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May 09, 2013


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This one is fascinating and a must read:

Why has Iceland returned to the politicians who caused their crisis?


This impotence is leading to a general decline of established party systems across Europe. Voters are realising that none of the traditional parties can fundamentally challenge the austerity consensus, and are turning to outsiders who might. Italy’s Five Star Movement is one example. Greece’s Coalition of the Radical Left (Syriza), which is now the second-biggest party in the country’s legislature, is another. Even UKIP is capitalising on the mess on the continent and economic fears here at home to shake up the British political scene.

As austerity passes into its second half-decade – and as forecasts for when it will come to an end are pushed further into the future – the strain on Europe’s traditional parties will increasingly show. If Italy’s broadest coalition since World War II and Iceland’s establishment parties cannot deliver economic security to their voters – and there seems little reason to think they can – then what happens next will be unpredictable. Voters are running out of options near the traditional centres of their politics.

Do we have any volunteers to update Tommy Horne's wikipedia page? I notice the criminal's latest transgression haven't yet appeared.


So let me see if I got this right concerning AZ's Attorney General Tommy Horne:

•When he had his own investment company (bankrupted) on Wall Street he "received a lifetime trading ban from the Securities and Exchange Commission".

•"While AZ State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Horne was cited for criminal speeding in Scottsdale, Arizona. During a subsequent year-and-a-half period, Horne was cited for speeding six additional times, including once in a school zone.

(I just love that last one! It is just so Arizona.)

• While AZ State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tommy pushed thru the AIMS exam, now an epic failure and a classic waste of taxpayer money.

• As AZ Attorney General: "In October, 2012, after an FBI investigation, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery concluded that Horne deliberately broke campaign finance laws during his 2010 election campaign by coordinating with an independent expenditure committee."

• And now... AZ Attorney General (aka "Fat Tommy") pleads "no contest" to hit and run, while in disguise with a mistress, (who he hired for a senior position on the taxpayer's dime despite her being unqualified).

One can only wonder what's next for this fat scofflaw immigrant from Canada? Surely we can all agree: he'd make a great AZ Governor. Tommy-2-Hornes has got the "right" stuff....

Another sure sign of the apocalypse or continuing US imperialism:


Guided by values that have animated the career of Senator John McCain, the Institute is committed to:

-Sustaining America’s global leadership
-Upholding freedom, democracy, and human rights as universal human values
-Supporting humanitarian goals
-Maintaining a strong, smart national defense
-Serving causes greater than self-interest


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