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April 01, 2016


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A man can't do something for 25-30 years and then change overnight.See Nixon,LBJ, and now Trump.Nothing is stronger than human nature,IMHO.

Al Capone may have been a giant in his day but his ancestors of today are Giagantic octopuses that run the world with the help of " The Bankers".


Old Kemp Marley helped set up Jim Hensley in business. And the power and money of the Hensley company are the chief reasons we've been burdened with John McCain all of these years...

Oh well. Kemp is long gone and all that remains are the "good works" of the Kemper and Ethel Marley Foundation.

With enough time and money anyone can become respectable.

By the way, just east off of 20th street on the south side of Colter there's an old mailbox that reads "Kemper Marley". If you're feeling sentimental for the good old days, maybe put a wreath there...or a can of Bud.

Looking for a recording of conversations in elevators?
1 million acre Spanish land grant to who from who, said who?

I thought of all kinds of stuff to write here but I got caught up delivering organic vegetables and lost them. maybe later. For now.

Whoops was supposed to be one photo

Kinda funny how Barry's name kept popping up in mob scandals over the years, from Greenbaum to the Funk family, as a known associate (remember the quaint expression "You're known by the company you keep?"), and none of it really ever bit him in the ass with the electorate. Before I croak, I'd love to see the Goldwater "legacy" completely destroyed, and for the whole family to be exposed as the parasites they are. Sure I'm a dreamer, but didn't I just see the Bush "legacy" destroyed by a wrestling promoter in under five minutes?

Think you are safe?
Organized crime today is bigger and more sophisticated than ever.
The largest criminal empires are the United States, Russian and China governments.
Gangs outside governments but doing many countries dirty business are;
The best structured criminal organizations in Europe, with a quasi-military operation, is
The Fortune Press picks for most powerful, with emphasis on cybercrime.
Chinese Mafia,
Other gangs
Phoenix, Arizona or Valley of the Sun was until the 50’s a low level Chicago, Fat Albert, style Tammany Hall ran place, with local, (Lefty), democrats and police in charge of gambling and prostitution. When it became apparent to local Jewish Republicans that zoning was going to be more lucrative than small time betting and whore houses, it invented Charter Government and along for the ride came Barry, a good guy to river raft, drink beer and take picture of and with. So a sweep of sorts was made and ugly stuff went underground and many of the cops involved, retired. In the mid-seventies the Phoenix Police department established a white collar crime outfit and as a result, numerous politicians went to jail along with some crooked attorneys. Some city officials had to resign or retire and sports management figures began to see the danger of the police doing something besides arresting heroin addicts on Buckeye road. Charter government evolved to the Phoenix Forty and eventually the Phoenix PD White Collar Crime and Organized Crime unit went away. Phoenix PD is a good outfit and currently its focus is on violent crimes, mid-level gangs and calls for service but no glances at politicians and their criminal pals. You all know the story from here if not you can google Taltons history stuff or read his mysteries. Taltons next book on Phoenix (Maricopa County) history will be at least a 800 pound gorilla.

Note: Investigative Reporters, Don Bolles and Al Sitter were always frustrated with the feds and their denial of anything like collusion between the feds and gangsters in Arizona. In the 70’s a few of us worked with Sitter and Bolles and there was a trust relationship that is almost impossible to build today.
Al Sitter remained my friend until his death. He was, (like Talton) ran out of the Arizona Republic by folks that had an aversion to investigative reporters that had confidential sources not known to the bosses. He was seen as obsolete in the coming digital news empire. He died as a great reporter than was a humble a person as I have ever known.
Did gambling go away as 1950’s Charter government (http://archive.azcentral.com/centennial/ent/articles/2011/08/20/20110820arizona-architecture-charter-government-phoenix.html) stepped in, well sorta but not really.
As a Patrolman in 69 after having a meal about 2 AM at the Busy Bee Cafe, First Avenue and Washington, South side of the street and just across from Talton’s favorite building, the County Court House (who stole the brass door knobs and where s the Paris Alley Call Box) ran by two Greek brothers, I happened upon a west bound car at 1st and Washington driven by a “suspicious” man with a large bag of money. I stopped him and took him into police headquarters where he was a seated under the watchful eye of the Night Detective Sergeant while I went off to the records bureau to see if I could tell who this person might be. When I got back the Sergeant advised he had allowed the “suspect?” to make a phone call. Then the Sergeants desk phone call rang and he answered and handed me the phone. A high ranking Major assigned to the police chiefs office gave me a direct order to give the “suspect” back his bag of money and let him go. “Yes Sir.” As a young officer the events of that stop did not come together until I later became involved in Police Union politics. And after things like the attempted bribe over dinner and drinks at Durants with a couple of crooked cops and a promoter that felt the new union president should have some extra benefits, thinks started to become very clear.
Many years later my divorce attorney whose dad worked for Gus Greenbaum and the Chicago Outfit told me I had stopped the bag man for the mobs nightly gambling proceeds from the 12 Street Auto Parts wire room. That attorney since his law school graduation has handled his parent’s property empire in Phoenix, including property once owned by the Arizona Republic.
I was an Administrative Assistant to Police Chief’s Ruben Oretga and Lawrence Wetzel. Wetzel as a lieutenant was one of the first cops on the scene at the Greenbaum slaughter house. I worked the PD White Collar Crime in 76 and later was the Administrative Sergeant in the Organized crime bureau ( I was moved from Internal Affairs to OCB by Wetzel without the knowledge of my supervisor’s after Wetzel’s realizing there were serious issues in the OC intelligence gathering units and record keeping. Additionally he informed me that he had been advised the bureau was possibly infiltrated by organized crime. Wetzel became police Chief after Charlie Thomas who as a lieutenant had been promoted to Police Chief as a result of Charter government’s desire to clean up the PD.
Phoenix followed by Mesa and Chandler Police Departments are fine professional law enforcement agencies with few of the problems that plague smaller departments through the nation. Given the politics of Arizona the counties and states law enforcement units are at risk in many ways. The Department of Public Safety suffers from being at the pleasure of the state legislature. The Departments pay is inadequate and its facilities are lacking. DPS now has one of the most professional directors ever but will he be able to convince his political bosses to professionalize DPS to the finest in the nation. Will Arizona ever again have an agency that goes after corrupt politicians and big time white collar criminals?

