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April 23, 2014


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well done!

You locate the cosmic balance point, then explain to me the genesis of mystical wisdom which makes their claims unassailable.

I'm gonna leave this to soleri!

..or Petro!

Best article I've read on this. Great job Emil!

Typepad seems to be recovering, if slowly. Hopefully full functionality will now continue.

The latest: some trash washed up on the Australian beach. It's metal and has rivet holes but the latest word is that it isn't from an airplane: more likely from a shipping container.

Also, the last phase of the underwater search seems to have been elongated. Despite the fact that the Bluefin-21 robot sub has scanned more than 80 percent of the area, and authorities had said it would be wrapping up within a couple of days, the new word is that the last 20 percent may take as long as two weeks to complete.

There seems to be no reason for this. I suspect a work slow-down to allow authorities to continue doing something while the next phase of the investigation is worked out.

However, I expect the first inklings of the actual facts of the situation to develop very soon, perhaps by Mission 13 or Mission 14. Currently the sub is on Mission 11.

Note: on the off-chance that the radar data showing the plane's course after it deviated from its flight path turns out to be completely misleading, I'd suspect a crash site in the rainforests of Indonesia, which early on refused permission to searchers for overflights. The island of Java in particular is directly on the final ping-arc as shown in some of the published maps, but with built in
margins of error Borneo and Sumatra can't be ruled out.

Great writeup. I have been deliberately not following this "story," so this catches me up to just what my friends have been mocking.

(I know it's foolish of me to rely on a single source... but it's Emil.)

i suggest the answer is both Emil and Anonymous are right. The scary part is the folks that "cant" seem to solve this are in charge of the worlds governments.

The most disappointing aspect of this whole inccident is the absolute gullibility of the media. You’d like to see a little more competence – or at least a certain degree of skepticism.

I wish this was my idea, but it’s not. When you’re reading an article, or watching a TV news segment about something you a lot about – and you to “wait a minute”. It’s not like that at all. What makes you think the next item is any more accurate than the last. Thank God for the net.

I agree Emil - good job.

This reminds me of a story I recently read about two young women who were last seen 40 years ago when they were on their way to a party. Unfortunately, they never arrived to the party and no one has heard from them since. Search teams and family members looked and looked for the girls and there was a lot of suspicion that they were murdered, but no one knew until now. A couple of weeks ago their upside-down car became visible from a dried up creek bed.

Sometimes missing things take a long time to find.

There's new updates and comments on the Cliven Bundy column.

Bluefin-21 sub Mission 12 just ended; Mission 13 about to begin with 95 percent of the search area completed.


Won't be long now...

Re Cal's comment, which was ambiguous enough to be open to interpretation: perhaps I should point out that my views have no relation to those of "Anonymous".

am big uo us
waiting for misson impossible 14

A comment for no reason at all. I remember reading this article about a guy who traveled to Costa Rica (Or may some other Central American country) to do an article about the loss of rain forest or jungle. He had several days to kill time before his appointment with the “minister of the Interior” or some such happened. Traveling around in the interim he couldn’t help but notice that there seemed to be an awful lot of “jungle” around. Questioning the minister when the interview finally happened he asked about the seeming contradiction. He was told that what he was seeing was not “real jungle” but regrowth. They may look the same to the untrained eye.

What I’m trying to get at is that a tropical jungle can swallow up things in an amazing fast pace. Whole Myan cities are still being discovered in Central America.

Jungle swallowing is a good thing. If only the jungle had swallowed the Spaniards said the Mestizo.
Hasta manana

Soleri, left U a note on Bundy blog.

Is it at all possible that Flight 370 got as far north as Korea?

Soleri, Hope U get to feeling more UP.
I left U another note back on the Bundy blog. I see NRA Wayne LaPierre has joined the FLDS. I wonder if he was promised a number of virgins and gets to be gods PR man.

Given that this tread has preety much died, thought I'm rile up this fire ant hill. Do you have fire ants in Phoenix?

Was at Starbuck's today. Due to my crap ass data plan - I spend a lot of time there.

Ikeep seeing these twenty-something men reading "comic books". Not exactly traditional comic books - thicker - but still a comic book.

I don't know what's going on here, but I find it troubling.

Wandering around the parking lot at Starbuck's, no smoking of course. It's a pretty boring place - so mostly I just look at cars. Hey I'm a car guy.

Anyway I come across this newish Lexus with a sorority decal on the back wind shield.

There's something just not right about a college kid having a Lexus.

Ok Q and A with E. O. Wilson:


Pretty good artical by Freeman Dyson

Brilliant Blunders: From Darwin to Einstein—Colossal Mistakes by Great Scientists That Changed Our Understanding of Life and the Universe


A huge bubble waiting to pop: “Higher Education”. The amount of debt being run up to acquire degrees that are largely worthless is astonishing.

I used to stop by an chat with the “occupy” kids downtown. Good Kids with a real beef. But right after the bale-outs for the “to big to fail” banks was the college debt situation.

This is not going to turn out well.

