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February 18, 2012


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When asked about marriage equality Babeu did the civil unions and "states rights" dodge. States rights is nothing but a bullshit canard allowing one to support tyranny (as long as it's by the approved form of government) while pretending not to. Babeu being gay just makes him a giant hypocrite on top of it.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I am transplanting Walt's comment from the previous post:

Just finished watching the Babeu press conference. He was fairly adroit under difficult circumstances, artfully deflecting the issue from abuse of power to his right of privacy. But Babeu's political career is likely over in a party that tribalizes around majoritarian cultural/racial identity. There's no chance for a Democrat in CD 4, so it's likely going to be a race between Ron Gould and Paul Gosar. I pick Gould to win.

Arizona political junkies have known about Babeu's orientation for some time. His quasi-fascism is not for the faint of heart. He peddled red-meat xenophobia and national security state hysteria as his political bona fides. Like nearly every Republican gay, he was content to live inside a closet and silently consent to the demonization of other gays as the price of his conservative credentials. A party that obscenely runs against gays while prancing madly around its own skeletons is just one more reason why Republicans are so morally repugnant.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Here is phxSUNSfan's comment on the subject transplanted from the previous post:

So another hypocrite in Arizona is exposed; and by Phoenix New Times:


Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu was outed by an ex-boyfriend. Babeu threatened his ex, Jose, with deportation if he exposed the relationship.


Arizona Republicans would be so much happier if they just accepted reality. If you are gay, deal with it especially if you claim moral high ground. If you represent Arizona get used to the fact that our state takes more from the Feds than most solidly blue states...deal with the fact that we like money from Washington, contrary to what is preached.

I missed the Phoenix New Times story that opened this can of worms. All I've seen or heard, except for this, was the Arizona Republic story this morning.

It's pretty clear, when someone like Babeu refuses to address the question of personal romantic involvement with his accuser, saying that his personal life is his own, that there is a clear personal (read: romantic) link between the two.

Babeu and his cabana boy: priceless!

Whether the accusation of threatened deportation has substance remains to be seen.

Traits (and practices) like hypocrisy, corruption, fraud, abuse of funds, and personal self-aggrandizement at the expense of everything else, seem to be the common denominator among leaders of right-wing causes, whether in the name of border security, racial superiority, anti-federal government fervor, or something else.

Since the accuser was a personal supporter of Babeu until they had a falling out, I presume that the problems are personal, not political. To assume otherwise is to postulate the existence of a long-running conspiracy that has only just now borne fruit -- not very plausible.

I'm sure that Phoenix New Times will dig like badgers on this until Doomsday, so that answers the question of whether reporters in Arizona will investigate. The Arizona Republic, as usual, lags far behind (as befits reactionaries) and only jumps on the bandwagon if and when they can't afford to ignore further developments any longer.

Incidentally, there was a great letter from Phil Gordon (identified explicitly as the former Mayor of Phoenix) in a recent issue of the "Glendale Republic" or the "Phoenix Republic" (one of the area, community inserts in the Arizona Republic).

I can't find it online, but the thrust of the letter was that Governor Brewer should take the proceeds from her short-lived 200,000 percent increase in book sales (resulting from her finger-wagging incident with President Obama) and use them to just fund "the dang fence" that some Arizona legislators and others have been trying to collect contributions for.

"Problem solved. On to the moon colony!" wrote Gordon.

P.S. I've been a little busy using my limited Internet time for some boring but necessary personal research lately.

I tried to send a telegram to AzRebel (or Warren Peace or whatever he's calling himself these days) but ran out of funds. Here is the lamentably truncated version:

AzRebel [stop] Stop [stop]

The longer version noted that "I eschew gratuitous sesquipedalianism" but the telegraph operator said he already had a blister on his finger "and I ain't a-gonna make it worse on account of no bluenose egghead revenuer".

Emil, heh.

So the conservative face of Pinal county turns out to be inked like a convict and likes to put his pud in Mexican mud. How do you say "Holy Burrito Batman" in Spanish?

