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February 10, 2013


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Rap News 18 with Robert Foster

Cameo: Ice-T

Guests: Terrence Moonbeam, General Baxter

Sponsored by: Prozac


Got a healthy laugh out of that Rap News, Thane. Good satire with a message. Thanks for posting.

In addition to warming the air, climate change is adding moisture to it...

...any individual storm, including this nor'easter, will pick up more moisture as it spins across a warmer ocean.

Sounds like a winner, cal. Paralyze human activity while filtering extra fresh water into the ecosystem.

Just trying to look on the bright side... :)

Here is my two cents on Betsey Bayless.

She is a cousin, I believe, of the A.J. Bayless Grocery part of the family. Still, came from comfortable circumstances. Came up in the old Arizona Republican Party. Like every moderate Republican woman, she was eventually purged or sidelined. Under the old rules, she paid her dues and would have made a decent governor given a non-Kook legislature.

She is good at administration and has IOUs, particularly at the county level.

In the mid-2000s, Maricopa County desperately wanted to unload the county hospital and did it very badly. It was a disaster. Dr. Jim Kennedy, medical director at Phoenix Baptist, came over as interim CEO and essentially saved the day. If they had kept Kennedy, the Maricopa Medical Center would be in new digs downtown and in a full university partnership as is the case in LA, Seattle, etc. Some complicating individual MD contacts could have been worked out.

The Supervisors wanted rid of the hospital but refused to give up control or have a truly professional leadership. So Betsey was brought in to make the trains run on time, move across the water without making waves, do the supes' bidding. Frank Fairbanks-style. She succeeded.

But the lost opportunity is huge.

Feeling better Jon, The air better in Seattle? Was good here today I got 2 hours on the mountain and some great photos of the mountain and cloud color.

Which mountain cal? I was in the Supers Saturday and it was spectacular.

An article on Ecuador's Shuar...


If Americans perceive Obama as too partisan, he’ll lose a serious share of his personal popularity.

I call "bullshit" on this. Typical media "centrist" framing. I'm willing to bet he would pick up more people than he would lose. His attrition has always come from the left, anyway - it's not like he's won over a coalition of the right or anything.

Politico: President Obama’s State of the Union: Aggressive

What Obama should say tonight, but won't:



I pay no attention to TV speeches on the. state of the nation nor used car salesman pitches.

Obama overheard on an open microphone during practice for the State of the Onion speech:

"That pig Bayless in AZ makes how much more than me !?!?!?"

"I otta drone her ass."

"Obama overheard on an open microphone during practice for the State of the Onion speech:

"That pig Bayless in AZ makes how much more than me !?!?!?"

"I otta drone her ass."


For once I agree with Antonin Scalia


Shocker: "Seattle is not dense" but neither is Phoenix


My apologies that it is weak john t.

However, if I posted my true feelings about pigs like Bayless and those like her who feed off the public trough in extreme excess, Jon would have to delete the post and the Dept. of Homeland Insecurity would probably come knocking at my door.

I guess for pigs like Bayless their definition of "public servant" is to turn the public into their servants.

Alert: The Rogue website seems to have problems (once again) being reached using roguecolumnist.com; but roguecolumnist.typepad.com brought it up right away.

"A Winter", Seattle the city IS dense and Phoenix the city is NOT. The website you linked to compares metropolitan areas, including Seattle's and Phoenix's.

The city of Seattle has had fixed boundaries for some time because of laws making annexation difficult and because it is hemmed in by other municipalities. The city of Phoenix has always been able to expand by means of annexation and continues to add large areas to the city limits (or did before the real estate crash put exurb development in the north on hold).

The Seattle metropolitan area includes a lot of other municipalities outside the Seattle city limits, connected to Seattle by very low density (i.e., largely undeveloped) motor corridors (which are also including in the Seattle Metropolitan Area). It is the comparative lack of density in the suburban and exurban enclaves combined with the largely undeveloped connecting corridors which produces the low density of the Seattle Metropolitan Area.

The website's writer examines something he calls "residential land footprint" or "the amount of land each person takes up for their home". But the latter can only be calculated as an average: take the total land area (in this case of the Seattle Metropolitan Area, not the City of Seattle), and divide by the total number of residents of the metropolitan area.

Cal Lash, I try to avoid The Huffington Post whenever possible. The website is so full of ads and whatnot that it takes forever to load. Then it tries to install some sort of software.

If that isn't bad enough, it exploits writers, some of whom are talented and all of whom work without pay. When Ariana Huffington sold it to AOL for $315 million dollars she had ample opportunity to reward the longsuffering, loyal, and talented among contributors. She chose to hog it all.

I agree

The Huffster showed her true colors once the money came in. I have to disagree about density in Seattle and Phoeonix. There're both dense -- it's just a matter of definition and context.

Phx's pols are denser.

I'll be here all week try the veal.

Bayless veal? denser pols!
Given the downhill slide here
maybe a club meeting to align the stars?

anyone want the last copy of Adbusters.
I am done with it.

From Kari not Ariana.


Club meeting choices, Heard Museum downtown Phoenix or North Scottsdale road or Urban Bean or Changing hands or Deer Valley airport or Des Moines library or Cal's in Indianola, IA.


Better yet "the Hub" in Tucson

How do we know if Ariana wished to share her windfall or not. When she speaks there is no one who can understand a word she says.

Maybe put the question to her in writing and have her respond in writing?

It's fairly easy to document that the City of Seattle is much denser than the City of Phoenix. Here's a map drawn at the level of Census Block Groups using 2010 Census Bureau population data:


Phoenix has nothing to touch the areas in red (population density of 25,000 to 125,000 residents per square mile); and Seattle has a large amount of orange areas (10,000 to 20,000 residents per square mile) which Phoenix has very few of.

Since the City of Seattle has fixed boundaries, any population growth has generally been accomodated with multi-family housing (apartments), particularly multi-story apartments: you can fit more residents into a square mile when you build upward, because square miles are a 2-D measure (area) whereas height is not.

The City of Phoenix by contrast has been able to expand through annexation, and as a consequence of unlimited space its housing consists largely of single family homes, certainly to a much larger extent than that of Seattle and other dense cities. That isn't a value judgment, just a description.

So far I haven't been able to find a comparable map (this level of detail and this updated) for the City of Phoenix.

Nevertheless, here is a map which appears to be for the Phoenix metropolitan area (not the city per se) for 2000 courtesy of ASU. Note how few dark-brown squares there are: these are labeled 10,000 to 21,000 residents per square mile.


The city saw a great deal of growth from 2000-2007 but much of that was expansion rather than infill.

Still, the coffin nail is missing: an updated, detailed density map of the City of Phoenix.

Petro, you had me perplexed. dense pols? Humm -- ah ha! pols = politician. Thanks

cal, I enjoyed reading the Earth Island Journal articles. In addition to the articles you cited, I also read Carbon Capture Technologies that Could Help Fight Climate Change. It’s about how scientists are developing ways to sequester CO2. One of those ways is with trees made of sodium carbonate.
In all, It’s good to know that people are working on solutions.

Now, cal, I think you need to do The Five Tibetans as demonstrated by Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham. It will add ten years to you, for us. http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/five-tibetans-medicine-hunter-chris-kilham

Thanks Suzanne, great stuff. I do a version of two of these ( and three other different stretch's) before I have my smooth move green tea in the morning, I will start all five of these tomorrow.

Book looks like a trip is required to Changing Hands.

I dont know if you all can stand another 10 years of my blathering dense nonsense on this blog.

I dont know if you all can stand another 10 years of my blathering dense nonsense on this blog.
Your compassion is your strongest suit.

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