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October 21, 2013


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If Texans were smart they would succeed and sell oil and weed.
what u think REB?

A very appealing proposition until the redneck seccession states become failed states on the border of the east, west and fresh coastal states.

Please secede Texas.

Wow. A powerful post, and a courageous thing to put out there.

Plus, it didn't make me feel very good, put a knot in my gut, which only enhances its relevance.

Don't worry. Be happy.

In November 2014 voters will re-elect 95% of the incumbents running for re-election. Then everything will be OK.

Don't worry. Be happy.

Reb, I hear they have nude beaches and free weed for tourists in Uruguay.
Will HLS let U take rolling papers and matches on a flight?

The solution to Mexico's ills,
Chapo for president.

Happiness is a Saguaro as opposed to a man made structure.

Jon, per the "big dog boys" buy more Colt Pythons and ammo as often as possible. Buy land in Idaho with good soil and water. Find a reliable gardener. Change your name to John Galt III.

Reb, the ballot box aint no solution. We won the last civil war, its time to load and UNLOCK. Screw Cruz, from what I know about folks born in Quebec, they are French pansies. Cruz aint Napoleon he is just a French sissie with a big mouth that over loads his ass.

Petro: U could be the next Jason Bourne. Time to act. I have Kalle Lasn's phone number.

Jason Borne is alive

Are U ready to die

It is all a lie

Jesus Christ was a spy.

Cal, Cruz is Cuban, Italian and Irish. He was born in Calgary, Alberta and is not Québécois. Besides, I know people from Montréal and they are great people ... nothing like Ted Cruz.

I know all that Phxaunfan,no offense to your pals. just trying to rev up some comment about what a brilliant idiot Cruz happens to be.

“In the last thirty years the crimes of the state far outweigh those of individuals”

phxsunfan, actually I would like to see Cruz prosecuted for crimes against the people.

You're not alone in this dismal forecast. See Peter Turchin writing about the Road to Disunion: "The disquieting conclusion from this more recent analysis is that we are still firmly on track to some kind of a social and political upheaval during the coming decade or so."

"Will some future historian write a book, titled The Impending Crisis, 2008–2021? We are not quite in 1854 yet, but the current Republican-Democratic Party System is already showing the signs of fragmentation."

My great-great grandfather was at Antienam too, but on the opposite side of the field with Burnside's Corps.

If the red states did secede, where would the billionaires go? I suspect they will stay in the blue states on the coasts for the culture and amenities rather than become Boss Hogg.

From the Salon Article The business of America is war in the above Front Pages.

"“War is a racket,” General Smedley Butler famously declared in 1935, and even now it’s hard to disagree with a man who had two Congressional Medals of Honor to his credit and was intimately familiar with American imperialism."

"Never believe anything until it has been officially denied."
Claud Cockburn

Excuse me, nobody secedes without paying off their portion of the national debt first.

This ain't Czechoslovakia. The following musings are right up your alley, though more pessimistic:

Having learned what happens when giant babies are elected to govern the United States, Americans are very disgusted with their government. They like the Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security and Obamacare and Prescription Drug Benefits, but they don't like democracy, which is a pretty weird way to run a country.
... Democrats blame the Republicans for everything, even as their own beloved president looks more and more like Richard Nixon: a paranoid and inept bungler who can't seem to turn an overwhelming mandate into success.
... That rich white people were expected to do their lobbying and governing from a poor black city with no government representation was always a cosmic prank, and few will mourn the end of the "federal city." But what's next?
Stability will be very important, for the rich. Without stability, currencies collapse and markets plunge.
... Life may be better or it may be worse or it may be roughly the same, with the very rich still very rich. (There will be no appreciable change in Florida.)

A Winter predicts the passing of the ages of guillotines. No riots, no Hunger Games (maybe the rich Barons will get one going)sounds like its really its going to be really boring

If you missed the info from the Facebook poll (over 100,000 responded) that showed 65% felt the Govt Shutdown was the fault of the Democrats...(Liberal media would NEVER report the actual figures).....and the Washington poll was 57% felt the Democrats were at fault..