I guess it could be worse. He could have a thing for Muslim boys. Maybe he does. Anything is possible at this point. If Babeu knew any shame, he'd quit everything, give all the money back, put on a man-wig and go find a dirty hole (so to speak) to hide in.


Regarding this Talton sentence: "And when Babeu laments the economic condition of Pinal County, remind readers that it has been under conservative control forever, its leaders allowed it to be victimized by a vast real-estate hustle, and this is the Randian paradise produced by the policies he's campaigning on."

Jon is right on...

Here is a strong pull from the best piece I ever read about Pinal county:

"This is totally uncharted territory. Probably the closest you could come to it is the Depression," said Jay Q. Butler, a real estate professor at Arizona State University.

As Butler sees it, there's no way to gauge what's going to happen in Pinal because the county faces so many challenges. Arizona has gone through many real estate cycles, but never one so severe, not in communities that need so much. The downturn has been just as bad in Maricopa County, and pretty tough in Tucson, but at least those places have jobs and services.

Because jobs are scarce in Pinal County - there are only about 50,000 non-farm jobs there - residents battle slogging commutes to Phoenix on roads that turn into parking lots at rush hour. There is little to do and few places to buy stuff. Peak home values may never return, and Pinal's leaders have no clear vision for recovery other than more cheap houses and sunshine.

"A lot of communities in Pinal County don't have the basic fundamentals in place," Butler said. "Water is a key issue. They have to get an economic base. … They have to put in more streets, and in today's world that's very expensive and there's not a lot of money available."


Loser-ville, with a two-faced sheriff who had the gall to come to Tucson and say this about the President of the US:

Steele was preceded on the stage by Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu and Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever, whose hardline immigration stances were rewarded with standing ovations from the crowd. Babeu, who said America is "sprinting down the path of socialism," criticized President Obama for not coming to the border to see conditions here. "We're going to take a frying pan and we're going to smack the president in the face on Nov. 2," he said to applause.

What a sordid creature.
What a sordid State.
Happy belated birthday Arizona...



Have you guys all forgotten that AZ Cong 8 had a nice gay congressman, Jim Kolbe, R. for years? Your snotty remarks about conservatives & the politics of sexuality is just tooooo transparent & reflects on your own real values.

Terry, did you know Kolbe prefers underage boys?

Probably not, because Republicans don't do the "truth" thing all that well. My own feeling is that this sort of thing is not particularly important. Ah, but there's a political group that calls itself the Family Values party. And they impeached one president for having a consensual relationship with a young, but adult, woman. And they spoke about the grave danger to a nation where the presidency is defiled by such low-life hijinks. And then, skeletons came tumbling out of their closets. And the rest, as they say, is history repeating itself as farce.

If and when you folks on the right want to call a truce to the Culture War, it might help if you're all lying prostrate on the field of battle bleeding profusely. Because you're certainly not going to learn any other way.

What?! Did you all miss the story about Trent Franks admitting his asexuality?

Emil, now that's funny. Congrat.

I ain't a-gonna make it worse on account of no bluenose egghead revenuer".

Petro, thanks for the "True Believer."

Made my maiden lite rail ride last nite,
Good Kung Fu Girl at Portland. Good conversation with group.

Getting back on the light rail with all present
Walt Hall showed me how to get the Senior Citizen discount. Does that seem fair that I am old with a bit of money and the young riders that don't have much money don't get a discount?

Kolbe came into office before the GOP went crazy. He was more of an old Arizona individualist than the post-Atwater/Rove party of God, guns and gays. That said, he also apparently only came out when he was about to be outed. And he did little to stand up for equality before he retired.

Here’s a comment from a guy I know that’s close to Mexican Cartels.

"Well, I always thought there was something back there in Massachusetts that forced him out here. I am struck that a person his caliber gets to run 700 people.
For what is it worth I showed the photo of McCain and Babeu once to a cartel guy, a grab shot from the television ad for the wall. He looked at and said, es un joto. He did not know who he was or McCain for that matter. I said he was big anti immigrant guy. He said, they're all jotos.
No, I am not making this up."

This was my response back.

