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March 09, 2013


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What kind of spam, Jon? I never saw any of it; is that b/c your webmaster deleted it prior to publishing? Do what ya gotta do. Your fans love this site.

Like I said to ashley, I couldn't believe it when I saw Jennifer's mother's fiancee's check for ten billion dollars that she got for working from home for just one month, so I checked it out for myself at Inbred Rube with a tax return.dot com, and sure enough, it's true!

Heh. I tried a fake spam and the spam filter got it!

Dearest Sir:
It is with great pleasure that I contact you regarding a large sum of money that i hold for you. I am Nigeria Minister of Oil Charles Johnson, and we await your response concerning $10 million U.S. Kindly forward me your bank account information so that I may expedite wire transfer of said funds.
Kindest regards.

I dunno, Petro. Mine got through. And I wrote that one all by myself!

I am the Webmaster and have blocked the IP address of scores of spammers. Usually the system won't stop your post unless you put in a URL selling something, e.g. www.cheapnikes.com. Also, much spam is automatically generated; the code words you type in are meant to stop that.

That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation!

Facts about Obama and the sequester:


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