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November 16, 2016


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For some reason, Jeff Sessions photo reminds me of Ev Mecham ?

Trump's election is a tragedy, but it is also an opportunity. Trump will mobilize the left in a way that Hillary never would have. The result of a Trump administration will be crony capitalism ... the worst possible system for all except the elites. We have to present a viable alternative, and it isn't the neo-liberalism of Bill Clinton and Third Way Democrats. The alternative isn't complicated: it's what Democrats at one time stood for. A New Deal. A Great Society. Fairness and Justice for all. What FDR promised. What JFK promised. What LBJ promised. Modern Democrats have abandoned that promise for corporate money.


I agree about the opportunity to mobilize; 11/30 will tell us how practical that will be. With Donald Trump on one side and Obama/Warren/Sanders/Clinton on the other, we've seen that the democratic base simply will not mobilize for a status quo/elite/neo-liberal (pick any of the discussed definitions)/insider candidate. Period.

If Nancy Pelosi is reelected as House Minority, you might as well just scrap the entire Democratic Party. Remember, we all knew this leadership group might fuck up Election 2016 but the consensus was that, in the last 18-24 months, there was no time for big shake ups within the party. If we all just stayed true to the corrupt leadership of the DNP, we'd be rewarded with simply, "Not Trump."

They couldn't even deliver on that.

Pelosi has already announced that she starts Tim Ryan's challenge with 2/3 of the caucus behind her. If House Dems decided to support her, I sat let the Democratic Party be the part of Nancy Pelosi and that it is no more worth fighting for than the GOP. If House Dems support Pelosi, it's a vote to support the status quo -- go ahead and let the GOP have everything else, just make sure the DNP guard is taken care of. They don't deserve to be taken care of; they deserve to be thrown our on their asses to go take those lucrative lobbying jobs they're all just waiting for anyways.

Trump and his status-quo GOP administration may be good for the stock market because Wall Street feels good about that investment. Well, where Trump is a hot start up stock looking to offer above-average returns; Pelosi & Co is that steady and consistent Bond portfolio that Wall Street will always be glad to have stashed away for when the stocks are looking a little too volatile. My point: that bitch and current DNP are as corporate-owned as the GOP. No mobilization happens without the House Democrats contributing. If Pelosi is again elected as their leader, you might as well plan on having drum circles in the park or some other waste of time moral victory because the message will be clear -- the elite have this covered, you just shut up, vote for us, and stay out of the way (as they mount their donkey and joust some windmills).

Boor, just out of curiosity, what would you replace "elites" with? Councils of Real People Just Like You and Me?

The word is even more meaningless than "neoliberalism". It doesn't even rise to the level of descriptive. It's just idle resentment against people who know stuff. We'll show them pointy-heads! We elect someone president who doesn't know anything!

I know I'm a stuck record on this subject, but until the left stops confusing jargon with reality, you're just going to keep chasing your tail around a room full of words. Yes, rich and clever people have more power than poor and not-so clever people. They always have and always will. They did in the Soviet Union and they do today in Cuba. What you're really advocating here is repealing human nature.

What we have to do to make life fairer and more kinder is first give up on the fantasy that it will ever be perfect. Then we have to stop demanding that anything less than the maximalist political position is fatally compromised. I know you purists don't want to hear this, but this isn't a movie or fairy tale. There isn't deliverance at the end. We will always struggle in this area just as we did when FDR, JFK, and LBJ were presidents. We lose when we decide that our side is the problem for being too unlike the titans of yore. This is nostalgia for a past you don't even know. We are in most respects a much better nation now than we were 60 years ago. We're richer, more tolerant, more open, healthier, and more conscious.

The reason we're unhappy is because things change. It's a basic trait of our species to squawk about disruption. Trump won because he bamboozled millions of anxious white people that he would invent a time machine to take them back to 1955. Bernie bamboozled you by promising a time machine that would do pretty much the same thing.

We can only work with the reality we have and it isn't amenable to cheap deus-ex-machina solutions. You're free to imagine a different reality but you're not free to change actual facts with wishful thinking.

"Live through This" Good luck!
If Anne Frank could post here today she would be terrified. Trump and Pence are just the beginning of the terror about to come. If you have been watching you knew that the Hunger Games were about to begin. Just as a few knew the Twin Towers were going to come down or at least something similar was going to occur. The signs have been there for years. Ignorance reigns! Maybe that’s the human nature Soleri speaks of. So you all go ahead and work on solidifying the Democrat Party. Meanwhile the All White Christian Republic party will be filling up the for profit prisons (not Walmart Fema Camps) with Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, American Natives, seditious talking and writing editors, reporters and columnists along with people holding up picket signs. I am getting emails from folks, including those of Jewish origin whose families escaped Hitler that are on their way out of the U.S. So if you and your family are depending on hiding in Anne Frank’s secret closet, good luck.

