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October 15, 2012


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This fool dosent watch TV.
s let me know how U think it went.

They stream them on the Internet, cal. No excuse for skipping the pain. :)

"Democracy Now!" has been interspersing Q&A with some of the shut out parties - the VP candidate for the Justice Party during the Biden/Ryan debate was particularly sharp and got my blood up - in a good way. Sad that this is really pretty much only personal entertainment, since noone takes anyone seriously (or even sees them) unless they're on the accursed teevee. Plus he sounded like a "commie."

Not that I'm recommending you sit through them. I'm weird.

In contrast to the bipartisanship of the mewling variety in the Other Washington, this is what sort your "home in exile" comes up with when there's a critical mass of an engaged liberal electorate:

A bi-partisan move to save Washington shellfish

It's like a parallel universe, sadly.

We might have some insight as to how Romney and Ryan plan to balance the "budget" and cut taxes:


Petro, I dont watch videos or "streams" on my puter. Just use the internet for E-mails,occasionally do a little research, to look up book prices and read Jon's blog. I spend most my time with books and magazines made out of paper. But remember, I am the old and retarded guy, here.

Thanks for the Washington Shell fish link.
Better find another world, soon. This one is about to become a big gas ball.
Gee that sounds like tonite, one big town hall gas ball. How many lies does it take to start a fire?

There's no "leaving it to the states" if Roe v Wade is overturned on the basis of the fetus (or zygote or fertilized egg) being a human life. It then has 14th Amendment rights and abortion becomes homicide.

Phoenix consistently ranks low on literacy. Town Hall Phoenix would be held at a gun show with Fox News blaring on wide scenes. The discussions would be something like this:

You know I'm not racist but the "Mexicans" blah blah blah.

Romney will sweep Arizona!

more homicide convictions means more folks in Private Prisons.
Blade runner comes to mind.

The Republicans have waged a highly successful political war.

The first successful strategy was to block all Obama job initiatives even if it resulted in a market meltdown and a US debt downgrade. Their actions have indeed been forgotten in this presidential race, and the lack of jobs and growth is all about Obama.

The second successful strategy has been the blatant Romney flip flop on significant issues. Romney statements prior to the first October debate resulted in no jeopardy for Republicans. They are moderates with the middle class in mind, just ask them.

Yep, cal lash, the abortion ban will be a boon to private prisons. It will be prosecuted much like the War on (Some People Who Use) Drugs is now. Nice white ladies from the suburbs will be left alone while poor, minority, substance abusers, mentally ill, and otherwise marginalized women will be targeted for prosecution for abortion and "suspicious" miscarriages and stillbirths. Women are already being prosecuted all over the country under 20 week abortion bans and so-called "fetal protection" laws, laws that supporters swore up and down would *never* ever be used to go after women.

Why are so many women switching over to Romney?

Jon. appearance

If you believe in political polls, I have some retirement properties at Painted Rock Reservoir. The fishing is great. Due to all the chemicals in the water, the fish have four mouths, so you have a 300% greater chance of catching your next meal.

No job. No money. No problem.

Show us your Democratic voter registration card and your dream home is yours. In no time you'll be pulling in your limit of mud suckers. You know, the fish you evolved from.

There's laws for them and then there's laws for the others.

The Frank Rich link was illuminating.

Joe Bageant thought 'mericans have a 6th grade understanding of history and economics. I think he was too generous. If Mittens wins, I've been too generous!

Well, you called it on the question about the price of gasoline.

Turnout in national lower house elections, 1960–1995
Country Compulsory № Turnout
Malta N 6 94%
Chile N 2 93%†
Austria N 9 92%
Belgium Y 12 91%
Italy Y (not enforced) 9 90%
Luxembourg Y 7 90%
Iceland N 10 89%
New Zealand N 12 88%
Denmark N 14 87%
Germany N 9 86%
Sweden N 14 86%
Greece Y (not enforced) 10 86%
Venezuela N* 7 85%
Czech Republic N 2 85%
Argentina Y 12 83%
Brazil Y 9 83%
Netherlands N** 7 83%
Australia Y 14 81% [35]
Costa Rica N 8 81%
Norway N 9 81%
Romania N 2 81%
Bulgaria N 2 80%
Israel N 9 80%
Portugal N 9 79%
Finland N 10 78%
France N 9 76%
United Kingdom N 9 76%
South Korea N 11 75%
Ireland N 11 74%
Canada N 12 74%
Spain N 6 73%
Japan N 12 71%
Estonia N 2 69%
Hungary N 2 66%
Russia N 2 61%
India N 6 58%
Switzerland N 8 54%
Poland N 2 51%
United States N 18 48%***

Hell-we just don't care.If all it takes is for a candidate to "look Presidential" while walking away from everything he has been running on for the last 2 years to swing the women's vote,we are well down the road to a Nazi style dictatorship.I say that from studying the collapse of the German center in the 1930's,not to exagerate.

