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June 28, 2013


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I would love to go back home.....only I need a job there first. Unfortunately, finding a job there is about as difficult as it is anywhere in this country. Unless of course you want to work in Texas...and LIVE in Texas. The Phoenix job market is not much better, if at all. I was just laid off the other day from my job at a solar company (national), and I have no idea what I'm going to do. Seems that unless I'm a nurse, a lawyer, work retail or call center customer service, no one has a spot for me.

As far as the Supreme Court goes, I am more an more convinced that our country is run by a just a few men. The neo-cons on the Court and the Office of the President and his personal military and spy network. It seems Congress has no role other than to muck up the waters for the Court and the Prez. I started watching the HBO documentary, John Adams, again...and I can't imagine our state of govt today is anything any of them could have predicted. Change?? How do you change anything?? Even the voting booth is being taken away from us.

U need to get your 3rd degre

"Hope & Change" - don't you love it?

King County is reporting full employment figures. What's wrong with Seattle?

Dallas and Houston proper are more diverse and progressive than Phoenix. DC area is still good for jobs even with the cutbacks.

Your complaint about Phoenix 's limited opportunities for work is nothing new and not likely to change.

There's no love for the obstructionist right wing Republican Party who has done all it can to block various initiatives to alleviate unemployment. Their actions in the House since 2010 have harmed millions of citizens.

What can you expect from well funded white trash.

Where 's back home for you?

On behalf of those of us whose families have been here since 1600, if the rest of you late arrivals would leave quietly and not allow the gate to hit you in your posterior, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please take your urban, high density, within walking distance, bullshit with you.

Our two foot thick adobe walls and tile roofs worked fine before your nuclear Palo Verde air conditioning showed up, 350 years late.

Go away, you are not welcome here.

Thank you AzReb. Its really getting hot:)

Yea AZREB but first you had to kill off a lot of native folks. So put your metal helmet back on and leave with the rest of them gringos.

SD M said "I am more an more convinced that our country is run by a just a few men" U might enjoy reading "the Secret founders of America" They are still around trying to hide who they are by trying to be less secretive.

And AZREB U can pedal out of here on your new recumbent.

Hard to not like Justice Kennedy.
So Obama made another speech? His ball is still not swishing through the net.
A local nut job informed me the Obamas will be moving to Indonesia to live with Osama Bin Laden. These people just never quit.

Jon, Downtown Phoenix is a concrete jungle. Nothing like U and I knew 60 years ago. Next time you are in town drive the old neighborhoods (except Willow) to view the dying lawns. Even the historic district in Glendale.

Phxsunfan have you been to the Lost Leaf? If so how is it?

Obama and his capitalistic buddies at work for the rich.

Obama and his big company friends.

I haven't been to the Lost Leaf in a while. It is definitely a unique spot. It isn't for everyone and there is certainly a hipster vibe to the place. I took some out-of-town friends there once, they were older than me (32-35), and they told me the place made them feel old ... and about 20 tattoos and 4 body piercing shy fitting in; however, the people you encounter there are extremely friendly and the art, beer, and live music are "can't miss". The atmosphere is different, which in the Lost Leaf's case is a good thing. I was never made to feel out of place.

Contraction may prove phxsunfan right. like the birds he believes in the future while many of us yearn for the past complain about now and see little hope in the future. maybe he sees in ultraviolet.

Lost Leaf. Thx phxsunfan. my friend and i r in our 70s and we r going to give it a try on 7-2-13

This message is coming to you from the emergency room at Desert Banner hospital.

I vaguely remember putting on my metal conquistador helmet, getting on the recumbent and making it about two blocks in this 118 degree heat.

The doctors tell me my brain shows up on the MRI looking like an over-cooked Denver omelette.

I can't recall why I did this. I haven't had any of the loco weed lately. I guess it will remain a mystery.

Here comes the morphine, night night.

Does Morphine at Banner Hospital qualify as The Friday Nite Saloon?

As one of the escapees from the PHX asylum, now living near a CA beach, I'm so glad to be gone from that cukoo's nest and sorry for all a youz stuck there, but I know the PTB are turning up the heat on all of us anyway, economically and through doubled-down AGW. Cold showers and cold drinks all around!

Brief question for phoenixSunsfan (or anyone else who wants to field it) re East Valley digital infrastructure in the previous thread.

It was hot here in Denver the other day. Got up to 96. :)
I remember riding my bike as a young lad when it got up to 122. Ah, memories.

When i was a lad it used to freeze in downtown Phoenix.
Ah memories

Is it just me, or do many neighborhoods in metro Phoenix lack a feeling of community friendliness? I have lived for several years in a standard size tract home development in the suburbs with an HOA where the houses are close together, yet people barely know one another beyond a hello and nice weather greeting at the mailbox, rarely attend meetings or vote in elections and wave to people they don't know like automatons. I am a friendly person, but there are people on my street who I've never even meet after many years because they have a look that projects "don't bother me" or "I'm only here for a few months a year and have my own social circle." The latter treat the neighborhood more like a hotel and have a "check in, check out" mentality. It's almost as if the majority of people in neighborhoods want to be left alone and if you are perceived as gregarious, genuine and down to earth, then people are aloof to you. Despite being close to good paying jobs in the suburbs, few people in my neighborhood seem to work at them, either being retired, work from home or 2nd home owners. The overwhelming majority of recent home sales in my neighborhood have been to 2nd home owners or seasonal residents. The neighborhood is safe, has good schools, close to shopping, freeways, etc, yet I wonder why full time Valley residents with good paying jobs in the suburbs aren't attracted to my neighborhood. Perhaps they prefer parts of the center city that haven't yet become linear slums.

It certainly isn't that way in Willo, where neighbors are friends and care about each other and the neighborhood (I disagreed about the damned gates, yes). But the historic districts may be rare. I have heard stories similar to yours about newer subdivisions and north Scottsdale.

Happs, I would also add that the Center City will not become linear slums because people actually care about these neighborhoods. Even once dangerous and deteriorating neighborhoods home to large number of Latinos have been changing rapidly. Neighborhoods like Garfield and Coronado are changing and their Latino residents are a part of the revitalization. This is even happening across Maryvale and many Latino businesses have moved in to fill voids.

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