Hmmm, every poll I've heard about had it the other way 'round. Washington poll? Never heard of it (and can't find a website for it and it not the Washington Post)?

"By the way, am I the only one who thinks there's a creepy resemblance between Ted Cruz and Joe McCarthy?"

No, but I see a real resemblances between you and Joseph Goebbels

Jon, With more comments like
larry 1356 (?)
Arianna Huffington will be asking you to run her company

Here's a poll by NBC/Wall Street Journal Post Poll (as reported by the more conservative Forbes):

"Boomerang! Poll Reveals GOP's Government Shutdown Bolstered Obamacare's Popularity By 20%"


Skip, can you post the polls you are referring to? It would be interesting to see which groups were polled in the polls you referenced compared to info contained in the Forbes article.

Buenas suerte

Holy crap batman, someone played the nazi card.

The obamacare rollout highlights my greatest fear.

I fear ever getting caught up in government incompetence.

No need to fear government competence. It doesn't exist.

Larry, I never looked good with an armband. Reb, the ACA is being done by private contractors. Remember, this was originally cooked up by the Heritage Foundation, rolled out by Romney, as a "market-based" solution. Medicare works fine with much lower admin costs than the private insurers.

Sidebar: McCain is talking about running for another term. Even in his dotage, he has been making more sense than much of his so-called "party leadership". Time for them to retreat to their country clubs inside the gated communities . . with championship golf, of course!

But can John beat Jan?

Nice column.

Rogue wrote:

"By the way, am I the only one who thinks there's a creepy resemblance between Ted Cruz and Joe McCarthy?"

I see more of a resemblance between Cruz, Trent Franks, and David Schweikert. They all have germanic epicanthal folds / downturned eyes and similar brown hair. Facially speaking, Cruz often reminds me of a particularly crafty raccoon.

Rogue wrote:

"The number of Bolsheviks in Tsarist Russia were only around 25,000 in a nation of 160 million. Yet Lenin was able to persuade and terrorize enough army units to revolt against the state."

I don't want to pose as any sort of expert on this subject, but I don't think there is any comparison between Tsarist Russia toward the end of WW I and the United States today.

Essentially, the state fell apart. The new Red Army was composed, like the old Tsarist army, primarily of peasants. The Bolsheviks were in power and sanctioned the seizure of land by the peasants. That was the primary concern of the latter: keeping the land they had seized for themselves. It was not difficult to convince them that the Whites would reverse these land grabs and restore the previous owners, and that the Bolsheviks, as the government actually in power, were the only means by which this could be prevented. (Remember, the party of the peasants was the Socialist Revolutionary Party, but the Bolsheviks had suppressed this after some terroristic assassination plots/attempts conducted by the SRs.)

So, the question was not who would fight, but who would lead them. Initially there was some recruitment of former imperial officers but mainly the officer corps were Communists organized by Leon Trotsky.

There is no comparable revolutionary organization among tea-partiers; the country has not collapsed as Tsarist Russia did as massive numbers of peasant troops revolted and deserted en masse from the front during WW I to return home. There have not been years of violent protests and riots wracking the nation. We do not have mass starvation or a serf-like tenant farming system.

A right-wing revolution would need the broad support of the middle class to succeed. There is no Communist threat uniting the corporate and middle classes as there was in fascist countries like Italy and Germany.

Talks of secession (by tea-party radicals) are hot air and hopelessly out of touch with reality. There is no chance whatsoever that the leaders of any state would attempt this today. They can sign petitions until doomsday.

What might occur is that if a sufficient polarization occurs, between conservative dominated state legislatures and governorships on the one hand, and the federal government on the other, is that a movement among states to test the federal government on the margins may occur.

We see this already (minus the conservative motive) in the issue of legalized marijuana. States that allow this are in clear violation of federal law. The federal authorities, at present, have chosen to look the other way provided that certain lines are not crossed.

