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February 14, 2012


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Enjoyed your commentary. Would love to talk to you about using some of your family pictures in a forthcoming book on the families of pre-statehood.

History assumes a future where there will be someone educated enough read.

A tale of two photos.

At AZCentral.com you will find a photo of Wayne Newton and a photo of the new cover girl for Sports Illustrated.

I will keep my comments to myself.

Nice one Sublime Clerk!

Happy 100th Birthday Arizona! And a merry Valentine's day to the Rogue Columnist commenters, lurkers, and Jon.

Good thing our current guv can't serve seven terms like our first guv. That would be problematic.

AZ - 1912

Emil walks into a telegraph office.

4 hours later, telegraph operator marches Emil out of the telegraph office at the end of a shotgun.

Emil decides to wait until the internet is invented.

True story (sort of)

Wonder what the futurists say about our beloved state and its prospects for tuning into something that's in tune with the resource-mandated constraints we're likely to face? What little I've read isn't encouraging.

"pre statehood"
I like that better than pioneer.

The only real Pioneer was Mitochondrial Eve from east Africa.

I was 14 when Ashurst died in 1962. There was a flood of recollection released in that event, which for a schoolkid was illuminating and confusing. Why didn't he come home to Arizona after his defeat in 1940? Was he Arizona's show horse senator? A grandiloquent windbag who role-modeled for Barry Goldwater and John McCain? If Carl Hayden was True Grit, who was Ashurst?

An answer can be found in the John Ford classic The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, a compound of the James Stewart character Ransom Stoddard and the John Carradine character Major Cassius Starbuckle. Ashurst stylistically was the flowery orator Starbuckle. But he was also Stoddard, a man who evangelized for civilization in a raw and unforgiving land.

I recommend the movie not as a history lesson about Arizona but as a corrective to the myth that pioneers were one good thing but another. The harshness of early Arizona brought forward a motley-colored array of characters. Some were virtual sociopaths like Jack Swilling. Others were poetic dreamers like Darrell Duppa. They tamed this land with expropriation and death, Shakespeare and Longfellow.

We can put Walter Hall's (Soleri) time capsule at the base of North Mountain.

It's a shame Native Americans couldn't self-deport.We wouldn't have had to invent ethnic cleansing and reservations."Good news,chief.We have your reservation"

No,I don't advocate reparations or community guilt,but jeeeez,you think we would learn from it.

azrebel, missed the photos and don't have the time to search for them, but I did see the SI cover model on one of the morning shows the other day and she is beautiful (with some surgical help), smart, greedy, and without a soul.

Here is too the next 100 years
Want to speculate on what the state legislature looks, then?

Nice history read:


excellent post Electric (eclectic) Dog

More from Biggers:

George W. Hunt, warned his fellow Arizonans that a national showdown was taking place in their state. “The working class, plus the professional class, represent 99 percent,” Hunt said. “The remaining 1 percent is represented by those who make a business of employing capital.” Made from a copper mining camp in rural Arizona, Hunt’s admonition still resonates on Wall Street today. As Hunt put it, “It will be a happy day for the nation when the corporations shall be excluded from political activity…and vast accumulations of capital cannot be employed in an attempt to control government.”


Dog thats amazing
igot the rail to Portland
1st glass of Kung Fu Girl

Cal, et al:

True Believer

So another hypocrite in Arizona is exposed; and by Phoenix New Times:


Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu was outed by an ex-boyfriend. Babeu threatened his ex, Jose, with deportation if he exposed the relationship.


Arizona Republicans would be so much happier if they just accepted reality. If you are gay, deal with it especially if you claim moral high ground. If you represent Arizona get used to the fact that our state takes more from the Feds than most solidly blue states...deal with the fact that we like money from Washington, contrary to what is preached.

Had a great time with all at The Portland. Thanks!

Just finished watching the Babeu press conference. He was fairly adroit under difficult circumstances, artfully deflecting the issue from abuse of power to his right of privacy. But Babeu's political career is likely over in a party that tribalizes around majoritarian cultural/racial identity. There's no chance for a Democrat in CD 4, so it's likely going to be a race between Ron Gould and Paul Gosar. I pick Gould to win.

Arizona political junkies have known about Babeu's orientation for some time. His quasi-fascism is not for the faint of heart. He peddled red-meat xenophobia and national security state hysteria as his political bona fides. Like nearly every Republican gay, he was content to live inside a closet and silently consent to the demonization of other gays as the price of his conservative credentials. A party that obscenely runs against gays while prancing madly around its own skeletons is just one more reason why Republicans are so morally repugnant.

"prancing madly around its own skeletons"

That's a keeper. :)

It was great to meet you Jon. Sorry I couldn't stay longer.

And definitely a keeper Walt.

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