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June 06, 2016


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Yours and my back problems started about the same time. I don't even want to think how long ago that's been. The word "fast" and my name no longer belong in the same sentence. Suffice to say that I cannot even keep up with Cal anymore. And look at him, one foot in the grave and the other foot on the hem of a dress of a thirty-something waitress he talked into going to a cemetery to show her where his treasure is buried.

OK. Take it easy on us surfers. If you need any help on research for David, I'm sure those of us who grew up there will be willing to help even though present elsewhere.
We'll also provide a prescient tip every now and then.

note there are a couple of new posts on the Bolles blog
and in memory of Charles Bowden

Chuck, it was another great sunset tonite here in the great Sonoran desert (what’s left of it) The 114 temp didn’t cause it any harm. The reds highlighted the mountains coloring them purple and the Saguaros glowed a fluorescent green. I thought in the wavering heat I saw the figure of a Seri on foot looping along the desert floor. I think he was headed north towards Tacna for a cool prickly pear brewed Cervesa. Circling overhead were two giant black birds and above them a Peregrine shadowed by a much smaller bird. Were they guiding spirits or waiting predators? As the sunset the surreal visions faded, I turned on the hose and watered my cacti and flowers while thinking of a great fallen Cottonwood.

Thanks for the update, Jon. And whatever you can provide here is always welcome. If it has to be less than in the past, so be it. Better than zero, for damn sure. Glad you have so many irons in the fire, especially keeping a hand in journalism. The Times is lucky to have you.

Your insight and wisdom is always welcome--however and whenever! Thanks for the update--will continue to share your word here in AZ...

I come here on a daily basis at least for the Front Page links. Even with the less frequent postings about AZ affairs this is still one of the best blogs...with the best comment sections!

OK, so we have to get along with a little less rip-roarin' speed? It'll be fine. The insight makes up for it.

I don't comment as much as before, but I still read this blog and your columns in the Seattle Times. You've always been an excellent writer. The Phoenix issues are so important because Phoenix seems to be at a tipping point now. Downtown has grown tremendously and there is so much energy here. I don't want it to sputter.

Yesterday downtown I saw a patch of boiling asphalt. Keep pouring more tar and concrete.

Trump IS building a wall, between himself and the voters.

Hillary is not an option. Due to her unacceptability, a movement is getting a sputtering start online to vote in November, but to leave the choice for president unchecked. Vote for no one for president, but fill out the remainder of the ballot.

It would be advisable for the two parties to come up with alternative candidates at their respective conventions.

Fitzpatrick will defeat McCain.
Arpaio will be our sheriff into his 90's.

Being a recent emigre to Seattle from Phoenix, I appreciate your writing both in the Times and here.

Mombo, is Trump doing so deliberately?
But Hillary will win if not indicted.
Race will be close but Fitzpatrick might pull it off. Arpaio will win because there are no viable candidates such as David Gonzales.

Is Trump doing so deliberately?

Short answer,Yes, IMHO.

I have no idea how you did what you did and if I was stuck on a desert island (which is kind of the way hibernating in home in the PHX metro summer feels) with one url it would be Rouge. I have much catching up to do. Thank you for everything and "break a leg" with those pay by number projects.

Do whatever you can do here, anything is welcome. It's a great site, even if it only has fresh articles once a week. I honestly don't have time myself to read it a lot more often than that, anyway. Thanks for your loyalty to AZ.

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