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April 25, 2011


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Is this akin to "the conspiracy" wherein the Republicans helped Obama win so they could blame a whole lot of things they caused on Obama and then make a huge comeback? Personally I got to go with Stanton. I hope his intellect is enough to save him since he seems too nice a guy to be a politico.
Thanks for letting me get the last word on Go Down Easy ( easy piece) before we moved on.

Cal, you typed too soon.

Thanks for the background on Mattox. I knew nothing about him except he represented Maryvale. I can't help but be fascinated by the stunning political detachment of Hispanics. When was the last time we even had one on the Council?

Maybe Stanton can keep the embers burning during this long political night Phoenix (Arizona's hostage) has entered.

All the pom poms in the world won't make his task either easy or fun.

I don't have a dog in this fight, so no comment there.

However, I would like to say that I sure enjoy the educational aspect of belonging to this blog. So many new subjects and so many new words.

soleri used the word "meme" in a couple of his posts. I had to look it up and look at me I just got through using it in a sentence.

Thank you all for sharing your vast knowledge.

soleri, Michael Nowakowski is Hispanic.

Donna, thanks.


Azrebel,"meme" is one of those words that the blogosphere made happen in popular conversation. I never heard it myself until several years ago on the internet. Apparently, the word's more academic usages have given way to a current definition that means anything from "idea" to "thought pattern". It's still a little hazy.

Greg Stanton is the obvious choice. He is not only a real progressive but understands what urban means and that the city is vital for the overall economic health of the region. Peggy Neely, before announcing her candidacy, was facing recall supported by her base.

And Soleri, I am no longer surprised by the Hispanic detachment in politics and voting. My thing now is how to energize that bloc; I've continued to sign-up for campaign drives and "get out the vote" registration activities. There has to be a point at which this Hispanic inertia is overcome.

As for articles concerning economic growth and job creation in Phoenix and Arizona, I've decided to wait on quarterly projections and actual numbers and more importantly year-to-date comparisons. I have found the articles from the Republic and BizJournal contradictory and not indicative of the "real picture."

For instance, a few weeks ago Phoenix was in the top 10 for job creation/growth. Granted Phoenix is a separate category from Arizona, nonetheless, those definitions are telling; i.e. I'd rather hear that job growth has increased in Phoenix and remained somewhat flat in Arizona. This bodes well for dense employment growth in the CBD where office vacancy rates are low and where real estate is most stable (including rental properties where the average occupancy rate for the downtown market is 96%).

NOTE: It should read "Five for Phoenix." There was no mentioned of the Libertarian, Thane Eichenauer. Unless that was intentional since he stands no chance.

The hed was deliberate. Major candidates only.

Strong mayor governance would be a grave mistake. Phoenix has excellent professional management.

I just got back from Changing Hands bookstore after attending Dog Church where I listened to Pastor Wayne Pacelle, talk about our new bible
"The Bond" and give a rousing sermon on control of the planet by Fido.
"And the dogs sat around the campfire and discussed whether humans ever existed or not." Clifford Simak from his novel "City" 1946.
Spot and his human Cal somewhere in the great Sonoran desert.

"Phoenix has excellent professional management? Now there is a big topic?
Definitely better than the rest of the state municipalities and light years ahead of state managed employees, that I feel extremely sorry for knowing the politicos would like to eliminate state government except the elder they put in charge.

More bad news. This is the basket we put all our economic eggs in. At this point, the damage isn't simply extensive. It's systemic, long-lasting, and possibly permanent.

Note: The 2nd unofficial Jon Talton Fan club meeting will be held at the Gallo Blanco restaurant on Saturday 2 May 2011 at 2 PM. Signed up to date are AZ Rebel, Soleri and cal lash.

Minutes from the first club meeting:

*opened meeting by ordering burritos and beer. Were advised that restaurant didn't serve liquor.

*brief moment of silence to let panic attack subside. Ordered coffee as a second choice.

*ate burritos. Discussed and solved many world problems. (forgot to write them down).

*tried to persuade waiter to go down the street to get beer at a convenience store. Failed.

*made emergency motion to change venue of future meetings. Motion passed.

*Election of officers. President - unfilled. Vice-President - unfilled. Secretary - unfilled. Sargent at arms, co-SAA cal, co-SAA azreb.

*treasury report. Balance $0.

*motion to adjourn. Passed 2 - 0.

I hope someone asks the candidates some of the points you raise in your blog during one of the debates.

1) What will you do to stop or reverse the growing linear slums and underclass that has emerged in Phoenix during the last decade?

2) How will you transition Phoenix from a real estate and low wage service based economy to one that doesn't rely on growth and creates jobs that pay higher than $50,000 per year?

3) How will you broaden the revenue stream of Phoenix to make is less dependent on the cyclical, unreliable, and regressive sales tax? Will you consider a city income tax, a higher property tax on out of state property owners or land bankers? Will you pledge to not renew the 2% city sales tax on food when it expires?

4) Will you require all new development to be designed and constructed in a way that limits solar heat gain hence reducing energy use?

AZRebel, you have inspired me. With your blessing, I would like to start a Colorado chapter of the Jon Talton Fan Club. I envision the Denver-based chapter growing rapidly -- not unlike the Phoenix that I left in 2004 -- and eventually sponsoring the birth of another chapter in the Rocky Mountain region. Perhaps we could even someday hold a national convention of Jon Talton Fan Clubs?

