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May 09, 2016


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From your post:

The residential project, if it happens, is underwhelming. According to a member of the Encanto Village Planning Committee, "It was approved. We asked if they could build taller (they said 'didn't pencil'). We begged them to do less parking (they said 'we need this much'), I made sure to add a stipulation that the historic sign gets moved to the new location and re-illuminated. I asked...to make sure it didn't get caught up in B.S. like not meeting the new sign code and not be allowed to be re-used."

Second, most of these projects are dull and, worse, meeting the letter but not the spirit of real transit-oriented development (and still expecting tax breaks). Hence, the project that might displace Macayo's in the next year or 18 months has no mixed-use space for retail.

Third, few of these developers have urban chops or access to reliable financing. Thus the snail's pace of development along Central — in the time some of them have done basic site work here entire skyscrapers have been erected in Seattle.

So, we'll see. In the meantime, support the Resistance.

Sure seems to make building single family houses in Surprise easy. Where will capital flow??


I am not concerned about the "expensive" market-rate apartments and condos planned along the light-rail route (WBIYB). Phoenix has abundant cheap housing. The affordability problem is really one of low wages.

Nice to know that you're not concerned.

Is it OK if the developer is?

My question. Where are all these people coming from to fill in these condos and apartments popping up?

If that restaurant looked like it does in the photo, in this article, I might have gone there, but the way it looks now only makes me think of roach infestations; a place to avoid.

Macayo's is a struggling business. They have recently closed their restaurants at 19th Avenue and Thunderbird and Prescott Gateway Mall. If they own the building on Central, I wonder if they are selling it to make money. I wouldn't bet on them opening just to the south.

Thank you for sharing the nice photo. I have only known this Macayo's with its current Mayan temple façade.

The present sign at Macayo is a piece of shit. The old neon was really classy and beautiful. Would love to see it again.

Jon, nice photo of Woody's El Nido. If you look closely U will see my 59 Chevrolet, with four on the floor, parked in front. Regarding Mexican food, the cooks at Woodys were much better than at Macayo's on Central. The best thing about the Central location was the bar.
Before he got into some difficulty my old running buddy Lou Levine (former Phoenix Head prosecutor and Judge) was a regular at Macayo's on Central. Speaking of getting in trouble I note that Bert Easley's Fun Shop is still at 509 W McDowell just a mere stroll from the former Woddy's El Nido. Bert has been selling fun for at least 50 years or more.
Even though they are a mile away the increase in housing at Central and Indianola will be good for Changing Hands (Phoenix) Book store and for the Clint
Eastwood Cigar shop and other establishments like Flower Child restaurant. But will it help Park Central.
Maybe housing for Medical folks at Dignity Health (formerly St. Joe's before some sister defied a bishop).
I think Kevin may be right about the future of Macayo's. The last two times I was in Macayo's on Central there was no one under 60 eating there. The youngsters are into Green Drink from Whole Foods not beans from Ranch Market. If you want a good eating experience just pony up at A Ranch market. If I gotta eat meat its going be pig feet.
The goat brains are good tooooo.

Every time I come to Phoenix, lunch at Macayo is a must. I still remember el Nido too.
Gawd, what a shame.

bearsense, just drive south to:

and then further south to Maria's Cantina.

lah, I always thought Macayo's was for old midwesterners.

My prefs are for TeePee, El Norteno, Chino Bandido, Los Reyes de la Torta, Carolinas, and very rarely the Barrio.

And the New Mexico bunch, Los Dos and Richardson's.

But then I really like food versus a building.

Each to his own. Monte's Casa Viejo was an example of the building being more interesting than the food.

Still haven't done the old bike dealership foodie thing.

Forget the sign, see if they can round up those cool cars. In addition to Cal's Chevy, it looks like there is a Corvaire, a Ford Falson and Chevy station wagon (Belaire?). I learned to drive in the next Falcon release (a boxier verson of the one shown).

Los Dos Molinos in Springerville, AZ and the one on South Central (HOT) are my favorite Los Dos. They also have one in NY.
El Barrio for Flan and go while light and cruise the area for some great fence art.

All my new neighbors are moving in from the burbs. I'm planning on buying a condo at Portland on the Park. Many of my slightly younger friends lived with their parents until recently. With loans to pay, many couldn't afford to pay rent, insurance for a car, a loan for a car, the gas monthly, etc. after school. Now that they saved money, they can afford rent and a monthly light rail pass to live downtown.

