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January 28, 2015


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Beautiful. I wish all feature writing was like this. I did not know of this woman until now. I see that is a great loss...

Great piece. I remember her as your protector for sure. So tragic.

Thank you, Jon. Beautiful.

We never really know how irreplaceable other people are until they're gone.

May there be more angels like her in your life.

Well said, my friend.

Thank you for this beautiful piece about my stepmom. She is gone too soon but her legacy lives on.

She sounds like a real mensch. Sorry for your (and our) loss.

Jon, this is the first I've heard of her death. My sympathies to you personally as well as her family. Just three days ago, a colleague of mine going back to my youth in the radio business died suddenly. He was Bob Shannon, a big name and talent at market-leading stations in Los Angeles, Seattle and Minneapolis, as well as Phoenix. He was a film director who was shooting a movie somewhere in the backwoods of Pennsylvania when he was stricken by a fatal heart attack. Mostly he was a kind, generous man who inspired me and others professionally and personally. The mournful passing of great people like Sue and Bob are reminders that, indeed, they're not making them like that anymore.

What was the medical condition that resulted in her hospitalization? Hopefully, her death wasn't due to medical malpractice.

Condolences Jon,
It gets harder every day to find good bosses and and folks that believe in heads up and factual investigative reporting. Much of the planet's population has become dank mushrooms in dark caves where enlightenment is an uncomfortable dirty word.

My condolences. What a fine tribute to an exceptional woman.

The "Deadline Man" has been murdered by large corporations. I offer as proof the prophetic film, "Network."

Despite Malthus views, the planet population increases while the number of Brave Genuis' decreases. However Jon Talton marches on in his quest to bring us to the brinks of thought. And so I quote Frederick Nietzsche, "a good writer possess not only his own spirit but also the spirit of his friends. " From, Human all too Human.

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