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April 12, 2017


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It is difficult to accept Trump because he so lacks the width and breadth of history necessary to comprehending, understanding, and interacting with today's world.

He is truly a "rube" ripe for the taking--and the potential consequences are unsettling, to put it mildly. Not just the specter of the ego-driven blunders that could lead to nuclear war, but the ill-informed miscalculations such as cutting foreign aid that will only play into China's long-term plans to increase their influence worldwide.

I can only hope Trump learns that the Presidency is much more finesse and balance than the "bold move" and "big stick" approach that his bully mentality favors. It's one thing when so many in the electorate are globally illiterate. It's much more serious when the most powerful man in the world shows that same tone-deafness.

Donald J. Trump is 70 years old.

He's not going to learn anything about the Presidency--or anything else.

He is incapable of intellectual growth of any kind.

He is what he is.

God help us all.

Even the dopes and dupes who voted for him.

Princess Ivanka and her faithful manservant Jared will not save us but bury us even deeper.

LoL- such a wonderful bow to our deepstate- now Trump can tar them with the mess that is Syria- see- bombing did nothing, so I ain't gonna bother to do that again.

Now the generals are up again with NorK, and if they screw it up, the Prez will fully pivot to the Chinese and tell them to clean up their rogue state on their damned border tuit suite. And that is exactly what they threatened NorK with, a Chinese cleanup intervention. They would be dealing with several million who can walk to the Chinese border in a couple of days, and they have no desire to deal with the collapse of the NorK mess.

All of this Bannon out crap is simply smoke and mirrors- that is a huge chunk of his base, and they will get a wall and deportations, along with trade renegotiations.

Whatever- Trump is doing what he always said he would do, deals, and threats.

If no deal, move on, there is so much he can do, so on he goes to the next thing.

Four years of this will be exhausting.

As for Ivanka and dead babies, her hubby did his job repping Israel, and the bombs fell right where they should, and Bannon was pushed out of the way at exactly the right moment. Funny how we don't investigate the most obvious influence on our government by a foreign power.

Meanwhile, the opposition continues to sound like a bunch of hippies, while that base continues to seeth- just like the ALEC crew continues to threaten the tea party fools into their agenda here in Aridzone.

That tea party bunch will bite Trump unless he gives them enough red meat, and Bannon is an important part of assuring them they get their due.

And Kushivanka had better understand the heartland better than their friends in I and Davos, or they just might find that base will desert them for the next savior- and that one will not give them the time of day.

In short, Trump plays a dangerous game, and just might end up the Hindenberg character in this drama.

The main role of savior is now unfilled.

And that is the part that is terrifying- because fascism can indeed prevail now with the unrest starting to percolate in America, and the economic stagnation and repression by the elites.

Fools, the rich are fools.

And their nakedly opportunistic looting begins to anger the middle and lower classes.

But time is going to delay this for a while, until the fool drops over the edge and real calamity arrives.

George Lincoln Rockwell is back from the dead accompanied by the ghosts of Ford and Lindberg. I hear the drum beats of the coming of the second civil war. Heil, Heil.

There is a new, and loud, voice of intolerance and barely-contained fury at "the different" in America. It is shown to the world by the push for the "wall" and restricting immigration.

This is my counterpoint to the valid claim about sovereignty in that we have the right to police and enforce border security. My argument is that we have let this "porous" border go on for so long that other countries feel it should stay that way. We have enabled that attitude outside our borders by letting the border be porous for decades. Accompanying much of the "close the border" talk is bigotry and racism that was always there--and simply is out in the open for all to see. Other countries and their ex-pats in the U.S. see, hear, and feel that bias against "difference." They, rightly or wrongly, often come to the conclusion that U.S. is NOT the tolerant and accepting country it once was. That intolerance is being broadcast around the world as the new "ugly America" under Trump.

That is beginning to show up in a 40% drop in foreign student applications at U.S. universities--and likely is a contributing factor to the "quiet border." As those lessened immigration numbers percolate over months and years, we in the U.S. will likely be the real losers by a lack of intellectual and grunt-level manpower. This will only result in America being the loser by having LESS of the labor pool it needs to compete with the rest of the world.

There's so much cynicism in this country about government, the bureaucracy, and political discourse that a near majority of American voters decided to "shake things up" by electing a man-child with the attention span of a nine-year old boy. The same people who depend on Social Security checks, on food inspections, and air traffic controllers decided to send Washington a message. That a compulsive liar was deemed preferable to a wonkish lawyer with a charisma deficit could only happen in a nation where TV is a stronger vector for "values" than mere civics. Even today, the battle-lines remain clearly drawn. We're supposed to "give Trump a chance" because only Republicans get to interpret squeaker elections as mandates for radical change.

