity its real estate-dependent economy. And it shows: Over the last five years, the number of tech companies headquartered in the city has nearly quadrupled, a fact mayor Greg Stanton touted in his state of the city address this spring.

In the past year, listings for tech jobs have grown 188 percent, according to ZipRecruiter. Project managers, software engineers, software developers and data analysts have the most job listings."

You don't live here anymore, you have no idea what is going on and you are light on the facts. Really sad you get paid to lie, maybe you should jump on the trump train (that can be the mass transit that you are obsessed with)

Just more facts below:

Climate Change:
"All the rivers in the Southwest are highly volatile, and go up and down 20 percent from year to year," Quay explained, adding that that's "one of the reasons why the Southwest is probably one of the most prepared regions for short-term climate change in the country."

More Tech Jobs:
"The Brookings Institution's Mark Muro and Sifan Liu, meanwhile, found that five big metro areas -- San Francisco; San Jose, California; Austin; Dallas; and Phoenix -- accounted for 28 percent of job growth in technology from 2010 through 2015."

Why do the word patterns of "Actual Phoenician" sound familiar?
and "paid to lie" Makes it obvious that Actual Phoenician is hiding out and too cowardly to post a real name.

This sentence makes no sense, "maybe you should jump on the trump train (that can be the mass transit that you are obsessed with)"

Short term climate change. IMHO, Because of extreme weather in other parts of the USA the Desert will continue to increase in population and in the "short run" the southwest may be prepared but in the long run its going burn baby burn.

South west growth.
Irma, maria, Jose.
Three reasons for living in the
great Sonoran Desert.
Whats left of it.

If Short Term Climate change is defined as 50 years, those who post here will be OK.
Climate change is of great concern to Military leaders and puts them in a position not in sync with Trump and his billionaire oligarchic pals.

“I will ensure that the Department continues to be prepared to conduct operations today and in the future, and that we are prepared to address the effects of a changing climate on our threat assessments, resources, and readiness.”


I am more concerened with the plight of seniors who will die by the hundreds when the power goes off in the summer for days instead of hours because the utilities keep trying to get cheaper.
This will be harder on Phoenix's reputation than anything and they can kiss any development goodbye forever.As they say-"A cat once burned will never jump on a hot stove again,but it will not jump on a cold stove either."

P.S. Agree with Cal.Actual Phoenician sounds like a troll.

Actual Phoenician aka INPHX. You must have a car in Phoenix. Anyone claiming that metro Phoenix has "adequate public transportation " should give up driving completely for thirty days, preferably during the long, hot summer while working full time. The vast majority of Phoenicians have never use metro Phoenix transportation with good reason. If Emperor Bezos is okay with that reality, bring it on.

Good to hear you're doing well in New England phxSunsfan and congratulations on escaping the armpit called Phoenix before professional atrophy set in.

Rogue "fired" me; which I respect.

I am not Actual Phoenician.

Note: preferable abode. Has wheels, motor, Solar and generator power. No property tax.

In my opinion, Phoenix is not under real consideration. Aside from my certainty that Bezos is personally repulsed by Arizona's general political climate, companies like Amazon are not principally motivated by tax cuts and incentives or low occupancy costs. If that were the case, Amazon, Apple, Google, etc. would have all relocated to someplace like Oklahoma years ago.

Three reasons why Amazon won't come to Arizona.
1. Heat
2. Crappy Schools
3. Political Climate.
I agree that "actual phoenician" sounds like one of the old antagonists who occasionally invade this space.

Developer sand filled East coast swamps will insure more folks move to the Southwest deserts.


Tucson's effort to send Amazon giant cactus is symptomatic of the way Ducey et al think the way business is done.Corporations are smarter today and look at things more important than gifts.

Two mobsters, 30 plus murders later.
Another of Arizona's finest back on the street. Will Johnny Alletto (also recently released coincidentally) take a contract on Sammy "the bull" Gravano from the Gambino's?

From a look at the comments, it seems like the commenters are pretty well convinced that Phoenix's chances for HQ2, and for generally good growth options, are about nil.

I live in the metro Phx area, and I can say with certainty that over the last decades our political elites have screwed us over. We do not have any chance at all of landing a large employer, unless they are looking to get cheap, non-union labor.

Without taking into account our massively underfunded K-12 education system, or our weirder-than-s%*t politics, any CEO looking to relocate would be put off by just a car trip around Phoenix.

Let's face it, most of the metro area has been neglected: roads are bad; public landscaping is poor; parks, public pools, libraries and community centers are neglected. The desert has been eaten up for cheap houses, useless strip malls, and fast food joints. What is it exactly that we have to offer?

Arizona particularly its cities are not keeping up with infrastructure. My Fit is right now in the shop for shocks likely ruined by horribly maintained roads and streets.

Arizona's streets are as smooth as mirrors compared to what we deal with over here on the east coast.

Sorry to hear that. You might put in a call to IKE.
My bigger point is can the planet keep adding more asphalt that constantly needs more repair. Are flying computer driven cars an answer?
Maybe Malthus was correct after all.

I think you'll find that the roads in the East are bad primarily because of the long, awful winters.

Here in the rough and tumble West, the roads are bad because we are cheap.

We elect politicians who do not believe in government, and then we profess amazement when the government doesn't work well.

We do not want to pay taxes. And yet we whine when our services decline.

Somehow we have not been able to make the connection between Right to Work laws, anti-unionism, and the low wages that follow from them.

I guess that it's all part of our rugged individualism.

A Hispanic version of Raymond Aron?
I give you Ray Kurzweil

“Why are they doing this whole dog and pony show? Amazon wants something for nothing,” said Matthew Gardner, a senior fellow at the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, a nonpartisan think tank. “They would like a package of tax incentives for something they were going to do anyway.”

Art Rolnick, an economist at the University of Minnesota, called Amazon’s bidding process — and the broader practice of cities competing for stadiums and factories — “blackmail.”

“If you look at it from a national perspective, it’s zero returns. Minnesota might win one, Wisconsin wins the next one. The company wins each time,” Mr. Rolnick said. “It’s corporate welfare.”

-- "Nothing Is Too Strange for Cities Wooing Amazon to Build There," NYT, 9/25/17, byline Nellie Bowles

The desert is the perfect place for the solar energy Amazon is using. Chandler/Gilbert are has a lot of advantages but the mindset that competition can happen without dollars associated to it is a fallacy. It's to be an investment that the money turns back but it's hard for some to see. I didn't realize that AZ was so poor at attracting good companies. That is sad.

Why doesn't Amazon just expand its headquarters in Seattle instead of building a second HQ somewhere else? Is Amazon looking to eventually relocate its Seattle headquarters to the new location?

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