Well if there is anyone that can id a joto
It’s a successful Mexican drug dealer
Even though they are usually heterosexual
When they need some diversity
They seem to prefer a pretty joto that can sing and dance.

Enough with the sexual preference and politicians. I don’t care. Speaking of Kolbe I did a little drinking with his straight brother down Mexico way.

The fact is Babeu rode to success on the backs of illegal drugs and Mexicans or what I call the persuasion of fear. I have been emailing Pinal county supervisors about Babeu since he got into town. My first big clue with Babeu is he went out and got SUV’s to work the freeway commercial vehicle traffic, (a DPS responsibility) as there are big bucks in such. Meanwhile Pinal county citizens were complaining about Sheriffs officers responding to their calls of criminal activity.

Then he starts with the double speak and lies that the Cartels were almost in total control of Pinal county and he needed more guns, officers and helicopters (why not a tank?) to put an end to this dastardly drug traffic. Despite the 80 year history of a War on Drug War failure. My impression was this was just more foreplay to bigger and better political plums. There is another play here. My experience in police Internal Affairs and Organized Crime tells me that cops that get compromised by Organized crime group’s end up working for them not us. Bigger than what information OC groups can get from a compromised cop is that they use them to take out their competition. This is true of Mexican Cartels.

I have a different perspective. Paul has seemed to have an ego issue but the fact that he served 20 years in the military and is a commissioned peace officer overcomes that. Unfortunately I suspect his political career in AZ is toast. He should find a nice, moderate population community that's a little more progressive than Arizona and go be Chief of Police and fade into obscurity. He can find a nice life partner, settle down, and write a book or be a politician.

The Babeu issue brings up a bigger problem and that is Arpaio. I am of the opinion that the counties in AZ (and every other state) should submit legislation ending the election of sheriffs. Police departments in municipalities promote or hire (and fire) Police Chiefs. In my profession (fire fighter), we don't elect Fire Chiefs. I suspect the election of Sheriffs goes back to U.S. History as the West was being colonized. However, we are past those days.

Maricopa and Pinal counties have Sheriffs who are more focused on their personal projects and political advancement than the daily OPS of their Patrol, Communications, and Correctional divisions.

Terese. I don't know that Jim Kolbe posted naked pictures of himself on the internet, or trolled the web for gay sex with strangers. That's the issue in my estimation, not that Paul and Jim are both gay.

Paul's somewhat of an egotistical pervert, publicly showing off his abs and jimmy to attract sex the way he did.

Scott, I have advocated ending Sheriffs elections for years. Read "Gunslingers" from Taltons archives.

Well Cal, I am always impressed with your writing and your PhxPD experience. Thanks for the reference. Have a good evening.

Tom Barry has done excellent work on the prison-industrial complex--in his borderlands blog, in the Boston Phoenix (with an article that was a finalist for a major award for magazine writing) and in his new book.

Ego, Id and the Military

The id is the set of uncoordinated instinctual trends; the ego is the organized, realistic part; and the super-ego plays the critical and moral
There are a lot of leaders that could be defined as having “Big Ego’s” Most that come to my mind were tyrants. I thought Babeu was more an Id with a Super Ego, thus minus the organized and realistic Ego. He was into himself and he was critical of all the things he thought would further his political career. The moral part of his super ego was at the very least hypocritical.
Being a military veteran doesn’t automatically make you a good person or a good cop. And the militarization or robotizing of police forces is in my opinion a bad thing. Cops looking like Darth Vader Storm troopers backed up by tanks and water cannons are not in my opinion good law enforcement. I can remember some of the best police work I saw by guys in blue soft blazers, no weapons visible and great negotiating skills.

If Babeu just wanted to be a good cop and not a DC politician he should have seen the writing on the wall. “Take care of responding to the daily needs of your citizens. “The illegal drug business is in my opinion a federal issue and if you’re a real capitalist you believe it all should be legalized so your Pfizer and Phillip Morris stock would double in value.

Regardless of how the feds have handled illegal’s from Mexico, it’s a federal problem. And it’s an economic problem. Migration has been with us since man crawled out of the ocean. You go where the money is in order to survive.

