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May 12, 2014


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"The most dangerous threat to the future security of this country is the two square miles in D.C. comprising the White House and Congress."

Robert Gates
Retired Secretary of Defense

In what context Ruben?

I mean, national security, yes. But why are you referencing this point now?

Jon has said post anything that U all want to. He has a cold and the prez is currently vetting him for Treasury Secretary.

a reminder: today at 2:20 PM at free Trade coffee house is L Ron Hubbard memorial day. John Galt turned down an invitation but I will be there and will pay for ur coffee.

OOPS I meant 3:20 PM

What he said:


I am sorry to report that our longtime commenter Morecleanair passed away on Monday. Commenter identities are confidential on Rogue, but this person was a true mensch. He will be missed.


Only in the context that this is an open forum and Gates made the statement on Face the Nation this past weekend. I was taken by the bluntness of his answer, especially coming from someone high up in two administrations.

I'm very sad to hear about Morecleanair, his comments have been missed.

I hope his spirit is where there is nothing but the cleanest of air for him to enjoy.

Morecleanair was a gentleman and caring person. He never pushed to hard but his posts were something I looked forward to.

I note on the chart post that our resident scholar, Emil is dealing with some physical difficulties. Please let us know Emil if we can be of assistance.

Petro and I had coffee today with some guy that got off the lite rail (WWBIYUB) and floated into Fair Trade coffee. He said his name was Mapstone
and he had some hot diamonds for sale.

More to the day's events please ask Geithner why he pushed for the bailouts in the manner he did. And what was the overarching concern he had if that attack has not made.
The false start in not immediately working for a solution to the first failure and the adjustments made later led to issues that still confront us; and will for a long time to come.

A question for Geithner:


Emil, I am sorry to read about your difficulties. You have a good knack for clarifying statistical information. After reading your thoughts on Az Eco, I thought about the graphs differently. I thank you for that.

I thank cal for bringing Emil’s post to our attention.

I really liked eclecticdog’s The Week article - above.

Ruben’s sentiment to morecleanair is so good. “I hope his spirit is where there is nothing but the cleanest of air for him to enjoy.”

And, I think Giethner will be interesting to interlocutrix. What can be answered that hasn’t already been asked?

Too bad Americans don't tar and feather and ride turds out on a rail these days. Geithner is a prime candidate. I think I would enjoy his look as the tar heated up.

OH, electric dog U R soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I'm spouting nonsense cal. Interesting piece on the Las Vegas police v. Bundy:


Why is Geithner doing this event anyway? It doesn't make sense. Is it a book tour, apology tour, or defiance? Did his PR handlers suggest it?

Wish I could be in Seattle for this.

Thanks for the club meeting yesterday. It was fun. And accessible by light rail (WBIYB)

More Geithner:


There's nothing like sitting with an ex-cop and a journalist, bringing life to the essential characters of this city - the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Analyze this:

From the front pages Bernie Sanders for Prez.
Great guy bad Idea.
Winning ticket is Hillary and Elizabeth.
A winning first by a landslide.

so far HLS Director Jay Johnson appears to be a far better choice than Arizona traitor St. Janet.

Greenwald. I gotta read his book.
Greenwald is the Ralph Nader we need as the next US AG.

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