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May 31, 2016


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A shout out to Kemper Marley for laying the groundwork for carpet bagging John McCain to arrive in Arizona and proceed to suck the life out of the state. Karma sucks.

The Philantrophic Marley name can be found on many places from the Childrens Hospital to the Phoenix Art Museum. In my 66 years in Arizona I have not seen a overview of Marley holdings, but I suspect it's sizeable maybe even into other countries like Mexico.

Vote for one, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or Vito Corleone.

The one with honor. Vito 2016

off topic but,
Hill will fill the bill (pun intended)

NPR in Phoenix (KJZZ) had a good article on the Bolles case today. I never knew that thr R&G refused to publish the IRE's daily updates and they were instead read aloud on KOY radio.

Freedom of the Press, Freedom of speech are one of the reasons to Keep Don Bolles alive in our future. These freedoms are under attack from every direction.

Why remembering Don Bolles is Important.

So political crimes and white collar crimes no longer exist in Arizona?

The Phoenix Police Department, (PPD) White Collar Crime (WCC) prosecution squad and the Organized Crime Bureau (OCB) no longer exist because there are no criminals to chase? No Mafia, No Land Fraud, No Economic crime, No Political crime? Or did these law-enforcement Bureaus in the PPD go away because of political pressure. Like the pressure brought to bear on reporters such as Jon Talton or the illegal arrests of New Times owner and editor?

How did chasing dishwashers become more important than investigating sexual assault cases or homicides? Where are the investigators chasing big crime? The PPD Police Chiefs no longer have complete control over the Police Department. They have to report to an assistant city manager to make sure no embarrassment is likely to pop up. No city officials investigated without city managers approval. No local or state politicians are investigated for fraudulent schemes and devices.

It’s all bullshit and it’s bad for us. The politicians have stripped down, tamped down and dumbed down law enforcement agencies to make sure they just arrest the average Joe or the guy mowing your lawn.

How do we know if the city managers are doing the legal thing? No favorable deals at the airport, no making sure the new freeway goes across the right land areas? No under-the-table favorable tax deals for big business? How do we know?

If you work in the city treasurer’s office and see a manager committing fraud favoring politicians or businesses and you fear telling your supervisor who do you call at the PPD? No one!

In the seventies when the PPD had a White Collar Crime Unit (WCC) some of the best cases were made by city employees acting as confidential informants reporting their observations to the WCC unit.

Did two Arizona senators steal from the Apache tribe? Did you see the state have anyone look into that matter? Are developers illegally removing sand and gravel and pushing politically to avoid water laws? Did the state violate the law by overriding an existing law that specifically states how state land trust moneys will be used? Would the public have defeated that issue if there had been better investigative reporting? It barely passed and passed in a sympathy vote.

Arizona has a few good reporters but almost no really good investigative reporters. Al Sitter and Don Bolles were two extremely humble guys who went after the really bad guys with a vengeance. Many of Al Sitter’s columns opened with two words, “Convicted Swindler”. When the bombing first was reported to Arizona Republic bosses their first thought was that the victim was Al.

So there is no big crime in Arizona anymore and hence no need for good investigative reporting. Well, we could use another column on how bad Child Protective Services is as a result of legislative underfunding and not caring about the poor.

I worry that big money is closing down on investigative journalism and soon it will just be all censored sound bites. Right Huxley, Orwell?

At this point, The Arizona Republic exists mostly to deliver advertising. With the exception of Laurie Roberts, they're company men just trying to make it to retirement. Why do anything that might upset the status quo?

Organized crime in Arizona has grown like a well watered weed in the last 25 years. Phoenix PD no longer has an organized crime bureau. The AZ DPS doesn't either. The county attorney's office is out of the game. OC controls Arizona streets and highways and it goes unreported. IRE could set up
a permanent shop in Arizona.

Note White Collar Crime squads:
In my day the WCC squads helped 7 or more high ranking city officials decide to leave and or retire.

Why is some of the library off limits to the public. No libraraain needs to be responsible for guarding files.

I loved "The Bomb Shelter". It kept me busy trying to remember who was really who. I remember when the Bolles bombing occurred and I've followed it ever since. Thanks for the update.

More drivel from the self-named "rogue columnist." Will someone name a single solitary "solid land fraud case" that Lonzo McCracken and/or Oscar Long ever brought to the Maricopa County Attorneys' Office? I wasn't even an investigator, yet I was able to charge him twice in a matter of months - within a year I had sent him away to the Arizona State Prison, where he would die. This duo was well-known to the attorneys at the Maricopa County Attorneys' Office as feckless, disorganized and unsophisticated to a fault. Defenders of the "rogue columnist"on this site state that "Oscar Long looked at Warren in the face and promised him he would die in prison" - that is classic PPD. Full of braggadocio, they love to talk the talk, but when it comes down to it they can't walk the walk. McCracken and Long never did. Too busy spending all day cultivating the press - a long-standing cultural characteristic of PPD.

Another murdered journalist with disturbing echoes in high Republican places: Mr Kushner is said yo have green-lit the arrest of Jamal Khashoghi.

It has been credibly reported that Kemper Marley Sr. ordered the Bolles murder. I'll always believe that.

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