I forgot to mention, the biggest Organized criminals are called, BANKERS:

(?Gang Bangers?)
More about Gangster Bankers:
The banks – and the money-go-round


Cal Lash I'm doing an oral history project on West Valley but I am interested in recording some of what you're talking about with organized crime... would you want to participate? If you (or anyone else) would like to participate or know more about the project email me @ [email protected]

Cal, I don't recall Arizona Democrats being accused of being lefties in the 30's or 40's, but then, I wasn't there. I had always thought they were mostly pre-Civil Rights Act dixiecrats, Strom Thurmonds with cowboy hats.

Anthony I will contact U.

Pat, I said Lefty not lefties.

This is a bit off topic, but interesting nonetheless. B Franklin mentioned the late Kemper Marley in his post. Marley's daughter, Joyce Corrigan, is responsible for the demise of Scottsdale's tough, former Hillside Ordinance, and the subsequent development that you now see on the slopes of the McDowell Mountains. Marley, who was a rancher before he became a liquor magnate, owned the former DC Ranch land in the McDowells. Scottsdale passed the Hillside Ordinance in 1977, which severely restricted -- if not prevented -- development in the McDowells. Corrigan, who inherited her father's land, considered this a virtual land-taking by the city, as it prevented her estate from developing or selling the property. So, she sued. In 1985, the Arizona Court of Appeals sided with Corrigan, reversing an earlier trial court decision in favor of the City of Scottsdale. The city appealed the decision, but the Arizona Supreme Court refused to overturn the CoA decision. This allowed landholders like Corrigan to develop their properties on hillsides. The end result is leapfrog, gated communities like DC Ranch, McDowell Mountain Ranch, etc.

1 million acre Spanish land grant to who from who, said who?
How many cows do U have to have on a hundreds of acres to avoid taxes?

I wish this blog had a "like" button, so I could use it on Cal's comments.

When are we going to stop glamorizing these people?

Hattie I'm not glamorous. I am the world's ugliest man since Richard Boone and Jack Elam died.
Oh U meant the gangsters?
When I was 10 I was a gangster. And got into fights at the Pix theatre.
When I was 16 I combed my hair into a duck tail and wore muscle t-shirts.
And got into fights at Riverside Ballroom and Nelsons pool.
The world loves Gangsters
May one of your great grandkids be A GODFATHER.

Last week someone emailed me suggesting we should meet because he was flying in and would be in "DC" next week.

Do the beautiful people of north Scottsdale refer to the McDowell Mountains area as simply "DC"?

Noriega must have cut the good 'ol CIA and Bush Dynasty out of the "banking" biz. Takes another whistleblower to show nothing changes.

Jerry, Panama has been milking the open ship registry racket for all it's worth for years and years. They have a larger fleet of registered vessels than either the U.S. or China, and that kind of action draws the wealthy like shit draws flies. This scandal is pretty much the logical outcome of a scam that requires the whole world to play like, "Why, yes, Panama and Liberia really do have quite a seafaring tradition, don't they? No need to stare, nothing to see here!"

What does a real criminal look like?






Who are the real criminals?

What do Donald Trump and Bill Clinton have in common. Making poor Mexicans poorer?
But:Per Ivana,"As long as you come here legally and get a proper job... we need immigrants. Who's going to vacuum our living rooms and clean up after us? Americans don't like to do that."

Jon, You really should link to Dave Wagner's book. It's excellent.

Fascinating! I didn't know all of this.

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