Speaking of migration and the need for more law enforcement in Pinal County, Arizona politicians and the real estate industry are asking us to spend billions more to create a flood plain in Pinal County. It appears that we just can’t wrap our minds around the issue of available water and our continued over consumption of water and most everything else. If only we could just get Arizona designated as a wilderness?

Thanks Jerry for the info on Tom Barry.

Emil, could the posting trouble your having be due to the location and restrictions of the library U R using?

Cal, great exposition on law enforcement, IMO. Not to get too OT, but I wonder what you think of this talk:

The moral dangers of non-lethal weapons (17:32 min. long)

I'll telegraph that I agree with the speaker.

Cal Lash wrote:

"Emil, could the posting trouble your having be due to the location and restrictions of the library U R using?"

No. This was a problem where Rogue Columnist's software erroneously reported that comments had been posted but they were nowhere to be found when looked for subsequently.

Public access filters are generally set to screen out certain websites and/or keywords associated with them, or in cases where users voluntarily accept more stringent standards, four-letter words and certain other terms may be edited out of what is read by the browser. That is not the case here, nor for the websites and content I view in general.

Something I wonder about: why was Babeu initially so reluctant to admit having a relationship with this particular individual, even as his language made it clear that he had romantic relationships with other men?

Could it have anything to do with the circumstances under which the two met? Is prostitution, or something like it (or something else illicit) waiting to rear its ugly head?

Jose's legal status is in question. It has been reported that he entered the country legally but overstayed his visa. Any involvement with a "call-boy ring" (or some professional service camouflaging such activity) would seriously jeopardize any chance for a renewal of his visa, either now or in the future. Note that I have no evidence to suggest that this is the case: I merely mention the possibility as a "what-if" hypothetical in the absence of more concrete information.

Service industries specializing in "gay" patrons are more common than they used to be. Is there such a thing as, say, a "gay" pool-cleaning service or housecleaners?

Petro, I cant watch that video until I get to a different puter. but I am not sure there is such a thing as a
"non lethal weapon." That's a term made up by the ever continuing Krupp boys for their vast armory of toys to take someone down with. There are just bigger and "better" clubs. There is a lot to this subject starting with the psychology of presence. A tank in front of your house is scary than a police officer armed with a net and a needle full of thorazine. I came closer to death the year I worked the AZ state Hospital than I did in 23 years as a cop. Back to it later.

No need to speculate on Babeu and his companion but, just to wait and see what the two sides produce.

PS, I am employ a gay pest control and a gay plumbing service. It's not about the gender but the quality of the service.

"when you militarize you never reverse. the mission just grows."

I'll have to agree with your larger point about "non-lethal," Cal. It's euphemistic, and as the speaker points out, it don't always work out that way...

Cal gives Babeu the lash:

"If Babeu just wanted to be a good cop and not a DC politician he should have seen the writing on the wall. “Take care of responding to the daily needs of your citizens. "

That is exactly it.

Mr. Talton often writes about modern men being juvenile in dress and manner. The idea of a population encouraged to be eternal sophomores is the essence of control in Huxley's Brave New World. And Babeu is utterly sophomoric. Can anybody imagine an *elected* sheriff in the past threatening the President of the US like this:

~~~Babeu, who said America is "sprinting down the path of socialism," criticized President Obama for not coming to the border to see conditions here. "We're going to take a frying pan and we're going to smack the president in the face on Nov. 2," he said to applause.~~~

That is all beyond the pale. The "socialist" thing is just moronic. At best, it shows pre-teen level critical thinking skills. At worst, it is a bald incendiary lie serving only to enrage citizens. The visual threat with the frying pan is painfully acne-aged as well. *Elected* officials are not supposed to act that way.

Is it any wonder Babeu would do something like this:

~~~"Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu spent more than $35,000 on specialty badges and customized coins in honor of Arizona's centennial as his department was heading toward a projected multimillion-dollar deficit.~~~

The guy is a pure child.
Self restraint is his heel of Achilles.
Take a good look at him now. Yesterday he was glorified by the GOP. A hero. Hell they wanted him for Senator. President of the US even. I am sure someday we will have a President who is tatted up like a felon. But thankfully, it won't be this creature...


