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November 07, 2012


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“Note to readers: I will leave up the Campaign 2012 link under In Depth Reports for the rest of the week and then retire it. So get the URLs of your favorites now. It still should live on via the link in the Elections open thread below.”

Jon. I am not sure I understand the above. I got the In Depth part but not the rest of the sentence. And is a URL a universal reading list?

So is it over? Not until the gold lady sings.

I noted somewhere (?)You commented about the financial crowd worry about how to deal with an Obama win. Well I had lunch today with a person that has some sizeable investments. Person tells me two days before the election, the financial guy called and said, we need to do something about your stuff by election day as it looks like Obama is going to win. And you will lose. The financial guy also said if Obama wins the next day the market will drop at least 300 to 1000 points. You all follow that stuff; I don’t, so I guess you all can follow up.

Big losers, LDS LLC, the Koke brothers and their drinking buddies. And of course their Barbie shill. I guess there must have been a few evangelists that just could not vote for the cult guy.

The winners: well maybe the planet might get a few years of extension before extinction. Hopefully Obama can designate more wilderness than Teddy did but not likely for a Chicago city kid. You would think that with Colorado and Washington State’s legalizing MJ for recreational use we could get Obama to pull his efforts out of trying to keep it illegal. However the financial people (20 percent for cleaning up dirty money) will probably join with all those other prohibitionists and fight to keep it illegal.

Glad to see the Phxsunfan posted a nice piece. Hope his views work out to his satisfaction but in the mean time there are some really whacked out folks still in positions of overreaching power. In my opinion there is nothing more dangerous than an old man that has nothing to lose.

Petro and eclecticdog. I ll by the coffee or your beer but you all go to promise to try and break this down for me.

"The confluence of vapidity and gravity that surrounds this "leader of the free world" business is mesmerizing."

Good summation Petro! Luv it. (Per- eclecticdog)

White dudes miss the hoop.


God has abandon us and the mud people have taken over?



Petro takes a keen interest in Presidential elections because the media hypes it as the crowning of the World's king (free to stomp where-ever and whom-ever he pleases), but the campaign quickly devolves into petty arguments over things no one cares about (Benghazi, sacred underwear, school transcripts, etc.) while at the same time pandering to the lowest common denomination voter (that citizen that still hasn't made up his/her mind minutes before going into the election booth).

My apologies in advance to Frere Petro.

I think I get it. You start with a Corona and:
It's like two meandering streams of flat beer coming together and not know whether to piss or get off the pot.

Romneys Mexican kin on his loss to Obama.
Note the number of times they try and advance the LDS cause.


whoops try that agin


Is this important???????????????


@e-dog: That works.

Jesse Ventura 2016

Rebel, you forgot:

Ventura-Stern 2016

I already know who I'm casting my vote for in four years.

I'd suggest keeping the comment thread going in the previous post. I will eventually take this one down. My bad for allowing comments on what was just a brief informational post.

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