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November 14, 2013


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While traveling U might want to skip Montana if you are a bison, a democrat or gay.

Could it be argued that our generation never recovered from the Kennedy Assassination?

I was 12 at the time and I remember that I called BS when the Warren Commission concluded that Oswald acted alone. I have never trusted the federal government since.

If you stand in the Dealey Plaza at the exact spot where Kennedy was shot, the lay of the land leads you to suspect two shooters. The location is not flat as it appears on TV. It is shaped like an amphitheater.

After Kennedy was killed, did all the potentially great leaders choose to avoid the presidency, thus opening the door to one long parade of bozos.

Right on, AzReb. I was a little over a month shy of (a precocious) 7 when he went down, and the complete breakdown of the adults around me marked me for life.

cal left some books for me to hold, and I dug out a novel (yes, I'm reading fiction - don't tell Talton) by James Ellroy that viciously fictionalizes the assassination and it's historical consequences (Bobby, Martin, etc.) in a gripping fashion.

The Cold Six Thousand

And yeah - I think those "consequences" went a fair way towards clipping the wings of imagination in later American "leaders."

Apple tax break?

I was six as well, but not at all precocious. However, I too remember the sadness felt by those around me. And, while I think it fruitless to continue to ponder the conspiracies that may be true, I believe strongly that the murders of John and Robert Kennedy had a chilling effect on our nation.
That consequence is interesting to me; I wonder if anyone has written a book or a good article?

cal, thanks for the link. I will wager that the board will sign off on the deal.

"After Kennedy was killed, did all the potentially great leaders choose to avoid the presidency, thus opening the door to one long parade of bozos."

The parade of red, rubber noses, the quiet honk of muted klaxon horns, and the swishing of numerous pairs of size 15 floppy shoes, is answer enough. How they all fit in that tiny car, we'll likely never know.

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