This from Coughlin's website:


I'll give 'em point 2 to 4, but 1 is a wince of pain from good reporting and 5 is just plain groveling (wasn't this the same guy that tried to out Goddard?).

Wasn't Rep. Kolbe outed after he was elected and served a term or two? We all know how hard it is to dethrone an incumbent, especially if his brother is on the editorial board of the state's largest daily.

And we all know there are exceptions to every rule and hot, young, gay illegal Mexican males get a pass with our brave sheriff. Gould must be doing backflips. I agree with Walt that he'll be the candidate and representative unless he somehow "shoots" himself. And how these comments more transparent than the window panes the Kooks live within -- didn't CPAC block Log Cabin Kooks from the conference last week (just one example and I'll throw gays in the military to dogpile on Babeu)? Hiring and firing sheriffs like any other police officer would solve this hooey.

ZIP 85014 must have something in the water...

You too can get a Pinal Co. sheriff's badge -- get 'em before they sell out:


Click thru to the Babeu badge.


Babeu's tight-rope act was to act straight in a party of anti-gay bigots. It didn't work because creatures with penises tend to delude themselves. Sex and power are inextricably interwoven and ultimately express the same wish for dominance.

There is no Republican majority without appeals to racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and majoritarian victimhood. Would people vote Republican because they think the rich aren't rich enough? Besides Terry? Probably not.

Walt this
"Sex and power are inextricably interwoven and ultimately express the same wish for dominance"

reminds me of the opening of the movie Quest for Fire and men wearing smelly leathers pointing their motorcycles down the highways and byways of life.

"Mr. Talton often writes about modern men being juvenile in dress and manner."

Jon pulling a George Will? Say it ain't so! :)

America's Bad Jeans

There are only two conditions of dress for me: Levis or no Levis.
George Will may be one of those folks that puts on clothes to go to bed?

Interesting take on denim (jeans). I don't think they are bad or represent any misguided national psyche. How they are worn and with what makes all the difference in that respect. Where they are worn also is more important than merely wearing them. George Will seems rather pompous in this sense...

Tattoos are another thing. I don't have any and likely never will but I am attracted to men with tattoos. Again it is important how the "tats" are worn and what they represent. Neck, face, and prison tats are awful...Babeu's tattoos don't represent anything, aren't artistic, and "everyone" has tribal tattoos nowadays.

About Babeu; I wouldn't be surprised if Repugnicans vote him into office after all this. They can then claim "open-mindedness" and say they are not bigots: after all they supported a gay...who dated a Mexican...from Mexico!

In a perverse way it would make sense for Repugs to vote for Babeu. He would tow the party line harder now than ever before. I hope I am wrong on this...

Phxsunfan, Likely U will be wrong!
Two things Babeu will not get;
Besides the politcal office he is running for he will not be invited to become a LDS member.
Maybe there is a positive in this for St. Paul.

What threatens Will about jeans is that it's seen as an expression of (privileged) liberal solidarity with the working class. Yea, it can be called pretentious (Tom Wolfe skewered this (albeit via race relations) in his Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers, but the fact that it tweaked the meritocracy class (Will) is enough to justify it, IMO.

Tattoos? I think they're very interesting. But for one who was loathe to slap a bumper-sticker on (when I had a car, in a past life) because I like to leave room for changing my mind, a tattoo is a tad too much for me.

"...it's seen as an expression of (privileged) liberal solidarity with the working class." -Petro

That's a stretch. Most people don't put much thought into what jeans represent aside from comfort and style. I know people who take into consideration a jeans' cut and stitch but never mention political or socioeconomic motives for wearing them. Some people just have too much time on their hands for theorizing on inane subjects (Will).

None of this stuff matters anymore: This morning, none of the employees at my favorite restaurant knew from where the name 'Cyrano' is derived. The last vestige of my faith in humanity has utterly expired. Goodbye, Roxanne.

pSf: I should have said that was what it appeared to be to the likes of Will. Wikipedia blames it all on James Dean and youth rebellion.

