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February 01, 2016


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Maybe Arizona could benefit by imposing a citizenship test on new arrivals: maybe a one hour film covering stuff like Azscam and the Keating Five days of sunny bipartisanship, Ev Mecham, J. Fyfe (I still can't say that without laughing) Symington, etc, followed by a really short quiz. No way would newcomers keep electing shady players if...oh. Donald Trump. Never mind.

I share your grief. I live in Wisconsin, birthplace of the Progressive movement. In a few short years our state was totally gutted by the Koch brothers and their puppet, Scott Walker. In retaliation for his humiliation in the larger arena, he has recently rammed through the most egregious series of laws imaginable.

Well, we'll just have to wait and see if there is an explicit quid pro quo from Ducey back to the Kochs.

You know, like this....


Make sure to focus on the term "retroactive"

LoL, just try testifying in front of our legislature- they only worship Koch sycophants, including the Chamber of Greed and the Goldwater Institute.

This state is being run like a one party state, just like under any totalitarian regime.

DDR lite. Say something and they will destroy you or make you sit in the corner.

But failure abounds in our state government, but they propagandists keep pushing their relentlessly upbeat messages- see the young twitter gurls employed by DD up on the 9th floor- their pic with their Uber puppies is priceless.

At one with the finest from Fascism from the 1930s- now to really sin- their fascism will ultimately fail.

No follow through for the people- no real shining Tr(i)ump(h) moments- no real getting better, just getting much worse.

That is the problem with Koch's Potterville- by not providing enough buy in to the shrinking middle class and working poors, they lay the seeds of their own destruction.

So, if the people can't be bought off, they will break the system and make the rich start all over.

Ducey's Potterville is now apparent in state government, and soon the scandals will really begin (Lottery dude is the tip of it), because hiring incompetent friends and fellow travelers will hang him at his doorstep.

The AzRep just started with the dark money stuff- Now look at Michelle Reagan's hiring of Eric Spencer- all he is doing is wasting tax payer dollars to destroy the laws and fully enable dark money.

Nothing but pure evil.

So, bring on fascism, a lot of damage will be done, or the people can change the system- I turn 50 this year, so I am now transitioning to the sidelines- this is the fight for the next generation of 30 years.

Concern Troll, U should become more liberal and more militant as you age. The sidelines is for non engaged shadow people.

“What made me run away was doubtless not so much the fear of settling down, but of settling down permanently in something ugly.”
― Albert Camus
“Where there is no hope, it is incumbent on us to invent it.”
“I rebel; therefore I exist.”
― Albert Camus

David Fitzsimmons draws an op-ed comment for the Arizona Daily Star. Sometimes he pens and essay. This one is absolutely wonderful:


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