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April 29, 2013


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Libertarians are the perpetual teenagers of political discourse, insisting that their philosophical purity trump all empirical evidence. It's why their natural habitat is the Republican Party where believers of all stripes find a common nest. Why? Because believers are, shall we say, credulous. You might think Ayn Rand is a better God than Jesus, of course, but once they're married and produce children, you won't be able to tell the difference.

Libertarians fight back against the charge that they're anti-intellectual dimwits by throwing around lofty names - to their ears - like Hayek and von Mises. But even this idolatry is an inch deep and a mile wide. It's little more than the faux-marble veneer of concentrated wealth, the belief that the rich not only know better but are in their pampered lives, really better than you and me.

There are ways to measure the decadence of any society, and ours is, in my opinion, the boorish worship of wealth. Someone tears down an old house in Arcadia and puts up a McMansion, and the rubes swoon. Scottsdale, of course, is the civic emblem of well-heeled white people creating a Shining City on the Hill. It's Jack Williams, Zig Ziglar, and Paul Harvey playing golf in Sansabelt slacks and making jokes about the groundskeepers.

Arizona got here faster than the rest of the nation because there were fewer buffers and institutions to eviscerate. The Goldwater Institute swoops in after the fact with its preppy cohort of John-and-Jane Galts in order to write the the HOA rules for our now privatized public square. The rules stipulate zoning for the Haves in a place with many more Have Nots. Which is why God helps those who help themselves with law suits, low taxes, and toll roads.

Fantastic observation from someone who has been in Arizona trenches long enough to know the real story. It is truly disheartening to watch the Goldwater Institute work. I feel like we are turning the societal clocks of progress backwards by decades with every endeavor the pursue.

What is equally disheartening is to see the throngs of angry white boobs cheer them on and parrot their misinformative talking points as if Goldwater is here to look out for interests of the average taxpayer.

Hopefully the recent event of Goldwater being sent home from Gilbert with its tail between the legs marks the beginning of people being able to see through the veil of "where freedom wins".

Selma Hayek is OK by me. HOAs not (the most despicable coworker I've ever had the pleasure to work with was president of an HOA).

Dear Soleri: I think I love you.

Agreed, Soleri's post was outstanding.

Ummmm, charter schools are public schools in the State of Arizona. Not sure where that portion of the story was going?

Good article. I have lived in Arizona since 1977 and have been waiting for someone to write this. As a retired teacher, I would like to see the involvement of the Goldwater Institute exposed where Charter schools are concerned. We know that in other states, charters have been exposed to be handling funds inappropriately. Most people don't understand that charters can cherry pick. They don't have to take students with learning disabilities or behavior problems. Public schools do have to take these children. Both charters and public schools receive public funding, so both should be taking all children and doing the best we can for them. With charters taking funds away from public schools, the public schools can't provide what is needed for students. The Goldwater Institute would like to privatize all schools and have no more public schools.

The Gilbert Town Council is occupied by supporters of the Goldwater dogma. They are extreme in their ideology= Tealiban. The Goldwater Institute thought strategically that with the invitation of some of Gilbert's council that the Town would not vigorously defend the rec center. The Council got an eye opener when the community insisted that the rec center, which had been approved by voter bonds, was an integral part of the community and valued by citizens. The Council members called Goldwater Institute operatives, and hence the issue has been dismissed. Now it is time for others to insist that these ideologues be run out of their community as well and to stand up against the extremism that is prevalent within the State.

"The "Goldwater" Institution did overreach recently in threatening to sue Gilbert over a city recreation center it claimed was competing against private-sector health clubs."

A large part of the rationale for corporate crony capitalism free market capitalism is that it is ALWAYS more efficient than a government program -- so it always mystifies me that conservatives who smoke pot Libertarians and Republicans start hyperventilating when they have to compete against them.

According to their ideology, it should be a cakewalk.

Ummmm, Loash, if you want to push the charter school racket here I can guarantee it's not going to go well. But, by all means, proceed.

As was his former employer GI vis a vis City North, Bob Robb is right twice a day like a stopped watch. Lately, though, he's spouting propaganda in support of voter suppression and rejecting the Medicaid expansion. I was recently treated to the vomit-inducing experience of watching Robb interview retired Senator Jon Kyl at the ASU Cronkite school. You would have thought Robb was a tween and Kyl was Justin Bieber. And of course the Republic helped elect another Goldwater hack, Jeff Flake, narrowly over Carmona with that obsequious endorsement. That's working out well.

Watching the Republic's Editorial Board kissing up to a smirking, patronizing Jeff Flake was enough to make me sick to my stomach about how they endorsed him over Carmona.

I had the misfortune recently to work with a person from out-of-town who knew one of the principal directors of GI in college. She had breakfast with him and I got to hear all day long during down time about the wonderful things GI was doing for the people of Arizona and the cause of libertarianism in general.

It took two weeks for my tongue to heal. Unfortunately, the work I was doing for this person did not involve handling or preparing their food.

@Donna: Bob Robb, as awful as he is, is a Marxist compared to that bitter old piece of beetle dung Doug MacEachern, who still occasionally sharts out a bile-infused opinion piece for the Republic.

A quick note on charter schools, for what it's worth: There are people in downtown communities and downtown circles who think that the solution to improving K-12 education opportunities for their children is through the charter school movement. One of the most self-evident problems is that charter schools cannot reserve slots for students based on geographic region...so a family who lives in Ahwatukee or Anthem or north Scottsdale has as equal a chance for their child to get into a charter school as someone who lives in Willo, Roosevelt, Garfield, or south of downtown. In addition, some charters ask for a so-called "equalization fee" to bridge the gap between what the school get from the State of Arizona in per-pupil funding and what the school thinks it needs. Although the schools can't require such payment, it might be interesting to see if there's any self-selection going on and parents not applying over the payment of that fee.

