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July 26, 2012


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The comments over at the ST post were wearying. Particularly the rejoinder that "the government didn't build that infrastructure, my taxes did."

If there ever was evidence that ideology blinds... no, that ideology stupifies...

AzRebel - wouldn't mind an observation from you on this:

[Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.] said that the risks of fracking “are too great to ignore”...
Fracking Damage Not Covered by National Insurer

petro, u can find more stupify comments in response to Charles Bowden and Molly Molloys article in the New Times.

Maybe after a nap.

(Enjoying Desert Solitaire - thanks, cal.)

Hey, Petro.

We stay clear of the oil industry. They destroy everything they touch.

They're fracking nuts.

Rogue, sounds like you've been reading Chomsky (why do I want a sandwich now) over at TomDispatch.

Best comment: Were that things were as simple as the simple wish they were.

Very clever REB.
Petro, Abbey can relax you in one moment and the next enrage you. I would liked to have drank some Mezcal with him. And Mezcal is the name of a book written by Abbey's friend Charles Bowden.

"The destruction of the American way of life is its aim, whatever its patriotic sloganeering."

Jon, The tea party and right wing nut jobs and religious kooks I know really believe they are going to bring back something resembling the fifties if only they can get rid of that BLACK, Socialistic Muslim in the WHITE house

cal, read thru many of the comments on Bowden's article and Jon's article. I found the one's from Seattle to more stupifying. Some folks are really full of themselves. I think azrebel has been watching too much Battlestar Galactica :)

Eclecticdog, Rebs house is really a space ship
as is mine just smaller

To an Independent like me, Mittens Romney comes across as a total fake. Give me Chris Christie or Mitch Daniels any day. They're real. After Mitt's London Olympics debacle, it is hard to muster any respect for him. I know enough not to underestimate the political machinery, but this guy's chutzpah is breathtaking!

It not chutzpah, its entitlement.

Mitt's off to Israel. His staff is no doubt prepping him furiously, quaking in terror.

Romney (in a London fundraiser with 250 bankers, including Barclay's):

I’d like to get rid of Dodd-Frank and go back and look at regulation piece by piece.
Romney Promises Libor-Scandal Banksters He'll Score for Them

Consistent with my earlier comments regarding his paper-tiger role in the upcoming Obama's-in-the-bag "election," it looks like he's doing more than place-holding: He is apparently charged with leaning hard on shoving the Overton window even further rightward. It's unclear whether or not he's actually aware of this - the old "evil or stupid?" question.

Look for the further Tea Party-ization of the Republican base ("government bad, bankers good".)

Side note: I've added a follow-up comment in the Strange Awaiting thread on the topic of part-time jobs as a percentage of newly created jobs since the recession.

Do you think Romney would by into the Overton window in Boomsday?

A quote: "Growth takes place whenever a challenge evokes a successful response that, in turn evokes further and different challenge. We have not any intrinsic reason why this process should not repeat itself indefinitely, even though a majority of civilizations have failed, as a matter of historical fact."
Arnold J Toynbee, A Study of History.

Your Challenge today is to watch the movie Hunger Games and advise why it is not a vision of the future.
Forward your reports to DR Malthus and his offspring Mad Max. Delivery will be made by their courier AZREBEL

Petro said, "Look for the further Tea Party-ization of the Republican base ("government bad, bankers good".)"

Robber Barons are always with us there just is a lot more of them today, so many that they have been robbing each other.
Just a matter of time until we move to baron run citi-states.
where Energy is provided by pig shit. Wonder what the technology will look like?

We can't aford to have a second President named Willard.


Now, Willard Mittens Romney is kissing up to his friend Bibi the Hawk-meister in Israel. The word "grand-standing" comes to mind. Also, the words "oozy, oily and obsequious"! Maybe with "unctuous" thrown in for good measure?

Still waiting for Hunger Games DVD release to pirate - those cam versions aren't visually pleasing enough, and I suspect that the presentation is essential in enduring such an obvious plot.

Robber-barons only last as long as the suckers stay reasonably bought off (a "middle class"). The greedheads always overreach. The Overton window is a measure of what the "great unwashed" think is normal or reasonable (the "center") - if they're reasonably satisfied with their station. Then we progress to the demonization stage, which Romney et. al. are endeavoring mightily to deflect away from the greedy thieves themselves. This is a fragile endeavor, and may indeed progress to some temporary city-state condition (though I personally don't see that emerging from this particular crisis, except perhaps for a few outliers) - temporary because the French taught us all of the guillotine, and the Russians punctuated the message soon thereafter.

But, agrarian and post-agrarian history is a litany of unstable arrangements, constantly morphing from one to the other. Point being that we do not know what an equilibrium looks like, or if there even is one. The most stable arrangement that Man has ever known is the one that nurtured us into existence in the first place - the tribal hunter/gatherers, that in modern times (6-8,000 years ago) began to get knocked from that equilibrium from outside aggressors. The genesis of the overly-influential aggressive society that sprang from Europe (and other places to a lessor extent, of course) is a question - perhaps the "heroic" insistence on conquering unfriendly climates stirred within them this aggression...?

In any case, my point is that we don't know where this is going - if some previously occurring arrangement re-appears, we can be sure that it is just as unstable as the current situation (or we would never have changed into "this" in the first place.) My working thesis for equilibrium (why do I yearn for and tilt at that windmill? A question for another time), is that we're not going to balance the eccentric wheel of modern history until such time that we consciously agree that we have been mis-educating our young in their appetites and priorities, so that perhaps a tipping point of collective wisdom might emerge in a future generation. For we must not only return to a more balanced life on Earth, we must also gird ourselves from those who may, in the future, fall prey to the Sirens of greed and come stomping in once again with their "superior" technology.

(Sorry for the long post - I'm still on my morning coffee and I'm thinking aloud.)

Excellent Petro, just excellent. Cant wait until you have had a beer and a nap.

I have avoided the Hunger Games book and movie for the reason you point out "obvious plot". I was a return of the city-state thinker in 58 and have continued along that line with the delusional exception that man may in fact leave earth for other worlds.

Petro said "The most stable arrangement that Man has ever known is the one that nurtured us into existence in the first place - the tribal hunter/gatherers, that in modern times (6-8,000 years ago) "

and I agree.

Need a vacation from government/socialism? Go to Somalia! A 60 second video/commercial from the "Public Service Administration":


Side-note: a little typo correction to my jobs follow-up in the Strange Awaiting thread.

Romney = Unctuous to put it mildly! As one fellow, who had a business dealing with Harvard Business School students put it; "they're all exactly alike". Do we need another HarBus grad in the White House?

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