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July 23, 2012


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Andrew Thomas has gone down. Looks like the odious Russell Pearce is imploding. Tom Horne is in trouble. Ken Bennett has stepped on his pendejo bigtime. Step by step, Joe's position gets more lonely. At least things seem to be headed in the right direction. Agree? Or am I too optimistic?

Of course I agree morecleanair. Latinos continue to register to vote. But of course if they stay home in November it won't matter.

the original JO Don is dead.
JO the coach is alive and being a quiet patrician
JO the attorney is alive and seeking power
DI a once upon a time politician &
JO, prince Johns man, are still alive but aging fast.

Napolitano actually lied to cover up for Arpaio. http://barrygrahamauthor.com/arpaio

"...Eugene C. Pulliam had great power. He would have unleashed an old-fashioned newspaper crusade against Arpaio, something today's chain-owned Arizona Republic has been afraid to do..."

The East Valley Trib has done more to expose the "truth" about Arpaio, than the Republic, and all the locals news channels combined. (Save for the New Times) Though it was largely ignored, by Az's easily 'snowed' residents and media alike.

From the Pulitzer Prize winning series, years ahead of its time and on the forefront of Arpaio's "crackpot" ideas, and bigoted ...'breathing while brown'... sweeps..(many years ahead of the lawsuits and the rest of the media coverage--once again except for the New Times)



Too optimistic morecleanair. The Kooks around here think O'Connor's appointment was a big mistake (RINO, not conservative enough, etc.). That Rehnquist gets nothing is well deserved -- unfortunately Roberts will probably make us long for the days of what I thought was the worst Chief Justice of our time.

I can't help but notice that most of the Kooks (Arpaio and the billionaires backing them) are really really old (80+ in many cases). Play defense and what for the MoFos to croak.

Side note: part-time jobs as a percentage of net new jobs created may well be substantially higher than the preliminary figure of 23 percent I suggested in the previous thread; and I've posted an explanation there.

Too bad Russel Pearce was not in the Aurora theatre. He could have been a hero by killing the joker. But that would be suicide.

Dear 'dog: waiting for the octogenarians to croak is a strategy that requires great patience because they often tend to have some sort of bizarre extended warranty. I AM pretty optimistic, however, that they are the repositories for some of our most backward ideas and the money to advance them. Explains why I cringe at the thought of retreating to one of those dreaded "lifecare" centers which are often holding pens for these folks.

Those folks can afford in-home care and a PR firm to get the krank out!

Arpiao is an old pitbull whose two remaining teeth will keep him clamped around your throat like a canine vampire, until the last sweet drop of your lifeblood trickles down his dark, bottomless gullet.

I saw that movie. "Amores Perros"

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