Well done.

I came across a job listing from the Goldwater Institute recently for an investigative journalist. It mentions the SPJ's Code of Ethics: http://goldwaterinstitute.org/opportunities-goldwater but leaves out any mention of editorial oversight, publishing partners or platforms, or what's meant by "looking out for the little guy."

Very interesting.

I love this, as a hockey fan of the Coyotes and their peddling over BS that is nothing but making possible owners of the team steer clear putting the team at risk of relocating and the anger it causes us.

Thank you for writting this. That garbage show should be abolished.

Screw the Goldwater Institute, and that Darcy jerk.

meh, the GI does take on one or two cases that are worthy. I thought the Coyotes case was one of them. Another was the tattoo shop in Mesa.

Stopped clock, yada yada.

I would like to clarify that I would not actually taint somebody's food, no matter how offensive their beliefs are to me.

Sure was fun to think about, though. "What is it that bit of Latin that libertarians love so much? 'Caveat Emptor!'"

Random thoughts and then I shall stop spamming this comments thread, pinky swear:

1) a libertarian is what you get when a hipster goes conservative.

2) in defense of HOA presidents like myself, some of us are just trying to do the job as best we can, a job which would exist regardless but could be done a lot worse by someone prone to being a petty tyrant.

Which came first? The kooks sitting around a campfire, with the GI helping to feed the fire. OR, Did GI build the fire and invite kooks to come roast their marshmallows?

There are a bunch of campfires burning in rural AZ, thanks to the wood being provided by "letters to the editor" in small town AZ newspapers.

A came across an article and a dialogue from some well respected observers and commentators. They could have been talking about Arizona where the in-state and out of state oligarchs pull the strings unnoticed by most of the population. At the grass roots level we end up with scorched earth approaches from left and right to resolving issues. How do we move back to civil discourse??

From David Brooks " ... we have oligarchic economics and libertarian moral values — a bad combination."

From Bill Moyers we have stories of how oligarchy plays out ... the ultra rich growing rapidly and with the middle class falling away.

1) a libertarian is what you get when a hipster goes conservative.

For you, sconoscuito:


"1) a libertarian is what you get when a hipster goes conservative."

I've got a great screen-name that you might want to use on conservative blogs:

W. Klingon Skousen

It's yours, if you want it.

Wolfswinkel cashes in with a $1.4M judgement thanks to our future gub'nor and Sheriff Joke.

Brewer signs bill outlawing destroying guns purchased in buy-back programs. WTF?

Brewer signs bill outlawing destroying animals collected in shelters.


Thanks for the link to Naked Capitalism Donna. Great read!

The fact the Goldwater Institute does not have to register as lobbyists at the the Capitol says volumes about the game they play. Clearly, they lobby, but hide behind their educational wall. After Senator Goldwater retired, I used to talk to him at a car wash we both used on Saturday mornings. He was clear he disliked the use of his name on this organization. He was also very clear on how much he disliked Senator McCain. But, as a good Republican, he would not openly say bad things about others. Although I did not agree with many ideas of Senator Goldwater, he always treated me with respect and we had interesting discussions. He was always interested in making Arizona and America a better place.

'u can tell who is going to heaven based on the accumulation of wealth'

I know I'm going to heaven, 'cuz I've already been to Utah.

Side-note: a follow-up comment on the subject of the American Care Act and its effect on hiring has been added to the "Rogue Open Thread".


Spot on commentary about the Goldwater Institute.

As for Robert Robb, he actually seems to have evolved some. He now strongly supports Governor Brewer's Medicaid expansion plan. (One can speculate about the reasons for this support, but there is no question that it isn't shared by the Goldwater Institute.)

This support has appeared in unambiguous, indeed, enthusiastic terms, in several of his columns over the last few months. (I don't know what Donna Gratehouse could be alluding to above.)

In one of the most recent, arguing that a referral of the issue to voters would bypass a recalcitrant legislature, he also argued that it would weaken the arguments of opponents who might litigate if the hospital tax is passed by a simple legislative majority rather than the supermajority called for by law:

"One of the opponents, the Goldwater Institute, doesn't feel right if it hasn't sued someone in government before breakfast."

That doesn't sound like a hand-puppet of the Goldwater Institute.

P.S. One wonders how the nearly billion dollars worth of tax cuts passed by the Arizona legislature over the last couple of years will play out in the approaching period after the expiration of the temporary one-cent sales tax.

Mr. Talton wrote:

"My sins included pointing out that Arizona's tax revenues were inadequate to the needs of a populous, highly urbanized state; that the "conservative" policies followed through the previous decade had left the economy narrow and uncompetitive outside of housing; that they had ensured the state would be on or near the top of every measure of social and environmental ills, and my support of such public projects as T-Gen, the Phoenix Convention Center and light rail (WBIYB). I was the one voice demonstrating how these policies had utterly failed."

This is great. Don't break any laws in Arizona, though: you might end up in a private prison. Darcy Olsen looks nothing like Struther Martin, but I'm sure she has hired help to do the dirty work: and you've got a whoppin' lot of "failure to communicate" to answer for.

Don't break any laws in Arizona, though: you might end up in a private prison.

Yeah but the good news the private guards will have lower wages, worse benefits, and be less educated. That should make them easier to bribe.

The nagging and lagging regret of Sandra Day O'Conner, a disappointment of Reagan-esque proportion.

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