Incidentally, the number of Party members (Bolshevik) fluctuated greatly by year and enlarged significantly at about the time of the 1917 revolution and considerably more after the October revolution which brought the Bolsheviks to power.

Skippy, we are still waiting for the polls ' names that show your uninformed claim that voters don't hold Republicans mostly responsible for the loss of economic activity and jobs caused by the Republican initiated showdown on the debt ceiling and government showdown.

Jmav: Hell will first freeze over.
Emil: racoon? Very good. Subjective and judgemental but I like it.

Secession talk by Tea Party radicals may be hot air, but North America would be better governed with a break up of sorts between the states. For those with roots east of the Mississippi the regionalism of the North and South divide run deep to this day. The heartland populace largely despises the values of California and greatly mistrusts the east coast establishment. Texas is of course Texas.

So why not consider options other than the current political organization of North America?

Talk of secession by Tea Party radicals may be hot air but many would have said the same about the talk of the fall of the Berlin Wall or the implosion of the Soviet Union.

If Libya or Syria is not allowed to reorganize or break up politically along geographic and cultural lines, how is that going to happen in the USA?

If California or the West Coast becomes its own country, does Arizona lose its straw in the Colorado River? Will Mexico reestablish the border at the Nueces River or will Texas conquer New Mexico and that pesky Oklahoma?

Nice post Emil. I'll add that it was the Social Democrats that the Bolsheviki usurped, thanks mostly to their disastrous decision to continue the war. From that point on it was divide and conquer the Tsarists, the warlord wanna-bes, the Anarchists, the various national movements. They were helped tremendously that the Whites (Tsarists) had no cred with the serfs, and given a choice between killing Bolsheviks (Reds) or Whites, the peasants preferred to slaughter their current oppressors rather than their future oppressors.

Government is not always incompetent. MVD is a lot better than it used to be. I've worked at a lot of places in the private sector that are incompetent too.

No, there is no secession in the plan. Koch needs to disrupt, but not destroy the infrastructure on the ground. Things are looking dire for the oil mongers.

Arizona Republic, ‘Power Company Comes Clean: We Bankrolled Arizona’s Anti-Solar Blitz’. “Over the weekend, the fight took an interesting turn: The utility, the Arizona Public Service Company (APS), outed itself as a funder of two secretive nonprofits fueling the anti-solar fight - - and revealed that it had funneled its anti-solar money through a political operative associated with the Koch brothers and their donor network. “
This is how a fading industry wages war.

I read another argument in Mother Jones: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2013/10/gop-senate-candidate-spoke-neo-confederate-conference-august

They say this is “GOP Civil War” is to show how far the ‘Senate Conservative Fund’ and ‘Club For Growth’ are willing to go for “the soul of the party.”

I will withdraw my statement of Oct 22 regarding the polls on the shutdown...I've again searched Facebook and cannot find what I had copied, so...I'll withdraw those stats.

Having said that...I still feel that by the time election 2014 is here, the GOP WILL make more gains than most "Media" think and report (remember...most of the Media is biased and is favorable to Obama.

But...the "spokesperson for the WH said that the web site is designed for 50,000 hits per day!...that means about 16 years is needed for everyone to enroll?

And now they talk about a delay in signing up....that's what the GOP asked for in their last proposal to the Senate...and REID would not even bring it up for a vote!

And...while I apologize for not being able to fund that poll info....

I'd like to know how the following report has ANY credibility to Obama's talking about " working together" in Congress. This will just give more ammonia to the GOP and others who say "bullshit"...you want to create more hate and discontent, and have NO idea what transparency in Government is.

Here is the latest news:

The Director of the Office of Health reform at the Department of Health and Human Services, will brief House Democrats only Wednesday about the ObamaCare fiasco in a closed door session.

As reported by The Washington Post, the briefing by Director Mike Hash marks the first time the Obama administration will have briefed members of Congress on the online enrollment system since its troubled rollout three weeks ago on Oct. 1.