Imagine if Hillary Clinton had been elected but lost the popular vote by nearly 3,000,000. Imagine, if you will, Republicans pledging to undo this injustice by any means necessary, including impeachment. Consider the vitriol she and her supporters would be subjected to if she also had a host of mysterious Russian connections in her background. Does anyone doubt that there would be actual violence under those circumstances?

Trump didn't start this fire. A party of white nationalists did over 40 years ago. It took that long for political norms to attenuate to the point that an avowed pyromaniac could somehow bamboozle the boobs into electing him Fire Marshall. We're not going to undo this mess by ridding ourselves of this crazy man-child. It's much too late for that. The Republican Party has been playing with matches for decades so the house burning down should not surprise anyone. You don't simply call up your insurance company and ask for a new democracy because the old one is gone. It doesn't work like that. Better be careful what you wish for, government haters. You're about to get what you deserve, good and hard.

soleri, it was often said, in the years 2010-2013, as I heard on KTAR in Phoenix, that government haters were in effect closet anarchists. While Limbaugh and Co. vehemently denied it, it was brought up enough about the anti-government wing of the Republican party that it had plausibility. I'm sure many of those people became staunch Trump supporters. Certainly Trump's fumbling and stumbling could qualify on some level as stillborn government. It is unsettling to think this could be the new normal for 4 years.

Soleri rocks!

I saw Louie C.K. sum this up in the most succinct manner the other night, he said "I was all worked up about Trump as some new kind of evil, but now I realize he's just a lying sack of shit."

Trump is mercurial, impatient and prone to the one-upmanship of machismo. The chances of some relatively small action by Assad or Jong Un being read as DEFCON 2 or 1 by Trump are much greater because he wants to be the biggest bully in the room.

But Trump simply mirrors his core supporters in their American "triumphalist," "God is on our side," arrogance. These folks wanted a bully in charge: When their kin go off to fight the wars they desired, I wonder if they'll still think conflict is worth the price they'll pay?

"Truth does not exist in such an imperfect world. That is what I recall when I look back through the haze".
Michael Blake
Like a Running Dog
Author of Dancing with the Wolves

Brad, I think U might like this!

Cal, I read the article, and it was only somewhat reassuring on the military potentially standing up to Trump were he to get too obnoxiously impatient and demand total war on a perceived sleight (I'm being only HALF-sarcastic here).

The three examples the article cited of military "backbone" displayed toward Presidents involved Democrats. In MacArthur's case, he wanted to use nuclear bombs on North Korea.

The military is well-known to be mainly conservative, and the Republicans have played to that for decades. Taking this conservative political bent into consideration, my great fear is the military enabling Trump to commit a gross blunder that is destabilizing to the point of a multi-nation conflict that could spiral out of control.

The consequences of that should be unthinkable, but I fear there many within the military that are "theologized" to the point of believing, like many within the evangelical right wing, that God is on America's side. That delusion makes them believe that, in a war of both civilizations and religions, they will ascend to Heaven for being God's soldiers.

How different is THAT from what Al Qaeda and ISIS believe?

Front pages:Phoenix cardiology pioneer Dr. Alberto Benchimol dies.

Speaking of doctors the world could use some of the following now.

"Chekhov, in short, invented a new kind of literature at Sakhalin. It was a literature inflected with clinical humanity—a literature of keen, nearly medical observation about human nature and its imperfections and perversions, but also a literature of expansive sensitivity and tenderness".


I am quite astonished that such an "ugly American" as Trump, in his eminence of the "ugly American," a hyper-aggressive, tone-deaf, uber-patri-idiot having an overinflated opinion of themselves and ZERO tolerance for ANY dissenting opinions in his own arrogant and willfully ignorant "gospiel," is telling Kim Jong Un "to behave!"

If Trump and Jong had a one on one belly bump war, I predict Kim would put Donald in the dirt.
But Kim Jong and his fellow generals need to be gone. And maybe Mad Dog Mattis will lead a charge to the white house?

Kim Jong Un is an idiot and just as megalomaniacal as Trump, Putin and Assad.
They all deserve each other.

Kim Jong Un at the pearly gates.

Kim, "I understand if I accept Jesus as my savior, my sins are forgiven."

St. Pete, "That is correct."

Kim, "So, I get to come in?"

St. Pete, "With that haircut?"

Kim, "yes."

St. Pete, "The down elevator is over there. Have a nice eternity."

Plains Indians called him Yellow Hair.

Per Vine Deloria Jr, Yellow Hair died for your sins.

You're a good writer, Jon, but woefully uninformed on political issues. Do you even know who the Rothchilds are or how the Federal Reserve works?

Trump was the lesser of two evils, by far. Perhaps your perception is overly tainted by having lived in a bland suburbia full of conservative NPC's. But you're a bit of an NPC yourself...

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