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August 27, 2012


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Why do you hate...? oh, wait...

Side note: two new comments posted in the previous thread; the first is a correction of a silly misstatement of mine; the second is a reply to Mr. Talton regarding Monroe and constitutional questions about federal authority to build, maintain and operate a national transportation system.

Second side-note: I've posted a follow-up for Mr. Talton and others in the previous thread, showing that the question of the road-building (as opposed to route-designating) powers of the federal government was not legally established by the U.S. Supreme Court until 1893 and 1907, and that the justification cited was the "general welfare" clause of the Constitution. (I also corrected a bad link from a previous comment.)

Jon, I dont know what you think Stanton can do in the state of crazies. He would be more effective as the head of the Sierra Club. Like Obama would have been more effective as a union organizer in Chicago and Romney as the head of Citizens for Life. All the Real Men are gone. Our only hope is for a Real Woman to step up and save the world.

From somewhere in the not so great Sonoran desert, what's left of it.

Too bad Stanton isn't a zombie hunter.

Seen Brewer's photos from the convention??

Lord have mercy, she's the FACE of Arizona. ( : - (

Greg Stanton, vampire slayer.

I grieve for cal's dog.

I grieve for my two dogs.

I grieve for the Arizona I once knew.

terry d., if it's any consolation, if a gunfight ever broke out on this blog, I'd have your back.

Waytt and Doc u aint.
And i hear there is some Apaches looking for u
something about your ancestors.
Staton could use a Waytt and Doc for the OK corral fight with the Arizona legislature

Bruja's photo could stop a train!

AZRebel wrote:

"terry d., if it's any consolation, if a gunfight ever broke out on this blog, I'd have your back."

You Americans and your guns...Tchah! Support by gun-toting "patriots" is rather in the nature of the support that a rope gives a hanged man.

P.S. Vee haff vays.

Vladimir i hears ur vays r nuclear poisons and noise deafening by pussy riot.

Who is this "cal Lash" who cannot capitalize (no pun intended) the leading initial of his (strictly so-called) "Christian" (Tchah!) name?

Like all fat, lazy, drink-sodden American capitalists, you cannot keep even the most basic distinctions clearly. You have confused me with another Vladimir, the kleptomaniac/tyrant Putin. I can assure you that we would not sentence silly young girls to three years in prison for dancing in a church.

As for "nuclear poisons", what motive would Russian government have for poisoning Arafat?


Arafat died in 2004. Litvinenko (I believe this is who you refer to with your "nuclear poisons" slander) died in 2006. Polonium 210 is byproduct of reactor process. Radiation poisoning have highly characteristic symptoms. Hair fall out, etc. First thing you check for. Doctors inevitably discover isotope. Very few governments have access to Polonium 210. So, poison begs for extensive medical examination/post-mortem, but points directly to Russia and a few other governments.

I done already told you, whippersnapper, vee haff vays! So, why Russians point back to ourselves with big neon finger, eh? Why not hit and run accident? Why not robbery with violence? Why not numerous toxins which do not scream "radiation poisoning" and beg medical authorities to conduct extensive examination identifying rare isotope? And who killed Arafat two years earlier using same method?

No. Watch less television, eat fewer corn chips and drink fewer two-liters bottles of high-fructose corn syrup, silly American. You are the weakest link: goodbye.

The little c is to see if u r paying attention to detail. Helps me determine your profile (a)
Looks like U know religion and grammar.
But not to good on spy mystery's.
U got the nuclear poisoning wrong. Try something closer to the Isle of Man. Or ask M.
And Arafat had become an embarrassment so his brothers killed him.

Lenin? Lenin? Is that you?

electicdog, not putin and not lenin
just one of us con un AKA

cal, seems you've attracted your very own troll.

"cal Lash" wrote:

"And Arafat had become an embarrassment so his brothers killed him."


The $64,000 question is, if Arafat and Litvinenko were killed using the same exotic method, and if we infer from this that the deaths are related (i.e., committed by the same agency or at its behest or with its cooperation), then who had means and motive to kill BOTH?

To answer that question, first let us consider the simpler question of who had means and motive to kill Yasser Arafat. Why kill Arafat? He was no longer a terrorist threat, though one may well imagine some in Israel holding long grudges for past crimes and determined not to allow him to pass away peacefully in his sleep. This, however, is not a convincing motive for such an undertaking, or for its timing.

Arafat had great cachet in the Arab world and in the west. As long as he was the leader of the Palestinians the possibility of a peace agreement was uncomfortably real. Uncomfortable for whom? For two parties: his Islamic rivals, Hamas (AND their government sponsors, Iran and Syria); and for the Israelis, who would find a Palestinian state led by Hamas much easier to isolate and demonize. As long as Arafat was in control, Hamas had little hope of taking control, either politically or through violence (or both, as it turns out). Whether or not Hamas would knowingly collude in such a scheme cannot be known, but neither their knowledge nor their cooperation was necessary So, now we have motive, and two suspects.