HHS Director Kathleen Sebelius will not be attending the briefing, citing “scheduling conflicts” as the reason. One wonders what could possibly be more of a priority for the secretary than to personally address the catastrophic rollout of a massive program for which she was ultimately responsible.

Instead, Sebelius found it appropriate to publish a blog post detailing some of the efforts the administration is undertaking to fix HealthCare.gov, the mostly-unusable ObamaCare portal.

So, why did Team Obama choose to only brief Congressional Democrats? Behind closed doors no less? House Majority Leader John Boehner want to know, as well. crying foul over the controversial decision that is sure to add fuel to the fire. Late Tuesday, Boehner spokesman Brendan Buck said.

“All members – as well as the American people – deserve answers for this debacle. That’s why we have asked the administration to provide the same briefing to House Republicans. This snub is all the more offensive after Secretary Sebelius declined to testify at a House hearing this week. It’s time for the Obama administration to honor its promises of transparency and face some accountability.”

Buck is right–across the board. The American people, above all, deserve answers and they deserve them now. Many are without health insurance as a direct result of this mess – having had their coverage cancelled by employers in anticipation of the ObamaCare rollout. Republicans are rightly offended by the sheer audacity of Kathleen Sebelius’ refusal to answer questions, smugly choosing to put up a blog post instead.

As for the administration honoring it promises of transparency, Mr. Speaker, that hollow promise went out the window years ago. And that “accountability” thing? Yeah, good luck with that.

Title: How government fixes problems.

Forty some years ago, there were about 33% of Arizona drivers driving around without car insurance.

Mama government said "I can fix this".

Mama government instituted MANDATORY CAR INSURANCE with the resultant bureaucracy.

Forty some years later, 27% of Arizona drivers are driving without car insurance.

Forty years of effort and mama government improved the situation by 6% !!!!!!!!

Now, extrapolate the results of that small program to the A.C.A.

It, the A.C.A., is and will be a train wreck for the ages.

Skip, there is something wrong with your statement, "Many are without health insurance as a direct result of this mess – having had their coverage cancelled by employers in anticipation of the ObamaCare rollout."

None of the ACA takes effect until Jan 1st. So if there was some sort of misunderstanding by "having had insurance cancelled by an employer", then that really is not the fault of Sebelius. I would say that is the fault of the person who prematurely canceled their insurance.

Skip, people have 6 months to sign-up for insurance or apply for Medicaid (AHCCCS in Arizona) before they may be penalized for not having insurance. Each state should have a web site where they can go to find out what is available in their state.

Suzanne....I did not say "Many are without health insurance"..
That is what the New York Post wrote...that information I posted is from the Story in the New York Post.
It is my understanding that there ARE people that have been notified that as of a certain date..their present insurance is cancelled due to Obamacare..and they are NOT able to obtain insurance via the ACA yet to cover when their insurance cancellation goes into effect...and, they are amazed at the price increase for less coverage!
The Had of the Insurance Dept for the State of Georgia has written the President, reportedly, because the costs for the ACA are coming in at 198% HIGHER than they originally had been told..
all in all, it's a mess...and now NBC is reporting that the Government is planning to add another 6 weeks to the application period time limit because the system is a total failure..(after working for 3 years on it and spending upwards of $400-$600 MILLION dollars, depending on who you want to quote..

I'm convinced there are people who are simply not capable of living in a multicultural society. I'm tired of being dragged down by them. Let 'em go.

Skip, it would be invaluable if you could link the sources you are paraphrasing. It would give us all a chance to look at the information and discuss thereafter.

It is possible that there could be some inaccuracies in your interpretation or you could have missed something as I did recently with the H.R. 368 debacle that needed some clarification. More information is welcomed but it is somewhat ... insincere to not post where that information can be found.