Watching SNL. How lame. I remember when it used to be funny. It’s worse than not funny – it’s anti-funny. It just pisses a person off.

While Intel's new fab remains idle, they just quietly laid off 400 employees. These outfits are getting real good at making these cuts and staying under the radar. A bunch more are gone at GD too.


were your ears burning yesterday around 2pm your time? You were being discussed at our coffee gathering. You are well liked on the blog.

Emil's excellent work on this thread was also discussed.

At the club meeting Saturday at UB it was revealed by a club member, a 4th generation multiracial arizona native, was considering going into self imposed exile somewhere outside the boundaries of a insane state called arizona.

I give two 'thumbs-up'to Julia Ott’s, ‘Slaves: The Capital that Made Capitalism’

The link is on The Front Page sidebar.

The only time I remember Saturday Night Live being fairly consistently funny were the years when Phil Hartman, Dana Carvey, Kevin Nealon and Jon Lovitz were cast members, some of whom also contributed heavily to the show's writing. I admit I haven't watched it for a long time.

Yes, we have fire ants (and I've had some rising encounters with them,) and they're called "graphic novels" these days.

I'm going to out myself: I own two graphic novels. One is on Smedley Butler and the other one I forget 'cuz it isn't at the top of the pile of books I want to read (but have no time to read).

A new series of comic books or graphic novels will be issued soon.

Captain Mexico ??? or
“He was a non-executive chairman,” “An emblematic figure.”???


Well if I had been around here longer I would have known Rogue spotted the “graphic novel” trend a long time ago. Stumbled across an item “Men Don’t Read” in the most popular list and gave it a read. Great article and great comments too.

Came across this in the article: “And it died with the Southern-ization of our culture, where being "redneck" and "country" are high aspirations.” Which stung; but hard to argue with. The best I can come up with is: “well at least we have an image.” As bad as it is, it beats the hell out of Jersey Shore or Kardashian ditziness. Come to think of it: when you think Phoenix you think what? I come up with a big nothing. Think of any other big cities: New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, LA,….they are what they are – for better or worse. Even small cities like New Orleans, Birmingham, Portland or Pittsburg project something.

For your amusement/disgust:


Harold Crews is one scary-looking dude even before he opens his mouth.

And the search goes on.

cal, is that Ruben?
If it is, I hope he does not decide to leave Rogue as well. I enjoy the rebelliousness of his comment.

Here's a VERY interesting article from The Atlantic:


Here's a letter I sent to the author and one of his main sources:

* * *

Re your "MH 370 Doppler" graph as published in The Atlantic, Note 4 states that the net airplane induced doppler is in part dependent on "rough airplane position assumption". Why would doppler shift depend on the airplane's position (as opposed to its relative velocity)?

Is there any way that the horizontal "plateau" shown in your graph from roughly 02:30 to 03:40 could be 105 Hz too low (i.e., that the plateau should actually run along the zero line)?

I find it odd that the plane should send three abnormal pings in the space of a few minutes, then maintain a constant doppler shift for more than an hour, followed by a linear increase in doppler shift consistent with a constant course but a speed which undergoes a smooth increase for nearly five hours.

The period from 03:40 on seems much better accounted for by assuming that the relative motion belongs to the satellite alone, which moves on a constant course and gradually increases its speed on the downward arc from its apex at 03:40.

As for the plateau period lasting more than an hour, if the plane were flying during this time what kind of course and airspeed would it need relative to the satellite? It would seem to me to be a very odd combination indeed capable of producing such a plateau, since the satellite is moving during most of this period, albeit increasingly slowly. What are the odds that either a human pilot or an autopilot would pick and maintain such a course for more than an hour? On the other hand, if the plane wasn't moving at all, then the very small motion of a satellite near the top of its arc could account for a doppler shift plateau whose variations are too small to show up in your graph as scaled.

I think it's a mistake to assume that a crashed plane couldn't keep sending ping signals; an engine could continue running until it ran out of fuel; I don't know if the Boeing engine pinger has battery back-up power but if so that might be another possibility.

* * *

Regarding what I wrote in the letter above, note that, strictly speaking, a doppler "plateau" lasting more than an hour is inferred, since no data points (pings) were sent between the one at about 02:30 and the one at about 03:40. However, the overall point remains the same.

I also wonder whether a crash landing and/or changes in the power supply to the plane's pinger's could result in pings with a frequency different from normal, thereby misleading analysts.

Update (May 22):

The underwater hunt for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 resumed Thursday with the redeployment of the U.S. Navy-owned robotic submarine Bluefin-21, authorities said.

The Bluefin-21 will spend six days searching the remaining areas in the vicinity of the acoustic signals detected in early April by the Towed Pinger Locator deployed from Australian defense ship, Ocean Shield.

Ocean Shield is anticipated to depart the search area on 28 May and return to Fleet Base West on 31 May where it will demobilise the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle equipment and disembark the support team.


In case that isn't clear, the Bluefin-21 robot sub will continue its hunt in the current search area for just six more days, after which it will be demobilized.

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