Good for you, pSf

For one tenth of the price for a Portland Park Condo, one could buy a very nice home on wheels. Add 7 billon more folks to the planet and the Condos will be fully occupied in one of the most dangerous cities to take a breath.
Glad I retired in 91 on $27 thousand a year. Eliminates any thoughts I might have of living in the dark depressing steel, concrete and asphalt jungle filled with scurrying "manunkind" humans.

Just what we need: millions in RVs, spewing greenhouse emissions and trashing the wilderness we have left. :-)

Figured u would Lash out. My motor home is 13 years old and has 7000 miles on it. That's about 600 a year. And it burns unleaded gas very different from that black cloud of leaded fuel that hangs over Sky Harbor from all those Jet Flights from Seattle to Phoenix. Big study said crime is highly influenced by leaded fuel. So u all keep sucking that Phenix air that the Lung Society keeps telling U it's killing U.


Los Reyes de la Torta--

The Hawaiiana- best sandwich/ torta on the planet.

I'd take trains if we had them. Make up for airplane footprint by not owning a car and living downtown

Different Jungles for different folks. I like mine where many creatures walk on four or more legs and the only noise at nite is a coyote howling at the moon and the morning quail, dove and many other birds that come to my quivering watering hole. The javelin forage thru passing my U of A recommended plants that they don't care to consume. Occasionally short stocky men and women dressed in black move thru the darkness towards the road leading to employment destinies.
I will leave it to Nitcheze Superman to bring nature in to city harness. May your opera be a black tie affair. Knowing that I own little clothing but Levis an T-shirts and think of a Martini as some form of Alien life.
PS I mounting a petetion to blade that ugly Tovera Castle and leave the Cacti. Particularly them big Sahuaros overshadowing the abandon Hohokam village.
The water will dry up and eventually bleached bones will lay about at the feet of the nude statue located at what we call Central and Washington.

Bulidin bigger and newer structures.
Only in Texas but maybe in Mesa or Gilbert?
I can see the AZ legislature jumping on this.
A place for guys to play grab ass and shower in the Sandusky locker rooms.

While Democrats dither on backing Clinton, President Trump is forming a team to make America great again.

Arizona's former Governor and top law enforcement official both have jumped on the Trump train. Arizona is Trump.

The Clinton versus Sanders dispute smolders for Democrats through 2016 while Trump initiates another 30 years of Republican dominated America.

Make America great again!

Land Use forwards from Master detective Bill Richardson.

"There was a guy so thin he had to stand in the same place twice to cast a shadow".
Dashiell Hammett
It's reasonable to believe Trump will take Arizona. The Shadow Trump and Clinton cast over the nation is of evil. Evil behind the Creaking Intersanctum door.
So Ducey is supporting Trump as he is the guy that can sell Ice Cubes to Saudia Arabia in the summer. I suppose when the Trumpet says "Top law enforcement" he means Joe?
So will Trumps running mate be NM female Governor, not likely Ducey. Will Joe be head of HLS.
Make America Great AGAIN. A nonsensical statement. AMERICA is still great but like all civilizations,it struggles. Particularly when it tries to rule the planet. Presidents need not be Julius Caesar. Norman Rockwell America is not coming back. That's a fantasy in the dreamy heads of the ill informed of current events. When you wake up tomorrow the lot next to you will have a Waahbi's temple on it. And the loud speaker will blare Allah is great. It's called freedom of religion enshrined in our Constitution by America's founding fathers. And why would someone assign themselves a FAKE name like Arizona Trumpet. Hiding from what?

I read “My Lost Brothers” yesterday by Brendan McDonough (and a “co-writer”). Mr. McDonough was the lone survivor of the Granite Mountain Hotshots. He was the lookout and was a removed by a considerable distance from the rest of the crew. He barely made it off the mountain himself and could have easily died himself.


Several things are quite clear:
- The management team fighting the fire totally botched the job. A total FUBAR operation. That’s what the OSHA investigation determined also.
- The people of Yarnell are equally to blame. You have to take certain precautions if you’re going to live in that environment. They didn’t. The town deserved to burn.
- The hotshot’s decisions lead to their own death. Yes, they were put into a position where they were wasting their time – but that’s about all.

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