"I'm convinced there are people who are simply not capable of living in a multicultural society. I'm tired of being dragged down by them. Let 'em go." -Diane D'Angelo

Even is some states were serious about secession, one of my biggest concerns would be the people we leave behind who are powerless. Are you willing to abandon those Americans? I'm not. While there are some progressives, Democrats, and liberals who could afford to leave the "New Confederacy" there are many more, especially minorities, who could not pick up so easily to live somewhere they might be more welcomed.

Yes, I'm reacting emotionally. I'm just sick and tired of self-pitying Tea Partiers who read Ayn Rand and whine about losing their dominance (through lies about Obama, the ACA, liberals, etc.). The amount of implicit entitlement boggles the mind. As for secession, I don't know that we have much choice in the matter. Who's to say that a nation lasts forever (or even should)? I suppose even saying this is considered blasphemous in some circles and will just add to the NSA file I got as result of being involved with Occupy Phoenix OFFICIAL, but so be it. America is just as much an idea as it is a country. Maybe that idea has run its course.

I'm no computer whiz, but it has occurred to me that piggybacking the Affordable Care Act's computer needs onto the existing SS and Medicare sites might have been more successful than what we have been seeing.

Additionally: "The purpose of the U.S. Constitution as stated in the preamble, is pretty clear: "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

The GOP threatening to shut down the government, threatening to default on its bills, does the reverse of promoting domestic tranquility and general welfare. It creates domestic turmoil and general chaos."


The U.S. is much more than an idea and this nation, being one of the least homogeneous, will no doubt have to deal with these rifts over time. The problem begins with those less able to deal with change. I don't consider them to be a long-term problem. Maybe I am naive. However, Americans continue to mix and mingle more than populations of other nations and the younger generations are key. Unlike our baby boomer predecessors, we don't just talk of change and inclusion, we live it. My generation is the most inclusive in U.S. history. We have mixed-race children, more interracial marriages (even in the South and Texas), and defy our parents' standards and choose not to live in suburban wastelands (again, this is the trend even in Texas and the South). Gay marriage isn't even an issue with us. Despite talk of right-wingers permeating the military on Rogue Columnist, acceptance of non-traditional families, including gays, has been unprecedented thanks to the younger ranks. As a nation, we've only just begun to run this course.

phxSUNSfan: "Unlike our baby boomer predecessors, we don't just talk of change and inclusion, we live it."

Well, I'm happy for you that you are so pleased with yourself.

"Well, I'm happy for you that you are so pleased with yourself." - headless

And I am sorry that you couldn't have started the trend sooner.

headless:Its hard to hear an optimist when so many trees are falling.
But I am rooting for phxsunfan the eternal optimist.

Cal, when have trees not fallen? The choice now is not to runaway from our problems, instead it is to run straight at them. It seems to me that so many of our nation's ills stem from secrecy and a willingness to turn a blind eye. The U.S. has never been a perfect union: from slavery to mass production of "lynching postcards" as souvenirs as late as the 60s, for instance.

I agree phxsunfan.
By the way NSA was taping 35 world leaders phones and yours too.

"By the way NSA was taping 35 world leaders phones and yours too." -cal

I made sure to leave them a couple of selfies?

But even this problem isn't new, it has only evolved: "FBI Director Robert Mueller has acknowledged that the bureau's surveillance and harassment of professors and students at the University of California during the Cold War was 'wrong and anti-democratic.'"

Actually in started around 1924.
By an A sexual, get off on the details.
I once worked for a guy like that

Things do have a chance of getting better. Just as soon as the 70 million person stool (baby boomers) passes through the nation's colon. It ain't going to go smoothly. Pass the EX Lax please.

I'm not trying to quickly brush aside headless' snide remark with another, but if you are asking me if I am pleased with the progress made by my generation, if I am pleased that as a gay man I can date a man of any race and not be lynched or killed by a mob (even in Atlanta), that I can serve my country openly, and that mixed-race individuals, non-traditional families, etc. only seem to cause issues for certain older Americans? Then yes, I am damn pleased with the progress made and why stop now?

