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July 30, 2015


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I look forward to reading it Jon. And yes, there is a ton of little known Phoenix history that could stand to be raised to the surface.

Thank you for taking on this important project, Jon. Your eight highlights are food for thought. I value your insight and look forward to reading the full book. Please post when it's available for pre-order.

It would be nice if the book could be downloaded from this website. A modest price please as many of us don't live in six figure income land Seattle. :)

I hope it gets published as it will be interesting and hopefully get some people thinking and changing.

Jon with all due respect, I believe you are as qualified to write about Phoenix, Valley of the Sun and Arizona as anyone. Look forward to your outpouring.

I hope it does get published, because your interpretation of events will be fearless, and that will be not just enlightening, but probably eye-popping.

Inert GOP congressional delegation?

Not according to TV ads j. Mc lame is already running months and months ahead of the election.

Look forward to the book.

I am looking forward to the book - eagerly.
And mourning the loss in Number 5 above.

Number 5 is still here. Just waiting for current occupants to move to Portland and Seattle.

I'll never forgive my ancestors who arrived here 15,000 years ago for failing to put no vacancy signs around the state.

Then when my other ancestors arrived in the 1500's, would it have been so difficult for them to put up signs that said, "no water, go back to Iowa".

I'm sure jon covered this stuff in the book. I know he'll mention cal. Cal always gets in the books. Dang red headed stranger in the black hat.

I hope to get the chance to read this.

If behind every great fortunes lies a great crime, then there's nothing especially awful about Phoenix except its inevitable and sharp decline into a cheap sprawling car town on the road to nowhere. There's no way you repair a city without urban fabric. You can fake density but you can't fake value.

As the planet heats up, even the loveliest things will dry up and wither before our vacant eyes. Drive so fast that even the scent of death doesn't linger.

No one has asked the big question yet, so I guess I will: why would the book not get published? I hope to God that it will.

Ruben it took your ancestors 10,000 years to learn how to make a flame to light that stuff you been smoking.
Soleri, great last line, read Red Line!
Chris in case you missed it god has been replaced by publishers.
U all, I'm taking one of my liberal friends to meet Jimmy Carter tomorrow. Anything U want me to pass along to him.
Excellent column Jon, I sent it on to all my rich red neck republican acquaintances.
In all seriousness I think upon the books arrival the club should have a discussion meet with the Author.
PS, Ruben is buying the drinks.

Neil, how u doing! It must be 13 years since you and I were trading Emails on the development of downtown Tempe. Congratulations you won. Tempe used to be a nice town. Now it's a big noisy and ugly place with garish structures and a putrid lake. I go there on occasion to help young folks that get brutalized by bouncers and occasionally law enforcement. And city government still tends to be about the politicians and not the citizens.
Once in a while I sneak into Tempe to see a movie at Red Harkins Valley Art theatre, now ran by his son. And afterwards I go across the street to the 12 foot by 30 foot book store piled high with dusty books sold by the octogenarians, now maybe in their 90's. Hope all is well with you. You can Email (again) if u like at [email protected].

I will second Chris in Denvers question, why would the book not get published?
Here is a link for The History Press, if it is the same one that RC mentions...


Reading thru your Top 3, I was nodding my head at each one. When I read "Organize crime runs, deep, deep, deep," I thought: Holy crap! How can there be any doubt your book will be published? Then again, who will have the guts?

When an author signs a contract with a publisher, the publisher is typically not obliged to actually publish the book.

A host of problems could intervene. They might hate what I wrote, for example. I don't want this to happen. But we shall see.

Looking forward to the book also. I feel that I know a good bit of history of Phoenix having been born here in 1937 and always lived here.
Anything in the book about "Charter Government" and their scams? See Ray Busey and paint.

RC: if written under contract, who owns the copywright?

While there may be people with more facts about Phoenix,none are better than you at distilling and defining those facts,.. Look forward to book when it comes out.

I believe I hold the copyright.

Looking forward to your new book. I'm on the board of the Medlock Place Historic District so am thrilled to hear the deeper side of the history. Familiar with some publishers after working in the business for years. You may be asked to sign away your rights in the fine print for some of the historic book publishers.

Okay Jon we get your book on The History. Now how about a column on the future.

Should Phoenix think Contraction. Should we plant more Sahuaros. What would Buckley and Gore think?

Contraction would be great. It might be harder now that downtown Phoenix has replaced Scottsdale as the most expensive rental market. You can read about that on the links from Rogue's homepage.


What are the borders for downtown Phoenix. It has been mentioned in this blog before but I don't remember the specifics.

Jmav, there is Rogue's definition of the borders and then there is the city's definition of the borders for downtown. Most downtowners will tell you that downtown is from the 7's east to west, I-10 to Lincoln from the north to south.

The city defines the area between McDowell, 7th Ave, Lincoln and 7th St as downtown.

Thanks phxSUNSfan. That is my town.

The larger that newcomers and city planners make downtown, the more difficult is downtown's trouble. Anyway, the area north of Roosevelt was **never** historically a part of downtown. History matters. Otherwise, north Scottsdale is downtown, too.


Regarding copyright concerns and questions...
This was one of the best free Coursera courses I've taken:


It is now self-paced. Though somewhat focused for educators, it covers copyright law for artists and writers.

Heard from the publisher and we're on for a winter 2015 publication date.

arizona is only 40th.

OK Jon, how about a Phoenix Confidential column?

deconstructingthemanifest.blogspot.com. a new good read

I wouldn't be surprised if the City of Phoenix eventually shifts the southern boundary of Downtown from Lincoln St. to Buckeye Rd.

I plan to buy the book whenever it becomes available. Thanks for your efforts and look forward to supporting them.

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