As for means, Polonium 210 can be produced by means of neutron bombardment of Bismuth 209, the naturally occurring form of this element, and easily obtained. Israel has an advanced nuclear program, but both Syria and Iran had obtained simple research reactors many years before. "The primary purpose of research reactors is to provide a neutron source for research and other purposes. Their output (neutron beams) can have different characteristics depending on use."


Now, I am not an expert on nuclear chemistry, but it appears to me that all three countries had the basic equipment and access to working materials to produce Polonium 210.

Now, we move on to the puzzling case of Alexander Litvinenko. A close associate of Litvinenko was Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky (Litvinenko visited Berezovsky's office in London on the very day he was poisoned, though this is not indicative that he was poisoned there). Berezovsky is on record in the British newspaper The Guardian as claiming "he was already bankrolling people close to the president who are conspiring to mount a palace coup". According to The Guardian, Berezovsky said to a journalist:

"We need to use force to change this regime," he said. "It isn't possible to change this regime through democratic means. There can be no change without force, pressure." Asked if he was effectively fomenting a revolution, he said: "You are absolutely correct."


What was to be the weapon used in this "palace coup" to remove the President of Russia by force? Can you guess? Obviously not tanks and infantry advancing upon Red Square. But (and here we must speculate) poison would do very well. A quickly developing and progressing stomach (or other) cancer a la Arafat would accomplish regime change.

Litvinenko had contacts among Chechen terrorists, some of whom had contacts with middle-eastern governments sympathetic to them and to Islamic rebels and terrorists. But neither Syria nor Iran, despite long records of state sponsored terrorism, were interested in regime change in Russia.

Berezovsky, Mikhail Cherney, Leonid Nevzlin, and other expatriate oligarchs likely had both formal and informal contacts with Israeli intelligence; but Israel would never undertake the assassination of the President of Russia at any official level; this would be tantamount to an act of war.

So, no official or approved assistance from either set of suspects in the Arafat case. Independent assistance is something else, however, and can be bought; and we're talking about billionaire oligarchs, so price is no object. Add to this connections in the Mossad and the perception among some in Israeli intelligence circles that the prosecutorial policies of the Putin administration were anti-semitic, and you have ample grounds for recruitment of assistance.

Now, Putin as a matter of course spied on troublesome expatriot dissidents and attempted to disrupt their organizations and activities. The best way to disrupt enemies that you cannot prosecute and cannot (for diplomatic reasons) physically destroy, is to sow internal strife, setting them at each other's throats and encouraging paranoia. Convince the leaders of the opposition that some of their loyal servants are double agents working for the enemy, and they will do your work for you. This practice is so common in counter-intelligence circles that it even has a name: in American parlance it is called "bad-jacketing".

Litvinenko was tailor-made for bad-jacketing operations. He was a longtime thorn in Putin's side, but was not powerful. He had formerly been employed by the Russian secret service and "defectors" are natural suspects as double-agents. He had developed Islamic sympathies (increasing over time and culminating in a conversion to Islam according to his father) and this would scarcely endear him to Jewish oligarchs with Mossad connections; and some of Litvinenko's claims had an absurd element to them, as if they were deliberately exaggerated and delivered with a wink.

So, manufactured evidence was brought to the attention of the oligarch conspirators (through subtle channels which we need not consider here, except to say that they were thought trustworthy). Litvinenko was falsely portrayed as a dangerous traitor who had, in hard times, resumes working for Moscow for money.

Now, if you look at the death of Litvinenko, it was very crude compared to that of Arafat. Dangerously crude. Litvinenko was severely overdosed and the nuclear poison was dangerously mishandled for all concerned. This suggests that those employing the poison were not the professionals who used it against Arafat -- or specially trained in its use by ANY major intelligence service.

It was decided that Litvinenko had to go. Why not test the poison against him? It was never intended that the effects should be so immediate and so acute. The point was to induce cancerous growth by means of the highly carcinogenic emissions of Polonium 210. But the conspirators were not professional assassins, and they were not well trained in the use of nuclear poisons. Conceivably they were skeptical about the small dose that had been recommended to them and decided to "play it safe". The rest was history...

Come on ya'll! Arizona is changing quickly, even Jan Brewer is endorsing Obama now ;-) :


How am I posting random links?


Phxsunfan, my compliments to Copper Blues.
I had dinner there tonite. Food was good and prices were right. Service was a little wierd but Okay. The Sugar Thieves were on stage and did an excellent job.
The Sax guy can play a lot of instruments.

Dear Valadimir, good job oboy
but why do U seem so familiar?
I thought you might respond given the bait. As U it seemed so familiar.

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