Interestingly, you see these issues creeping up in Europe where demographics are changing. From state sanctioned gay bashing, to the spread of anti-immigration parties and worry about the neo-Nazi riseneo-Nazi rise in Germany, Greece and Poland, we aren't alone in dealing with these sifts.

What is fascinates about the baby boomers is the missed opportunities. What happened to the "hippy generation"?

The "Love Not War" protesters? Why did they become more like their parents than not? Why did they fuel the drug war and persecute pot smokers, especially if they weren't White?

Why did "race mixing" remain so taboo with this generation?

I would tend to the side of caution phxsunfan, there are still places in this country where your life could be in danger and I recommend no travel to Russia for a few years. I have no opposition to gay. However I choose not to be as it excludes more than half the worlds population that I can have sex with.

REB, U have self flushing mechanism?

I agree Cal, I'm not that naive. And to be sure, Atlanta is more open than most Southern cities.

And just to be even more sure, I should add that I fully understand that I am overgeneralizing. Not every baby boomer is a scourge. ;-)

I'd say the resemblance is with fellow Texan, Lyndon Johnson.


Reb wrote:

"Forty some years ago, there were about 33% of Arizona drivers driving around without car insurance...Mama government instituted MANDATORY CAR INSURANCE with the resultant bureaucracy...Forty some years later, 27% of Arizona drivers are driving without car insurance."

Figures showing the current percentage of uninsured drivers by state vary considerably on the Web. You don't state the source of these figures.

According to AAA (citing the widely respected Insurance Research Council) just 12 percent of Arizona drivers are uninsured. The national figure is 13.8 percent. (This is from 2009.)


Also, Arizona made auto insurance mandatory in 1983, which is 20 years, not 40.

Figures for the percentage of ininsured drivers in Arizona prior to 1983 are difficult to come by.

According to another industry source, the Insurance Information Institute, mandatory insurance laws in most states have not been effective in reducing the percentage of uninsured drivers.

But in states where mandatory insurance laws are well designed, the percentage is very low: just 4 percent in Massachusetts, where drivers must show proof of insurance before being able to register a vehicle. And in states where verification and/or enforcement is weak, like Mississippi, the rate of uninsured drivers is high, 28 percent.


So, it looks like common sense trumps politics again. Design an enforceable law, and it works. Pass any old thing in the legislature just to look like you're doing something, and it may not.

Government works just fine when it's administered properly. Those who make arguments against government on the basis of vague general principles are missing the point and pushing a political agenda.

Texan born Lyndon Johnson a poor hard scrabble,school teacher would have Ted Cruz for brunch and pass him by noon.

Drivers take out short term coverage in order to register their vehicle. Then they let the coverage lapse. I'll stick with my 27%.

"Government works just fine when it's administered properly."

Wow. I'd like to visit that fantasy land.

No agenda, Emil, just observing this country drive itself into the ditch.

For the sake of my granddaughters, I wish we could find someone who knows how to drive.

As I recall REB back when your people inhabited American there was no government insurance. It s a white man con game invented in europe.

Arizona still dosent get it.


Cruz-LBJ resemblence is better except where it comes to politic'ing and strong-arming senators and representatives. LBJ would have gotten all the concessions and favors he could have before the law was passed, and although he was prone to tantrums, he not do so publically thinking it was a winning political strategy. I'm not a big fan of LBJ (Vietnam, the Camelot Cabinet holdovers), but he was one savvy politician.

Have we been one big experiment that is now failing right at the time that the promises of our forefathers are starting to )bear fruit (marriage equality, growing "minority", etc.)? Have we been embracing the ideals of our founding fathers until we have actually had to put them forward and the balance is beginning to tip? Was this all a good idea as long as the WASP was in charge?

Reb: "Things do have a chance of getting better. Just as soon as the 70 million person stool (baby boomers) passes through the nation's colon. It ain't going to go smoothly. Pass the EX Lax please."

By that time, you'll be as old as the Boomers are now, and the Millennials will be stating that things will be better -- as soon as they get the doddering 'X-Men' off their backs.

