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January 27, 2014


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Once a carpetbagger, always a carpetbagger.

So who will the GOP pony up?

Jon, this line made me bust a gut:

"It is also no new news that the Arizona Republican Party has gone insane."

Phoenix was a Klan hotbed in the 1920s.

Sen John McCain has NOT accomplished anything for Arizona..he couldn't even save Williams AFB....
To his record...YES..I totally respect his Military Service and his POW status...but...that is NOT why I do not want him to continue as a Senator, representing Arizona and myself. I am a registered independent....not GOP....not Dem.....Not "Tea Party"...
Having said that, I do NOT feel that Sen McCain has done anything these past few years that would have me vote for him again. His latest "ideals" (for lack of a better phrase) are totally in line with Obama(whom I totally distrust and have NO respect for) and the REIDs/PELOSIEs of the Democratic Party. I feel this Country is in far worse shape because of these misguided, idiotic "leaders" who profess that they are right in all they do...and nothing they have done has shown me that we are better off today then when GW was in office.
The GOP has sent over 150 pieces of legislation that REID would not even bring to the floor for debate/consideration..I find it hard to believe that all 150+ were bad for the US, or, the Dems are the ONLY ones with good ideas.(yea...how about that "OBAMACARE"...you had to pass it to know what is in it...now you know....but you don't have to take it!!)... Anyway...I digress...Sen McCain....go home...RETIRE...your dementia is showing.

I covered John McCain's very first political campaign in Arizona as a reporter for the Chandler Arizonan. I spent a lot of time listening to him talk about his goals and his intentions. I respect the man's service to his country in a time of war. As a politician, he isn't fit to wipe the floor after Burton Barr tracked in mud.

Skip - well said. I've been urging McCain to hang it up also, . . . not that he will listen to any of his constituents.

This could be the funniest statement of the year and its not even February!!! "Citing his 'long and terrible record of drafting, co-sponsoring and voting for legislation best associated with liberal Democrats.'"

Just how far to the right do you have to be to associate McCain with LIBERAL Democrats????? Is it possible to be that far left without actually coming back around to your left???

Great take, Jon! You don't need to have lived here all that long to learn about the true McCain.....but it takes a AZ diaper-baby to hit all the points like you do!!

The consensus is in.
Now who do U suggest as a replacement?

"Now who do U suggest as a replacement?"

I was going to ask the same.

Some choices for John McCain's senate seat, Jan Brewer, Randy Pullen, Russell Pearce, Joe Arpaio, Steven Seagal.

Back in the Suicide for Dummies thread Mr. Talton wrote:

"9. Eliminate a common culture so elevating norms, such as education and civil discourse, are dismissed as elitist and exclusionary. A "civilization" and its demands sounds so snobby, so non "casual." Better for everyone to walk around dressed like adolescents and talking like characters out of Pulp Fiction."

I thought at the time it was funny (in a sad way) that he took a little flack for this. Reading the current thread reminds me why he is read: literate, educated, and compelling prose. I may not always agree with him, but there is no question that he is one of the most interesting opinion columnists out there.

The McCain column could have turned out so much differently had he taken the advice of his critics. We could have learned that "McCain is a m.f.! What's up with that?" Comment: "Fo shizzle!"

Still, urban slang occasionally has its amusing side. Could McCain be "a ashshit konkey wacker"? Get out there and do some investigative reporting, Talton! Enquiring minds want to know. Also, that suit in your photo is behind the times. Get some tats (preferably an arm-covering layer of monster-heads and spider webs) and start wearing your pants around your thighs. Just imagine the new audience numbers!


McCain was a mediocre soldier. Came home to dump the wife who waited for him while he was imprisoned, threatened to cut off the AZ Republic if they said anything negative about him, abused people with his explosive temper, subject America to the possibility of Sarah Palin being a heartbeat away from the Presidency, and whores himself left and right. What a guy.

Ok, u all convinced me John shouldn't be an Arizona Senator. Who do U think the AZ GOP is going to run that is a better choice? And who are the Democrats going to run that can win?

And do we need a urban dictionary ?

Palin for Governor! Arizona the non-stop laughing stock of the country.


Make sure U catch the McCain Censure by Lemmons in the New Times. A real chuckle.

Who could get elected here in McCain's place? Senator Arpaio? Senator Horne? The only sane choice is whatever the Demos run (Senator Sinema, Grijalva, Pastor?).

I like Talton and Soleri but I hear they are running for the Mayor of Seattle and Portland!

2" of snow + Atlanta = IDIOCRACY

REB, Let me now when U escape snow
will by coffee.

John McCain deserves censure, but not for the reason the wackos propose. John McCain is completely lacking in moral character, and he is not qualified to go on the White House tour, let alone sit in the Oval Office.

He cheated on his physically disabled first wife, when she was no longer pretty enough, or rich enough, to be helpful with his political aspirations. He played the field, and then dumped her, so that he could marry a younger, richer bride whose father is alleged to have had connections with the Jewish mafia in Tucson.

The younger richer bride is a smart cookie though. She made the senile old lecher sign a prenuptial agreement, files separate income tax returns, and will not even tell him how many houses she owns.

John McCain slobbers and drools, throws a temper tantrum now and then, and sticks his finger in the wind so that he can determine which political position to abandon or endorse this week. When is someone going to persuade the senile fool to retire?

If he were President, we would be in a new war every other week, and the dingbat Sarah Palin would be just one heartbeat away.

Well said John

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