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September 11, 2014


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Excellent article Rogue. The latest US bombing raids show how badly our government is broken. Continual worthless war without tax increases which means reductions to Medicare, Social Security, infrastructure and all other federal programs to feed the war machine.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

It just depends where you reside in the space/ time continuum.

Prez: I want to help the unemployed.
Repubs: no

Prez: I want to help working families.
Repubs: no

Prez: I want to help immigrants.
Repubs: no

Prez: I want to help homeowners.
Repubs: no

Prez: I'm going to have to restart the Iraq war.

Repubs: WE'RE BEHIND YOU 100% MR. COMMANDER IN CHIEF !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have we ever committed troops or air power that didn't lead to a bigger war?Lebanon and Somalia are the only ones I can think of.Looks like the only thing we got for 3 trillion dollars is an invitation to come back and do it again.Here's your sign.

In the early 80's the Reagan administration sensibly removed all US personnel from Lebanon after the US Embassy and Marine barracks were successfully car bombed. The Lebanese civil war continued between local combatants for 15 years before they found equilibrium.

The regional players in today's Middle East also need to slug it out on their own until an equilibrium is reached. It will be brutal with much human loss and tragedy. US military intervention only delays this necessary regional determination and puts American life and property at needless additional risk.

The educated Arabs use to say that the only one who could defeat Israel were the Israelis themselves. It looks like the US, the only current superpower, continues down the path of taking itself down by successive Midle East military adventures.

Drifter said and I agree.
"It looks like the US, the only current superpower, continues down the path of taking itself down by successive Middle East military adventures."

Too bad that equilibrium means:

Equal parts US arms
Equal parts Russian arm
Equal parts Chinese arms

Cal, you sent an email ordering us to make comments so that you wouldn't be the only one commenting. Do we still have to continue or can we stand down?

Out of words in Show Low.

Smoke something will come to you. like

Another reason to not be Black in Amerika.


Rube U going to that whites only Sholow country club tonite, I heard they denied the Presidents request to shoot a few there?

why ISIS or ISIL will fail and Saddam's Baathist's will be back.

From Ted Rall:


Don't bother with the video (its not high-def and questionable as to what is claimed).

Wesley Clark interview (transcript and/or a link to YouTube) on Democracy Now back in July:


^^^Make that July 2007!

Jerry, the 2007 interview was interesting. And it does not surprise me. I have not watched television in some time, so I was interested to see if Wesley Clark had anything more recent to add.
I found an article where he blames the Saudis for ISIS (or ISIL or if you don't want to be at war with Islam, it's SIS.). I agree and I think Rogue was saying something very similar recently when he said something like, The Saudis are our friends, except when they are not.

Jon and Suzzane
Wahhabi's have no American friends unless they are part of the Wahhabi movement in America. To become a Wahhabi you can sign up at one of the 2000 Muslim temples now established in the United States.

Every since old man Bush, George SR was in the CIA the Wahhabi's have been using the males in the family. (Not Barbara, she's OK in my book. Probably would have been a better president than the other two.)

The friendly hook up.
You know kinda like the Bushes hooked up with the Chases.

cal, I had forgotten about the Saudi/Bush relationship.
I am not aware of a hook-up with Chase.

Two bios on the Bushes
and chatter about their Chase connection
think $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I may be confusing the Walker family with the Chases but I will have to dig out the Bush bio books. In the meantime follow the money.
Including the financial connection between Bin Laden and the Bushes. And dont forget their family once supported Hiltler.


Meet the really smart Bush. will he be smart enough to not run for president.

Bush and the world trade center and the middle east connection.


Why there will once again be young americans dying in foreign places.

2016 presidential race line up.
Mitt Romney and John McCain, with Sahara Palin as secretary of state
Democrats, Hillary Clinton (US most hawkish democrat) and Bill(doesnt understand war) but hopefully Elizabeth Warren who understands most everything.

The privatized war in the Middle East is in High Gear.
Read the Daily Beast article on Private contractors gear up for the next war.

Theodore Dalrymple on “Brave New World” and “1984” in his essay “The Dystopian Imagination”:

…both Huxley and Orwell were by nature radicals: Huxley was a socialist at Oxford, flirted with fascism in the 1930s, and then became a West Coast guru; Orwell was a socialist from an early age and a lifelong enemy of the status quo. Both implicitly realized as they contemplated the future that preservation was as important as change in human life: that the past was as important as the present and the future.

Enjoy the “Phoenix 101” and such (like the “Flood”) postings.

despite the size and decor of our caves we are still cavemen an women.
more than ever we are looting and killing the earth and its inhabitants.
Ludite Wrenched

I'm going to assume this thread is about Isis the Egyptian goddess.

My question for the goddesses on this blog:

Would you please explain why thousands of women wear a jersey and support the players who are accused of domestic violence? If you "wimmins" is out there supporting the guy who beats your fellow sisters, I don't see much progress being made in stopping the abuse.

I would propose that if you cannot come together to deal with this issue, then I would suggest you go ahead and shut down the Democratic Diva blog. You've lost the battle and the war.

We are now living Gilliam's "Brazil." These breathless conversations in the media about American wannabe's joining the fight for the "Caliphate" is a warm-up to seeing why our interactions are being recorded and stored, and why we have so glibly militarized Sheriff Andy and Deputy Barney.

Eco-"terrorism" was a little exotic for Joe Sixpack, but he'll understand the "problem" with those dark and swarthy American traitors.

Petro it took tbe feds years but they managed to put a couple of PETA ECO Terroists people in prison, thanks to NSA,DEA, FBI and a host of other gubetment agencies. So now we can dress those boys in leather that we R going to send off to die in the burning sands of the middle east.

Petro, I like foggy Brasil not smoggy Brazil.
Brasil's Sam should have got himself a Max PI lobotomy.

We're not sending troops anymore - that's so 20th Century. We're just playing with our joysticks and oopsing our way through mass murder.

And we are giving them a reason to hate us.

Petro based on statistical breeding numbers we will all be muslims soon.

Before then I think we should have a Jon party with film showings of Brazil, 1984, Solyent Green and PI for starters and we could hire a psychic and conjure up the spirits of Timothy Leary, Hunter Thompson, Aldous Huxely and maybe good ole Ed Abbey from his grave somewhere in the great Sonoran desert, whats left of it.

U gotta love Pearce, every time that bigoted idiot opens his mouth the democrats gain ten votes. I am surprised the boys in Salt lake have not moved him to Shortcreek.

meanwhile in the stupid 80 year war on drugs in the US.
and Obama should fire the head of DEA and transfer half the agents to FDA. to check our vegetables.
Cal Lash retired Narc

The pollsters have decide its vote for Mitt or Hillary. I wouldn't vote for Mitt if the Angel Moroni appeared in my motor home with a pound of weed and I wouldn't vote for Hillary if she appeared in my motor home naked.
I would vote for Arianna Huffington and Elizabeth Warren and donate a Sahuaro for the white house lawn.


Man cal, that FB video showed a million bucks going up in flame and I'm not sure there was anything they were shooting at. Once we piss someone off enough, ISIS will have surface-to-air missiles and our airpower strategy will be down the tubes, literally.

I would never vote for Arianna after that screwin' she gave all the bloggers and writers that literally slaved for her.

Now if Sinema showed up at yer motorhome what would you do?

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