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September 05, 2014


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Not a big Obama fan, ever, I do however see glimmers of hope on the horizon. Being an American, I am an optimistic fool.

En Seguro, Right on Jon. great piece.

From your previous blog I repeat:
Ruben,and Emil, the ISIS is doing everything it can to draw the neo cons into convincing the US to go back to war. Same old plan that Osama Bin laden had.

Halliburton stocks are down.

Why should we send a dime to Ukraine or Israel or Saudi Arabia when our teachers are paid poorly, our streets are falling apart, we lack the rail system of an advanced, urbanized nation, and the middle class collapse continues?

We shouldn't!

Just read a comment by a border security analyst who said, "we're preparing to spend so much money on the border, that it would probably be cheaper to pay the immigrants to stay home".

I'm sure glad that once we climbed out of the trees, we discovered fire, sex and how to ferment liquor. Otherwise, the craziness would have been to much to bear.

Hand me that beer, would you?

The Gippers plans.

Headline on google news says "Obama delay on immigration causes uproar from Hispanics".

Hey, Hispanics, you don't bother to vote, so shut the fuck up.


Your voting Hispanic brother.

Ruben U one of them Spaniard Land grant trust fund babies? They actually let you register to vote up there in Showlow.

Meanwhile back in Fascist America ran by the CIA with the the help of NSA and the country with police officers that look and act like Gestapo soldiers! No one is safe on the highways and byways of route 66.

How your local police department (think Marines) will deal with college campus and Occupy protesters in the future.

The reason we are not hearing from Soleri is he has moved again and is out of touch with us fools.


Plan I like in Indians: give them back Long Island;

Petro, what has happened to Ian welsh?

Ian's working on a book.

Was at a table of 8 at a happy hour at a country club here in the white mountains.

Lady next to me said, "we need to get the country back to only the original , real Americans, then we can reevaluate who we should let in."

I said, "so you mean, the Native American Indians?"

The blank look on her face had more emptiness than you would find in interstellar space.

We talked about the weather after that.

P.S. She is second generation
Irish/English. (I guess she is under the impression her parents discovered America)

The good news. She never votes and is proud of it.

My new state rep. Sylvia Allen, has in her district the petrified forest, who her god created 6,000 years ago to look like it is 30,000,000 years old. Pretty neat trick. I'm expecting very enlightened legislation to come out of this cult pea brain.
(Sad face)

Ruben, Country club?
Guess when U got the bucks U can get in the door?

Not a member and they have cheap happy hour food and drinks. You just have to put up with conversations like I described above.

I've been amazed...

Even our knee-jerk liberals seem to get the fact that ISIS are vermin to the core. (If you are of the Kucinich elven ilk -- please substitute in "morally challenged" for vermin if it makes you feel better.)

All in all I think Mr Obama is playing this out perfectly:

• Bomb the vermin here and there to protect dams and Americans.

• Give it time... so every asshole jihadi on the planet hops a plane to Turkey and crosses into ISIS to fight for the woman-hating† phantom known as "Allah".

• Meanwhile work on building a coalition to squash the vermin by-and-by. This is a problem that demands a coalition.

This may be the best of all possible scenarios in regards to caging, confining, and killing the world's worst conservatives (Moslem fundamentalists).

It is absolutely wonderful that these stateless Terrorists now have a state of their own. Especially a state where there are not a lot of trees to hide under.

† Islam: how to Beat Your Wife

Arab satire of ISIS

From "Aggressive Police..." link:

“All of our home towns are sitting on a tax-liberating gold mine,” Deputy Ron Hain of Kane County, Ill., wrote in a self-published book under a pseudonym. Hain is a marketing specialist for Desert Snow, a leading interdiction training firm based in Guthrie, Okla., whose founders also created Black Asphalt.

Hain’s book calls for “turning our police forces into present-day Robin Hoods.”

More like robbing the poor to help the rich. We've fallen back into a feudal system and we're pretending we haven't. Bring on the 10th Crusade!

Here you go Jerry I posted this on Jons site on October 30, 2008. I think I updated it but heres the old version.

Well planned ADOT ditch freeways become rivers.
At 600 feet higher than Sky Harbor me and the Superstitions are doing OK.

Tribal memories, antagonisms, hatreds, perceived losses, distrust of all none-members is not easily overcome by lines drawn on a piece of paper by individuals who, once done, leave those remaining to their own devices.

We haven't come that far; it is just that the weapons have become better and more deadly.

And while it is true that we should not be a hall monitor (so to speak) if those who want to run in the halls and cause problems have no monitors, what is the eventual result.

Clearly our needs at home are massive and redirecting that wealth overseas leaves the domestic scene impoverished. Yet, the unintended consequences of ignoring the problem and seeking a solution may be far worse.

What may be at issue is who is seeking the solutions and are those making well reasoned decisions or at they trying to put bandages on the pig and pretend the problems will go away

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