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April 12, 2016


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Who even owns the Capital building anymore? The Republicans sold it, they don't have any right to ban anyone from it, that's the landlord's realm, within the boundaries of applicable federal laws concerning equal rights and all that stuff, of course. I wonder if the owner would rent me a space for a kiosk in the lobby where I can sell porn or some other popular conservative product?

Republicans have nothing to worry about in Arizona, even with much more aggressive news media. If a crypto-fascist thug like Joe Arpaio can win reelection, or a semi-literate x-ray technician can be elevated to governor, what does Gowan, or really anyone with an R by their name have to fear? Paul Babeu, the gay sheriff with an illegal Mexican boyfriend, may well win his GOP primary for Congress. You search for signs of consciousness among the suntanned zealots and finding little, simply retreat to your cubicle of privacy. There is no pubic square in Arizona aside from a few comment sections on the internet.

This dystopian road-rage movie may not have been scripted by ALEC but you couldn't ask for a better setting than a state where people mostly know one another from the kind of car they drive. Even a next-door neighbors is often little more than a shadowy head you see in a car pulling out of a garage. When someone goes berserk with a gun, or is implicated in a sex crime, the mandatory TV interview with the next-door neighbor reveals the struggle to make sense of someone who seemed normal precisely because you really didn't know them that well.

Maybe Arizona will eventually find a way to create real communities based on economic or even civic interests, but the possibilities don't look that great. The nation as a whole is not much better in this way, and the political dysfunction we see nationally emerges from this rootlessness that is both our freedom and curse. The movie we live in has occasional mayhem and hijinks along with an ending where we learn from the mistakes we made. That's the fairy tale we cling to. Its not much but it may be all we have.

I believe that the "apocalypse" is coming soon to AZ politics. I think it will make AZ SCAM look like small potatoes. It only needs some press people with the balls to bring it out.

The fields have never been so fertile.

Roger and all, I have mentioned a few times before and very recently, there is no one in Arizona to investigate politicians and major white collar crime. PPD's OCB was eliminated by the politicans because of stuff like AZ SCAM. The politicians just hired the smartest cop, so he serves at their pleasure. And invetigative journalism is dead. The best you get is News by teenager's from ASU Cronkrite.

NOTE : THE BERNIE thread is still alive and breathing.

Change is dead in AZ. the Pols just went back into a huddle to re-figure out how to keep the news noise down. Plus currently the legislatures and Uncle Sal of Phoenix City council are striving hard to shut down liberal Phoenix.

Meanwhile, one of the few chances Dems have a chance is still burning on the previous column on BERNIE at Burning Man in the desert with posts from Pat and Naum.

I give you Bernie, Yesterday and Today.




Like Wyatt told Ike The law is coming and hell is coming with them. The cowards can't hide forever.

Ramjet, it will not be a known local but a stranger from the east of Hell.
Eastwood plays an enigmatic wraith, who metes out justice in a corrupt frontier mining town, where he arrives as a stranger.

There is a ripple of opposition press in SeeingRed.com

This is an amazingly civil blog when you compare it to what's out there. People write with verve and pens warmed up in hell. So what? Remember Harry Truman's quote about kitchens and heat. I still welcome anyone who wants to actually address the questions in this column.

Jon, I believe Pat and Soleri and I answered the questions here. The folks in charge want to work in secret. U cant get in the temple if you don't have proper underwear. Besides the press, the boys are working on obtaining records thru the Freedom of information act much more difficult. Seattle and Portland are better places to be for the time being.
Hoping incrementalism works.

...the mandatory TV interview with the next-door neighbor reveals the struggle to make sense of someone who seemed normal precisely because you really didn't know them that well.

Perfect, as long as its not me (on either end)!

Wyatt Earp is the perfect metaphor for AZ. His press his much better than his real deeds - he and the Clantons were probably partners in crime and arguing over a botched stagecoach robbery - and then there was the gambling and pimping of the wives.

Gowan is sponsor of HB2568 the Sprawl Developer Enabling Act of 2016. It gives owners of 600 or more acres the right to apply for and get public bond market financing without the vote of the host community! It will immediately add millions to the value of sprawl projects that would otherwise not be feasible. The bill sailed through the house 60-1.

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