Of course, today it's so embedded in our culture that no thought goes into it...

I got denied entry to a number of things in the early fifties for wearing Levis.

From Phxsunfan, "Some people just have too much time on their hands for theorizing on inane subjects (Will).

Here U go Will. Today's political word game.


More support for not electing political law enforcement. Another Sheriff steps out into the state political arena.


Not so OT is today's must-read Kunstler:


There are several issues with Babue's hypocrisy..

The obvious one, being and anti-immigrant--closeted immigrant lover.

The other, few are picking up on is the fact that he represents the far reaching elements of the right-wing..

Yet he coddles (apparently for garnering votes) Dem Party lawmakers.. In this case Mat Heinz from Tucson.

Heinz, voted to give him his border funds...(originally 5 million then passed at 1.7 million. This despite the fact his County is NOT anywhere near the border..? Personal relations in exchange for votes--across party lines.

Then his "30k badge scandal" mentioned here.

His misspending of the Pinal County Sheriff Budget to the tune of 3.1 million..

His personal attacks at well respected Hispanic Former Lawmaker Pete Rios.

All these issues and more and yet..somehow still flew under the radar..

"...Who will be investigating these allegations, and if nobody, why not?.."



Here are links reposted as they do not seem to work?




I'm (cough, cough) back in the Valley of the (cough, cough) smog.

I see you've all been kept busy by the Pinal penile political parade.

I arrived home to find a note taped to the computer announcing that Warren Peace an Helen Highwater have eloped and are moving to live in Bisbee. I wish them well.

So we will soon be hearing from Helen Peace?

When J. Edgar Hoover opened his dirty bag of tricks back in the thirties, "We have it on good authority that he is a commie and a homo", little did we know that those two accusations would be used for political leverage four generations later for equal effect.

J. Edgar Hoover, the gift that just keeps on giving and giving and giving and giving...........................

Psssst. I heard that Babeu is a member of the Tucson Communist party. Must be true, I saw it on the internet.

Not likely Petro. I didn't want to bring this up, but Helen is pregnant. Even though she doesn't know if the baby is Warren's or Cal's, she decided to go with Warren.

Welcome back Azrebel, that cough caused by breathing to much old buffalo chips smoke around the campfire? The new chips are a much a higher grade and come with a water filter.

Good thing Helen decided on Warren as I would have had to "Lash" her to the mast and call planned parenthood.

No takers on the spaghetti western puzzle.

Here U go Will. Today's political word game.


Babeu's still running for Congress eh?

After admitting to sending out naked pics of himself for fun while posing in real life as the sheriff of Pinal County? Wow I thought he'd have dropped his socks, grabbed his boxes and run away by now. All while humming the tune: I "shot" the sheriff but I did not bugger the deputy.

Poor dumb Anthony Weiner who had to *resign* from Congress for something equally mild. Which I suppose contains a lesson in life. Something along the lines of: If you are going to be a prick, then dammit, stand tall like a man and take the blowback. Something like that...

Pitiful Wiener the weeny. I keep remembering those pics of him after he got caught. Totally deflated and meek. Shrunken to half his size. And everyone yelling for him to quit. "Why no", said the high and noble family-valued Democrats we can't tolerate that. "No. No. No."

Meanwhile our good sheriff, with his fine mane of public pubic hair, continues campaigning in his Nazi-brown long sleeves and badges, smiling at the camera...

What an amazing world.

Weiner served his purpose, so bye-bye- Daddy. Hilary needs a grandbaby and no interference.

And, yeah, I heard about the under-age boy angle with Kolbe, but aren't we talking big time felony here? And, then there's the raft of homo-rumors out of Chicago on the Big O-man. Can't wait to see how that gets handled now that the gloves are off. How about it, Jon?

Jose can you see
By the dawns early light

what so proudly I hold
at the twilight's last screaming

( I intended to print out the words to the national anthem in order to finish my special rendition, so I typed in google, "words to the national anthem". I was directed to a website that said "CIA national security" and it wouldn't let me leave until I restarted the computer.)

Weird huh ??

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