Obama got spanked in the first debate but he kicked Romney's butt in this second debate! Nice to see the President calling out Romney on his lies. If I am not mistaken, presidents that do better in the later debates get a larger bump in the polls leading up to the election.

I think most democratic countries have parliamentary apportioned representation which will include more than two parties, while the US pays lip service to other parties but really is a two-party system with gross overlaps in indebtedness to the very same bags of money that run the whole system. Hooray! We have one more party than a dictatorship!


Obama's problem is whether Mitt's momentum, big money and the "I won't vote for a black man" is too much to overcome.

There's no question that Main Street Media wants a horse race. That's money for them. There's no question they are headlining every Mitt-friendly moment and poll to instigate that horse race. (I would argue that even Democratic friendly sites like TPM are doing the same thing). And there's no question that Rmoney has rebounded a bit. But that was bound to happen. It almost always does. This was doomed to be an agonizingly close race from the get-go...

But I'll take what Nate Silver says over all the talking head Big Media deliverables that postures as analysis:

But if you want my best guess: Throughout this election cycle, you would have done very well by predicting that the polls would eventually settle in at an overall lead for Mr. Obama of about two percentage points. Whenever his lead has been larger than that, it has come back to earth. But Mr. Obama has also rebounded at moments when the polls seemed to suggest an even closer race.

A two-point lead for Mr. Obama is also close to what might be suggested by recent economic data as well as Mr. Obama’s net approval ratings.

The FiveThirtyEight forecast had Mr. Obama as a 64.8 percent favorite to win the Electoral College in advance of the debate, but it will take several days for it to incorporate any of its effects.

Prediction markets, which had nearly identical odds to the FiveThirtyEight model in advance of the debate, had Mr. Obama’s stock improving slightly over the course of the evening and put his odds at about 67 percent as of midnight on Wednesday.

I'll take Nate Silver's science of numbers against everyone else. That's not to say I am not worried. And that's not to say I've stop donating to Obama's campaign. But I think we are going to win this.

This second debate went a long way to changing the narative. It was a very much a shotgun blast into the face of Rmoney's momentum. The business man with the red-meat face looked old to me. He ran out of gas. He had a vigor deficit. These were huge "tells" that no one has yet written about on the many blogs I've visited for analysis...

One of the reasons I would not support Romney (over and above his policies and history) is that he is the wrong generation. That slice of the Vietnam Era populace has no place holding US political office -- their time is past. The one-time we inserted a generation whose time was up was the Reagan Revolution and we got 30 years of deteriorating government and increasing gifts to the wealthy. The rule of history seems to be 40 or so years after the defining event (McKinley, Civil War Vet, 1900; Eisenhower, WWI vet, 1952; Nixon and Ford, WWII vets, 1972; Bush 43, Vietnam Era service, 2000). Game over geezers!

Its now about wbat mark is recorded when u pull the lever

Ecleticdog, I respectfully suggest that your comment smacks of ageism. Aside from the great variance in aging among individuals, defining an individual by unmeasurable beliefs of an arbitrary age bracket is blatant bigotry. Applying your bigoted standard, should we conclude that Hillary Clinton is unfit to run for the office?

Koreyel, you may have viewed Romney as old, but for him to engage in a knock down public square debate like that takes a lot of strength and energy. Few individuals have experienced that kind of brawl, but those of who have know what its like to be a lineman in the NFL.

Both he and Obama showed their gang colors with pride.

The best gladiator for president?

That would be Chapo!

Mr. Talton wrote:

"Why are so many women switching over to Romney?"

It isn't clear to me that they are.

The poll results showing Romney and Obama tied among women come from a Gallup poll of swing-state "likely voters" taken after the first debate and before the second.

So, "binders of women" likely doesn't enter into it.

Mitt Romney used the term "woman" three times. Every anecdote he used on virtually any subject included the phrase "a woman came up to me in (insert state here)". Obama used the term once. In one instance, Romney has a woman with a baby in her arms come up and beg him for "help" regarding her and her husband's job situation.


Check out this image of Romney to see what I mean by tired and old:


What's interesting about that image is the lack of smile lines for a man of Romney's age. Yet every time I see him he has a foot-long poop-eatin grin on his mug. You'd think he be well-creased...

Interesting. I suspect the instructions are for him to paint that Pan Am smile on to hide the fact that he appears to have reached that age where one's looks and virility head south forever...