How to die through this.
From the NRA and Donald JR.
The guy that said " Does deserve a bullet"
in the head.
Now how democrats can commit suicide and not worry about waking anybody up.
Silencers soon to be available.

Speaking of the NRA:
In October alone, according to the Center for Public Integrity, roughly one out of every 20 television ads in Pennsylvania was paid for by the NRA. That same month, the group financed one in nine ads in North Carolina, and one of every eight in Ohio. By Election Day, the NRA had run more than 10,000 ads in the three states. Trump swept them all.

All told total, the NRA ran 14,257 television spots in their effort to elect Trump, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of ad data provided by Kantar Media/CMAG.

By the Friday before the election, Clinton was considered the overwhelming favorite to win the White House. That morning, the NRA issued a familiar call to its millions of members: Vote for Trump not just to protect gun rights, but to stick it to the Establishment.

I apologize, slapped my fingers for again mentioning the last election. Ill try hard not to mention the last election again

"The serenity of Ignorance."
Jim Garrison, On the Trail of Assassins.
Is Trump Putin's lap dog?
Maybe tonite I slip
The Manchurian Candidate
VHS tape into the machine.

Cal, I saw some of those NRA ads and I shuddered how effective they were. When the results came in last week, my first thought was they did their job. They were Big Lies in a country where truthiness trumps reality itself.

In the November 7, 2016 New Yorker,
Hindus for Trump and
Evangelicals in the age of Trump.

If you missed the 1996 Publication of the book Triple Cross by Peter Lance, you were living like a mushroom. He printed stuff I was hearing back in 89.
Peter Lance voted for Hillary (cool Easy Rider Photo)
Is your Passport up to date?

How the Chinese saved Trump 22 years ago.'s_Near_Death_Experience_8_15_94.pdf

From a white republican Semper Fi guy i know.
another view.

"...the whitelash thesis is convenient because it absolves liberals of not recognizing how their own obsession with diversity has encouraged white, rural, religious Americans to think of themselves as a disadvantaged group whose identity is being threatened or ignored.

"Such people are not actually reacting against the reality of our diverse America (they tend, after all, to live in homogeneous areas of the country). But they are reacting against the omnipresent rhetoric of identity, which is what they mean by 'political correctness.'

"Liberals should bear in mind that the first identity movement in American politics was the Ku Klux Klan, which still exists. Those who play the identity game should be prepared to lose it.

Lurker good post.

Donald Trump turned this election into a referendum we might call Whose National Identity Is It, Anyway? He won because his very framing polarized the nation in a way that contradicted the transcendent Americanness of Barack Obama. Arguing that liberals caused this because they're so smug misses the larger truth that America as an idea is in transition. It can no longer be Eurocentric in its foundational identity. Culture itself reflects this transformation, from Obama himself as an emblem of this diversity to our arts and popular entertainments. And as with globalization, culture will not be politically neutered. The vast neural and structural networks underwriting them cannot be repressed or repealed. Like or it, they're reality. We can argue whether the messaging of the Democrats was ineffective because it didn't anticipate this cultural reaction in the heartland, or how Hillary Clinton's clunky political personality opened the door to someone much more vivid and "authentic". Still, Obama's coalition and liberalism itself are not going away. We are America.

Getting along with others in this suddenly smaller world is going to take tolerance, understanding, empathy, and patience. I suggest to the readers of this very white blog that they start practicing this civic hygiene. Trump's victory is a heartbreaking setback here but it will not change what America is.

I read two separate, lengthy analysis of the election from two democrat persons. In each case, their final analysis was, "why weren't we able to get middle America to listen to us?"

Therein lies the big problem right in front of their faces and they can't see it.

You're supposed to listen to America, not the other way around.

On CSPAN, Kellyanne Conway gave a very detailed explanation of how she handled the campaign the same as if she were trying to sell a certain brand of toothpaste to the public.

Bottom line, the democrat machine is extinct. These are new times. Lectures are out, bumper stickers are in. Change or go the way of the dodo bird.

I feel lectured to every time the President-elect opens his mouth or Twitter finger.

Ideas compressed into a "bumper sticker" or toothpaste ad campaign is a concept antithetical to self government of a populous, complex, diverse nation of competing interests in highly complex times in an interconnected world.

Remember, Hillary is leading in the popular vote by 2.2 million and rising. It will take some time to pinpoint what went "wrong." I suspect it won't be one single thing (and if it is, it will be treason). I read multiple accounts of how even on Election Day the Trump team thought they had lost.

Der Trump was right about one thing:

The election was rigged.

Da,eto pravada.