...and how come nobody in your generation can really rock? STP -- gimme a break.

phxsunfan: "What is fascinates about the baby boomers is the missed opportunities. What happened to the 'hippy generation'?"

Let me give you a musical analogy that I think you'll understand: For every Hendrix fan in 1968, there were ten 'Gary Puckett and the Union Gap' fans.

I am a boomer. 62

my girl friend

Headless, Name the band that became the Grateful Dead
and name the three Bohemians doing drugs while cruising HWY 1 in CA in a car that resembles a upside down bathtub.
(REB U name the car)
no fair goggling.

I'm a '58 boomer. Too young to get in on the free love and drugs, but did miss the draft by a year.

- Dion and the Belmonts
- Vladislav Karnyevski
- Mrbrev Stanislavski
- Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski


How about I'll supply the punchline of a popular joke of the time, and Call will regale us with the actual joke?

Here's the punchline: And so he sez to the genii: "No no no. I didn't wish for a ten inch pianist!"

"Let me give you a musical analogy that I think you'll understand: For every Hendrix fan in 1968, there were ten 'Gary Puckett and the Union Gap' fans." -headless

I have no ideas what those things are, New Kids on the Block is old school to me. ;-)

I'm just messing with you, I've heard of Hendrix but the other two, those are new to me.

Close headless but wrong
and the joke you asked about is what did Roman Polanski say as he was being bent over by Gérard Depardieu

Heasless more for you, name what were the two groups that became hippies?

Headless hard to believe you dont know the answer to the Grateful dead question they came along one year before Puckett.
Try the Warlocks.

cal lash a 1940's red neck

My head is just not full of knowledge on a Friday afternoon.

The Beach Boys and Johnny Rivers became Hippies, as did many artists who wanted to catch that particular wave. I always thought that the appellation 'Hippie' was some sort of lame media label for something that they did not really understand.

A better and more accurate name would have been New Wave Beatniks.

Here's a question for you Cal. Which Hippie bands went country?

For phxSUNfarm, et al, a good intellectual primer for the Hippie ethis would be to read Norman Mailer's essay, 'The White Negro'.


Headless Other than Kenny Rogers I dont know?

Headless I think Caroline Bird didnt have a clue about what a hipster or a hippie was
and Norman Mailer would know an existentialist if he was talking to Albert Camus.

The Byrds

"Norman Mailer would know an existentialist if he was talking to Albert Camus."

It's very typical of the post-punk nihilists to dis' Norman Mailer. But who are they to point the finger of non-hipness in this post a-pack-a-lips present that we live in?

phxSUNfarm? I like it.

To me it reads as if Mailer believes the Hipster "ethis" (of the 20s through the 50s) was superficial and most Hipsters never really had true multicultural friendships. As if they were only borrowing others culture for a time before retreating to their real world.

Wow calling an Adbuster fan a post punk nihilist is heavy. Mailer was a genuis but he thought JFK was an existential. I don't buy that for a second. And per you and phxsunfans subscription I guess that makes Aldous Huxley, Allen Gunsberg an William Borroughs irrelevant.
PS they were in the 49 Hudson on hwy 1

Allen Ginsberg not Gunsberg
But i like the ring to Gunsberg

Cal, depends on who you ask.

As for the Mailer essay, it is important to note that I am reading it through the cultural lens of today. "Emulating" and "borrowing" read to me as descriptors for someone who is inauthentic. You don't have to act a certain way to like something that is different. I also didn't have time to read it closely, but some of the terms in the essay are definitely anachronistic or have a different meaning now. Which means things could have been "lost in translation." When I think of a Hipster today, I definitely don't think of people "emulating" another culture or someone from one particular race.

'ethis' Who you calling negro, negro?

ETHOS -- as if you had never mis typed something!

"Allen Ginsberg not Gunsberg"

You wrote
Gunsberg', but I 'saw' Ginsgerg. Shades of Carlos Castenada, eh?

