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March 08, 2013


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Jon, you have written truth in this piece. Too bad your words will not reach very far.

Holder to Paul: No.


Police kill armed and dangerous criminals all the time if they won't surrender.

If an armed and dangerous criminal declares war against his own country, threatens American citizens from afar, and has demonstrated the will and the means to carry out those threats what's the difference?

That person should be stopped by any means necessary. And, if such a person seeks shelter by hiding in a citizens house, those citizens are going to have to decide what is a better way to die: by killing the terrorist themselves or allowing themselves to be collateral damage.

There is a price that a country pays for deliberately harboring deadly criminals.

. . . ."harboring deadly criminals", . . . like the Obama thugs perhaps?

Don't be fatuous, Terese. That kind of nimnull argument is what gives liberals a bad name.

I've just pointed out to you that civil authorities can kill deadly criminals if they won't surrender, and you've given me a pap slogan as a refutation.

The police kill unarmed and innocent citizens all the time too. The police have mistaken wallets, staplers, and hair dryers as guns and shot these "criminals". Are they just collateral damage? So headless lucy puts the onus on innocents rather than the criminal or the police or the military. It is a strange world where I'm in agreement with the Kook Rand Paul.

"Fatuous". indeed, Lucy; I know thugs when I see them. I am a Chicago native.



pap slogan


Man, if I knew what that shit meant, I sure would have something to say about it.

But I don't, so I won't.

You nerds kill me, you absolutely kill me.

@AzRebel, those two are killing me for different reasons, since I do know what that shit means, except maybe for "nimnull," which appears to be a neologism.

Oops. Sorry about that last bit, Reb.


Thanks Petro.

They had me duct-taped to a chair and you came in and delivered the "coop de grass".

They always send someone you know and trust to do the deed.

So Petro, I heard you paint houses??

I'm glad Lucy & I introduced some levity (humor) into this thread.

A real AZ Rebel would be someone smart and literate. You sound like some Iowa transplant who thinks they're an AZ Rebel.

A nimnull is an Orkian word that Mork used to describe AZ Rebels (dumbos).

I'm not a dumbo. My Mother had me tested.

Recently had my IQ tested,(just out of curiosity, since it had never been done), 120.

I realize that is quite low for some of the IQ's on this blog. AND that is why I like hanging around these folks, always learning new stuff.

That's also why I like riding with Petro in the truck. The average IQ in the truck goes up 50 points.

Actually, if your number is correct, it only rises 18.5 points, Reb... ;)

Headless Lucy's arrival is a definite enrichment for the Rogue!

I think Sen j. McCain is the most important Democrat in the Republican Party.. I don't know what happened to him..maybe Obama has promised him a job??

I'm sure that the only reason McCain appears on all the teevee shows is that he holds an Actor's Equity card and union rules demand it.
He's simply bad entertainment (and Ms Lindsay's tricks are fun to watch.)

An IQ of 120 is above average, Rebel Man.

When Azrebel and i get together we are average.

Slams on azrebel! Be careful you don't rile up the Apache in him. Iowa my ass!

There are no Apaches in Iowa? That's racist.

Don't get the Shinnecock riled in me. Not unless you want your rear end smacked with a string of wampum!

"Why do these men have any standing on any topic, especially national security?" - Rogue

I recently watched "Game Change". An excellent movie about very, very disturbed people. Though, Ed Harris found a way to squeeze some nobility out of the character of Senator McCain.

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