It will be interesting to see how many of those "jobs" Trump campaigned on getting back actually get back here. I'm guessing that any that do will return with a small fraction of the wages they left with. Cold comfort for the working stiffs who supported Trump.

But you have to hand it to the "fed up," the hatemongers, the evangelicals (abortion, morals), and the "traditionalists(who wanted the 1950's WASPish America back)." They understood what was at stake--and performed admirably at the voting booth.

There is also the electoral college, and how, for the second time (2000), the Democrats got screwed. But, again, you have to give it to the Republicans, who engineered (gerrymandered) the voting districts to favor them.

The 1960's liberal idealists were co-opted by the economic system and failed in their stated objective of makin America egalitarian.

I'm pessimistic because we missed this opportunity. We have to understand that the forces opposing us are resolute and unwavering in their desire to slow and halt progress.

Kevin Drum is one of my go-to guys when it comes to understanding politics (others include Rogue, Josh Marshall, and Jamelle Bouie). Here's his take on why Clinton lost. I agree with every word he wrote.

If Berlusconi is like Trump, what can America learn from Italy? - Guardian

Political opposition: ‘Stop crying and try to understand his voters’

... “Berlusconi’s opponents had a very wide and open avenue and they couldn’t resist walking down that avenue. This brought them to a number of defeats. Because when he said: ‘The west is [superior]’, and opponents said: ‘How politically incorrect, white imperialist’, the reality is that a huge part of the Italian voters said in private: ‘He is right,” said Giovanni Orsina, author of Berlusconism and Italy, an exploration of how Berlusconi held on to power.

Opposing Berlusconi by ridiculing him, Orsina said, was a way to preach to the converted, as were attempts to warn that Berlusconi’s rule represented the end of Italian democracy.

“The most powerful way to oppose him, but it was never really done seriously, was to try and understand what his voters want and try to address the need of his voters. No jokes, stop shouting, stop crying, stop saying: ‘It is a horror and disaster’; try and seriously understand what his voters want, and the left was never really successful in doing that,” Orsina said.

Press freedom: journalists ‘must be wary of complicity’

... “Many journalists were complicit even without being controlled, for example by accepting conditions, or when he chose journalists he preferred for interviews,” said Jacopo Iacoboni, a political journalist at La Stampa. ...

The religious right: an unholy alliance?

... Similarly, the thrice-married Trump - who has never convincingly spoken of having religious faith – won the support of four out of five white evangelicals, largely based on their hopes that Trump would elect conservative anti-abortion judges on the supreme court. While it has received scant attention, Trump has also promised to repeal a 1954 ban that prevents tax-exempt organisations like churches from getting involved in politics, a change that could give churches an even more powerful role in US politics.

Berlusconi and the law: a worrying precedent

Last week Trump settled fraud lawsuits relating to Trump University for $25m, removing a legal headache despite having pledged to fight the cases to the bitter end. ... Trump has also sought to delay a civil fraud trial into one of his businesses until after his inauguration.

Minority rights: ‘Migrants were scapegoated for societal decline’

... “I do not believe minorities will be a direct target under the Trump administration, as this would immediately be under the spotlight. But more worrying, the deterioration of their situation will be a consequence of the societal climate. This is somewhat similar to the trend we observed in Italy under Berlusconi,” Palermo said.

The damage done

Berlusconi did not ultimately vanquish Italy’s democratic institutions. But the lasting damage he inflicted, according to Guy Dinmore, a former correspondent for the Financial Times who covered Berlusconi’s final term, came in the way his three-time premiership celebrated and normalised the flouting of rules, including on paying taxes. ... “He legitimised every kind of infraction of rules, ... I think this [idea you can do anything to further your own interests] is much worse than even the legal accusations.”

As a white working class voter living in the state of Wisconsin, I just want to say.......Yeah! You're right. I say the same thing to those Trump supporters.

Perhaps this is the place to go to get away from Trumpland:

It has taken years -- decades, really -- for the left-behind working people to finally get fed up with no one answering their question: "What's in it for me?"
From Reagan on, they worked harder and produced more without realizing a lot of wage gains. And when the house of cards came tumbling down under W, they lost their homes as well as their jobs. Had Obama done something to help them, the Democrats wouldn't have lost. Some say Obama was blocked by the GOP, but he has the bully pulpit, and I didn't hear him complaining. It's much like how he has handled the Merrick Garland situation. Had the Dems done that to the Republicans, the Republicans would be screaming "We demand a vote!" every time they were near a camera.
Now, will Trump really take care of the working class, as he has pledged? I doubt it. He has been taking care of himself, even during the transition, and nothing in the man's makeup indicates he'll do anything but that.
I think he's playing with fire. The people realize they've been shafted and should be making more. That's why the minimum wage passed everywhere it was on the ballot.

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