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September 18, 2014


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Arizona apparently didn't exist as a significant political entity during the Progressive Era and the early and violent stages of the labor movement. Its late development may be part of the reason Arizona has become the current day luxury winter bedroom for the moneyed US right wing. The development of social institutions such as great public universities and medical facilities resided in the urbanized north before Arizona's time.

Arizona's relative political youth within the US context also has caused the state to be lacking in an anti-war and leftist(no not liberalism) tradition which was prevalent in northern urban areas and port cities along the Pacific coast in the early 1900's. How much of the state's lack of tradition in these areas is present today?

In most other states, the warmonger Arizona Senator John "napalm" McCain would have a much harder time politically maintaining his bombs, bombs and more boots on the ground solution to all foreign challenges. Not so in cowboy land.

For Petro, and
War in 2014
There is no "true Islam" in Islam. There has never been any central "authority" in Islam that could define such a thing. For better or worse (mostly for the better), Islam wears many faces. But paradoxically, there is one contemporary orientation that does make the big claim of being "true Islam": Wahhabism.


Phoenix since the great war and your King James lesson for the day.

"They soon fogat his works; they waited not for his counsel; But lusted exceedingly in the wilderness; and tempted God in the desert;
And he gave them their request; and sent leanness into their soul." Psalms 106: 13-15.

Are you sure that top photo isn't cal the Boy Scout just falling short of earning his model aero plane badge?

Im 74 Ruben thats 74
the only badge i earned in Cub Scouts was the Field Recognition of girls badge

cal was eating brownies back in the day.

As the French bomb Iraq and the perpetual war goes on we should not forget that the French once supported a Cannibal Emperor.


The war will end when the last man looks around and there is no one else to kill. Question, will he become so depressed he decapitates himself?

Reminds me of the Last Man Standing breakfast I attend a few times each year. I am 74 Ruben and barley standing.

Remind me to tell U that story about Down
on the farm

Not sure I want to hear about that.

But Petro i thought a rural carny like you cared for Sherwood Anderson type tales of Ohio

Jmav, important political entity.
TR's mistake was building the dam instead of making Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico wilderness.

I hope U all have had an opportunity to watch the PBS Ken Burns Roosevelt series. Need more info on Eleanor, i will loan you my leather bound copy of Eleanor by a guy named Lash

Since the great war before they started numbering them, there has been a lot of wars.
The current purposefully Russia initiated war in the Ukraine is to take your eye of the ball inside the US. As I have noted before from barber shops, to ruby's and bad oil and hacking financial institutions the Russians continue to work on owning the US. Our current sanctions may have temporarily drive the ruble down but The dollar will become the Ruble. While U give this thought have a cold one on the Russians.


Thats Joe Lash.

And then there's Snidely "Whip" Lash, the notorious villain.

pat i identify with Snidely Whiplash

Theodore Daldymple: But it was the hope of progress has not proved altogether illusionary, neither is the fear of retrogression proven unjustified. The Great War destroyed facile optimism that progress towards heaven on earth was inevitable or even possible. (Preface: Our Culture, or What’s Left of It)

Stoking the war machine:

The WAR on Drugs for the next 80 years at 40 billion a year:

The WAR on the planet earth from the Front pages. I hear Malthus whispering from his grave, I tried to tell you.

Phoenix 101 on how the west was won

A few months ago I made disparaging remarks about Hillary. I was soundly chastised, and rightly so.

Fast forward to now. The commentary about President Obama and Hillary is as vicious as I've ever seen......and it's coming from democrats.

If you haven't noticed, the republicans are staying silent and obviously enjoying the show.

To you democrats, I'm sorry your heros turned out to be frauds.

Ruben, U use the word heroes loosely!
They were just humans.
one with no experience and one with to much (old timers) experience.
But speaking of Heroes in the making.
How about Elizabeth Warren as the next Eleanor Roosevelt with the juevos of TR

Your republican Pal

By the way, while democrats have no hero's, republicans have only villains.

And alas, it turns out independents are like the Hispanic vote, both are just vapors in the wind. No substance. An illusion.

So sad.

A war that is continued by American Profiteers and others. Financial institutions love the drug war, they charge at least 30 percent to launder drug money.
And how the drug war allows the US to militarize areas rich in resources.

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