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January 28, 2012


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I nearly always compose my comments offline in a word processor (Notepad will do, of course), and then paste it in and submit. Hidden characters from copy/paste sessions probably would then show up and could be edited out, etc.

I'm definitely up for a meet that week... I'm being "vetted" by the Roguettes next Saturday as it is...

Why not Fair Trade Cafe at either the Roosevelt stop or Central Station stop?
Locally owned and they treat their employees better.

Fair Trade (on Roosevelt) is fine.

coffee is much better @ Starbucks!

Shrt n Swt

To Koreyel
From State of the Union.

Is not choosing,
not also a chose?
If I do not choose
I go to Hell
not Heaven?
I will not be among the Chosen?

I ll go to coffee with U all any where
Heaven or Hell
Just choose!

I've had a lot of problems with this, more so lately. Having to enter letters and numbers is not a problem (it helps prevent spamming) and does not seem to be relevant since the problem occurs without it.

The problem has occurred even in cases where no text was cut and pasted (except in editing my own comment) and no URLs were imported. So, I am convinced that this is not the source of the problem.

The system occasionally says "I'm sorry but your data cannot be accepted" when I go through a large number of previews and edits, but this can always be fixed by opening a new window, going to Rogue in the new window, and posting the comment there.

The problem which vexes me endlessly is different. The system says "your comment has been posted" and asks whether I want to post another comment. When I look for the comment, it is not there. This occurs no matter how I answer the "post another comment?" question.

I have tried composing comments entirely in Yahoo email as a draft, then copying them into Rogue only when done. I have tried composing comments entirely in the Rogue comment window, and copying them into a Yahoo document while making sure not to copy from the other direction.

I have done all this and more in an attempt to empirically determine a reproducible and avoidable cause: without success.

Just to be systematic, it should also be determined through inspection whether the source code and/or file structure is corrupted. Anything from hacker activity to viruses to file copying errors might cause atypical and intermittent problems.

P.S. In posting the comment above, I was asked to enter the letters and numbers. This does not always or even usually occur lately, but it still does occur. In any case, the spam-guard is not my complaint.

P.S. I've also tried copying problem text into new windows and new documents. I've tried switching from "rich text" to "plain text" in Yahoo. I prefer editing in Yahoo for longer comments because text is auto-saved and I am less likely to lose work if an interruption occurs: but I have had problems when entering text in Rogue and only using Yahoo as a backup into which to copy text.

Whenever I cut and paste from the Arizona Republic, I always switch to plain text and delete the imported URL, then cut and paste the URL from the navigation bar manually.

Try a different library?

The Portland sounds good. So when do we go? :)

the only issue I have had posting was a couple of times I posted something and it got posted twice in a row.
but that was a long time ago. Everything I have posted got posted.

Dang, Jon, how did you know I was lurking out here? Perhaps it's best not to inquire. But please: nerd, not geek. Geeks are the ones who bite the heads off live chickens at the circus, whereas nerds were birthed by no less a personage than Dr. Seuss. And I never go to the circus.

I'm inclined to take seriously the Typepad techie's analysis. Just to clarify, though, I believe that "the length of their comment" likely refers to the length of time that passes between initially loading the page and the eventual attempt to post to it rather than to the length of the text. So refreshing before posting is a good suggestion.

The prudent poster always composes in a text-editor (e.g., Notepad, EditPad, etc.) and then copies the text into the input area in the browser. Browsers are for browsing, not writing.

Not sure what the "invisible embedded codes" part refers to -- characters (e.g., Unicode) or HTML tags and the like. In either case, however, if you first paste material copied from the Web into a text-editor, it should help reveal/eliminate the unwanted junk.

Wish I could join you next month, but it's 3,876 (or so) KM, and even if I were to start walking now....

Republic Suday front page verifies breathing Phoenix air can kill U

Since we're doing some housekeeping here's a partial outline for the Maryvale 101 column.

I. Neighborhood ammo choice
a. 9mm
b. 38
c. .223

II. Spray paint size
a. 16 oz
b. 8 oz
1. Indoor/outdoor
2. Anti-rust
3. High gloss

III. Road conditions
a. pot holes vs speed bumps
b. school zones 15mph vs. 45 mph

IV. Signage
a. English
b. Spanish

V. Households
a. Father, Mother, kids
b. Boy-friend, Mother, abused kids
c. CPS, Mother, kids, kids, kids.

VI. Real Estate
a. Area has good bones (ha ha, my favorite)
b. Area has many bones buried in it.
c. Drop house special, no questions asked.

Using "Chrome" seems to not allow your comments to post, in some cases..

Explorer or Firefox on my home computers have not had an issue, though on my work computer which is set as an older version of I/E, seems to have the same issue Emil's has. I have had several posts not show..(I was wondering if hey were being moderated or deleted due to the substance..or due to the comment source)

Just fyi..


P/S "Blogger" does not appear to have issues like "Typepad". See AZ Eagletarian, or In the Hat, Phoenix Justice blogs, or the many other blogs there that seem to have no problems with posts from Twitter, FB,or annonomously from private profiles on "Blogger" itself.

The problem started for me in early December. It wasn't every post, however. A few weeks back, I changed my handle from "soleri" to my name and have had no problems since then. BTW, I use Firefox.

How about happy hour at Portlands at 5:30pm Sat 2/18?

The Maryvale story was fabulous, Jon. My parents bought a house there in 1957 and fortunately we got out of there two years later when we moved to Yuma! My aunt and uncle also lived in Maryvale leaving there for Mesa in the mid-60's; I have fond memories of the times we, as children, would walk to the Maryvale pool and swim till we could barely function on the walk home. What a sad state it is in today. Your story was spot on. Thanks for writing it.

Will be in Phoenix on Feb. 14, visiting the home state from Calif. Thanks to this blog, places like Encanto Park are on the itinerary (if I'd been there before, it was forty years ago). I'll be checking here again to see which liquid vendor has won the honors of hosting!

Jon, et al:

It has been great for this repatriate to be reading the discussions here over the past few months.

Hope I get to see some of you when the Rogue rolls back into the PHX.


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