How long has Romney been running for President? By my count, 6 years . . . that's been his JOB! Being 65 also figures in . . and I don't think this is "ageism". Am surprised that the 15 year differential hasn't been discussed.

"....that's been his JOB!"

And he has been well paid for it.
I believe he made 21 million dollars last year.
With nary a callous, muscle sprain, or grunt.
That's probably more than all the public school janitors in AZ combined.

My all time favorite picture for this campaign continues to be Rmoney standing in front of all those coal-stained miners:


When you look at that picture, the dunce at the front is what we call a "maker" in this country. The dunces behind him with the dirty faces are what we call "takers".

And truly if we had a "serious" debate in this country, a real question would be:

"Mr. Romney why shouldn't a coal mine owner be able to import cheap Chinese labor to do the work? If it is okay for Apple billionaires to hire cheap Chinese labor, how is it fair that Mr. Coal Mine Billionaire, has to pay worker health care costs, minimum wages, and worry over safety rules? Why shouldn't he be able to fly cheap labor in to meet his needs? How is that any different than flying outside to cheap labor? Why must Mr. Coal Mine Billionaire be forced to suffer these indignities?

I say that's a fair question...

Because that's how far stupid this country has gone in its lack of ability to grok income inequality.

Koreyel with Romneys money for his personal health care maybe he has been buying some magic formula for his wrinkles from this doctor.


The only way I'd watch the first debate was via hecklevision. Even then only tolerable.

Nice to see you cited on Crooks and Liars !!

I wrote:

"It isn't clear to me that (so many women are switching over to Romney)."

Well, it is now.

The Pew Research Center conducted a poll October 4-7 that really breaks down the numbers, and deals specifically with the transition in opinion (among various demographic groups) in response to the first debate.

The table titled "Change in Views of the Candidates" compares views among registered voters (not just "likely voters" in swing states) in two polls: one conducted September 12-16 and the other conducted October 4-7, breaking down voter reaction by sex, age, political affiliation, race and ethnicity, and educational background.

The change among registered voters over three weeks (and following the debate) seems unequivocal: Obama's lead among women of 18 percentage points in September disappears in a tie in October. The sampling error for the subgroup of registered women voters isn't specified, but comparisons to other similar sized groups which are specified (page two) suggest a margin of error of 5 to 6 percentage points.


The Huffington Post has a great website consisting of a kind of "poll of polls" (518 at last count) comparing views of Romney and Obama and updated as new poll results arrive (often changing every few hours). A graph compares results from January of this year onward.

You can also scroll down to a couple of tables, one comparing results by individual major polling outfits and the other breaking down poll results by state, among other things:


i had all i can take of this election crapola. i dont watch tv but i get emails wanting to know what i think about the debates. i didnt watch them and dont care. i dont know anyone that has changed their vote as a result of these idiots trying to sandbag each other. and i dont know any undecided voters.
Hell Chapo could whip both these joto jodido candidates.


And YES, Hillary should not even be considered. Ageism, yeah, but it's not like we'll know what their true mental state is -- everyone swore Reagan was mentally sound and now we know he was not (probably for his whole term). My other point is that historically, the nation should not take a step back and hope that a the previous generation, which had a hand in messing everything up, is going to fix the future. It's the old adage of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result -- kind of like electing Kooks and Wimps.

"At the same time, concern about the deficit and debt has increased dramatically among women: 50% call it extremely important, up from 35% in a March poll in the battleground states. Then, it was fourth on a list of five issues among women. Now, it ranks second."


Now, this is women in swing states, i.e., undecided women. But (as the story notes) this plays into Republican hands. The article also notes "the tendency among many women to tune into elections later than men."

So, we have -- perhaps -- previously undecided (and if Mr. Talton is correct, uninformed) individuals, just now beginning to pay real attention to election issues. They had been seeing ads from the Romney camp and from "independent" ad campaigns supporting Romney, but had skepticism about Romney as a candidate for women; a skepticism which was at least partially disarmed by his performance in the first debate (specifically by his adoption of "moderate" positions and his illustration of those positions in nearly every case with anecdotes placing women center stage). Now they may be much more open to the message of those ads featuring one of the Republicans' favorite (while Obama is in office) scare-weapons: deficits and debt.

Every once in a while the religious right sets a new low for hypocrisy. Billy graham removing mormonism off the cult list is one of them.

Ecleticdog, given your age restricted worldview here is a headline list of remaining eligible candidates:
1)Paul Ryan
2)Scottie Walker
3)Sarah Palin
4)Marco Rubio

GenX Rules!

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