"When I think of a Hipster today, I definitely don't think of people "emulating" another culture or someone from one particular race."

I see the current day Hipster as an EMO with 24 community college credits. We're definitely not talking about the same thing.

But I'll tell you what: I knew who Huddie Ledbetter was in 1965.

Huddie, did he father Johnny Lee Hooker?

"Goodnight, Irene"

Reb wrote:

"Drivers take out short term coverage in order to register their vehicle. Then they let the coverage lapse."

Well, no. If you'd bothered to do your homework instead of making something up to support your predetermined, politically motivated opinion, you might have found this:

"Because auto insurance is mandatory, you can only cancel your required insurance coverages if you return your license plates to the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) or if you switch to a new insurance company. If you are canceling your policy without starting a new one, your insurance company will require you to send them a plate receipt from the RMV before they will cancel your policy. Please note that if your plates are lost or stolen you must obtain a lost/stolen plate receipt from the RMV and provide this receipt to your insurance company in order to cancel your policy."


The one mistake I DID make, you didn't catch: from 1983 to 2013 is 30 years, not "20". (I plead typo: the "2" and "3" keys are right next to each other. Or else, brain fart. Take your pick.)

P.S. I'd call the a priori assumption that government never works a "political agenda".


I your world everyone follows the rules and all government agencies follow all their procedures and are always up to date in their workload.

It sounds like a wonderful world.

You should come visit ours someday.

AzReb, it's also true that in the private sector rules are sometimes broken, procedures aren't followed, employees are overworked and/or understaffed. Sometimes the rules there ARE followed but they're just STUPID because management is STUPID and DISCONNECTED.

Decades ago I used to go to The Coffee Plantation in Tempe fairly regularly. The men's bathroom had a chart on the inside of the door where employees had to check-off and initial a variety of cleaning tasks to accomplish, including mopping the floor every half-hour. I suppose this was intended to insure cleanliness and inspire confidence in customers.

The problem was that this was a popular place serving a diuretic substance, and that meant a lot of visits to the restroom for a pee. Instead of keeping the bathroom clean, constant mopping, during business hours, kept it filthy: the floor never had a chance to properly dry before the next user came in, and the water dissolved the dirt which is on the bottoms of everyone's shoes (naturally, because they are used to walk on the ground and floors constantly and nobody ever washes the bottoms of their shoes).

A single visit (spot inspection) to the bathroom during hours by management could have revealed the problem (assuming management could have admitted its flawed policy instead of assuming that the employees simply weren't mopping often enough or were lying when they said they did). A single report by an employee could have revealed the problem (assuming management was listening and open to suggestions and didn't assume that the employee making the report was just trying to get policy changed to do less work).

I put notes in the suggestion box to management revealing the problem, and suggesting a simple fix: mop the floors either before or after business hours and give them plenty of time to dry thoroughly; obviously, beverage or other spills would be the exception and require spot-cleaning.

The problem was never fixed. I went there several times a week for a period of years, and the bathroom was always filthy. There was no accountability. This didn't, however, make the place any less popular. It was always packed. For that matter, their coffee sucked. Always packed. If anybody ever voted with their wallet I never noticed. I went there in an attempt to socialize and/or divert myself with something passing for vitality and night-life, not for the product.

The point of this little illustration is simply this: if you are expecting perfection in either government or private business in this world, then YOU are the one living in a fantasy-land. You are offering a libertarian critique of government but you have double standards and a jaundiced eye.

P.S. You're also simply ASSUMING that the Massachussets law doesn't work. First you assumed simply that mandatory auto insurance laws don't work. When I suggested an instance where they do work, backing this up with reasons as well as a statistic from an independent private firm widely respected for its insurance analytics, you invented a fictitious loophole. When I pointed out that the loophole didn't exist, and documented this, you simply assumed that the procedures aren't followed in practice. But the fact that only 4% of Massachusetts' motorists drive uninsured (the lowest in the nation) speaks for itself.

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