You guys are too kind. Chris, don't forget I used to be a columnist for the late, great Rocky Mountain News and lived in downtown Denver (and drank at Hick's brewpub).

"Hick" as in Hickenlooper? My grandfather knew his dad Burke B Hickenlooper, Iowa's gov! Sounds like the Jr. Hick has a great deal of support in CO even though he doesn't swing from the far right side of the plate.

I asked Stanton if he would take Talton on as an adviser and he said he really likes Jon and he would give it some thought. Havent heard back from him.

AZrebel, those minute entries aren't far off from actual meetings during "official" events of the politicos at the've even managed to get things done (discovered a Mexican restaurant that doesn't serve alcohol; heresy I say!) and have a "balanced" budget...

First rule of Jon Talton Club; you do not talk about Jon Talton Club. Second rule of Jon Talton Club; YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT JON TALTON CLUB.

U can come too, Kevin, I buy UR coffee and explain homicide art work on walls.

Saturday, May 2? April 31 maybe?

Saturday APRIL 31, 2 PM,
GALLO BLANCO restaurant.
Thx electric dog
at 70 it's hard to read the calender
which one I was reading I dont know.

Good enough for me Cal! Look forward to meeting everyone.

Boy, I hate to have to do this and I apologize, however, I guess I need to point out that this Saturday is

APRIL 30th.

It's not May 2nd, it's not April 31, in fact April doesn't have a 31st day.

So let the record show that this Saturday is:

APRIL 30th.

Again, apologies for this interruption.

phxSUNSfan, If the author in question chooses to only comment on a fraction of the available candidates that only goes to show that he or she is only willing to clue the reader into 57% of the truth.

Happs, "someone" is a fiction. If you think the questions are important then I urge you to contact the candidates by phone, email or shoe leather and pose the question yourself.

All the candidates have contact information at:

cal Lash, I would be happy to accept his application for advisor but given that he is only willing to cover 4 candidates I can't imagine he would pass initial screening.

It's not just Arizona.

I can still remember the proud day I took command of my final ship . . .


I commend you on your run for public office. I visited your website.

As a registered Independent, I would love for a candidate/third party to make inroads at challenging our corporate owned oligarchy. Our choice is to make things right with votes in this generation or bullets in the coming generations. I would prefer votes.

How about this for a campaign slogan:

"The Phoenix Express is leaving the station"
Don't miss the train,
get on board with Thane.

Capt. Smith,

The fact that you are able to blog from the hereafter gives me great comfort that my faith is real.

P.S. How is Elvis?

So, Mr. Eichenauer and other candidates not mentioned, how would you address the serious issues facing the city?

Somewhat bloated.

Maybe we have to touch absolute bottom before a reappraisal can happen. In the meantime, enjoy those tax cuts.

Soleri, it seems the legislature is trying to emulate Texas which has been wildly successful in creating jobs in three markets: Dallas, Houston, and Austin. What they fail to realize is that even Texas won't touch any of the loony politics our Legislative "brains" have come up with.

I don't usually paste any economic articles since lately, indicators have varied wildly. From last month:

"Though that sounds small, the Brookings Institution said that's the 7th fastest growth rate among the 100 metro areas analyzed. Much of that growth came in the latter part of 2010, said Brookings research analyst Jonathan Rothwell."

Read more:

Well Sherlock(s) you finally figured out what day Saturday comes on next. See you at 2PM this coming Saturday. I'll be the guy with the breathing mask on given the latest data listing Phoenix as the second dirtiest (air pollution)city.
THANE come join us at Gallo. We are going to talk about murder in the big city and should one (like I do) have a remote start on their vehicle?
Jon's not coming he is busy writing his next Mapstone mystery.

PSF, I can't argue the respective merits of conflicting data but I can confess that I don't want to see Phoenix succeed on terms advantageous to supply-siders, public disinvestment, and the entire sprawl catastrophe.

I do want Phoenix to succeed but not in any way that only confirms dead-end strategies. And that means we have to wake up to the reality that success is really failure. What good would it do if Phoenix staged an economic recovery if it wasn't predicated on urbanist principles, environmental sensitivity, a real-world economy, and creative-class values? No, give me conspicuous failure, which at least imparts valuable lessons. Success has not only taught has nothing, it's an addiction we seemingly can't recover from. Aside from this blog, a few academics at the Morrison Institute, and possibly some business leaders muttering heresies under their breath, where is the learning?

Phoenix has to touch bottom. We can't fake our recovery with a few head nods in the direction of a diversified economy when it's clear that there's no real public discussion about this where it actually matters. We're about as conscious as Phoenix gets when it comes to these issues and we have very little power or influence. As we understand all-too well, prophets are usually without honor in their own homeland. And needless to say, Phoenix remains mostly oblivious about Talton, his fan club, the Resistance, and the necessary radicalism that would finally change our fate to something better.

Ah Soleri , the ghosts of Socrates rides on the winds of your words and the events of Easter suggests that for the Phoenix to rise from the deadly poison it believed was success, must first die a horrible death before it can rise once again from the ashes.

Soleri couldn't agree more. I've seen the "success" in Texas and do not like what it has created. The sprawl machine there has taken little break in its crawl outward from both downtown Dallas and Houston. I was shocked by how impressive the skylines were in those cities, yet (especially Houston) how incredibly dead they were at night. Houston in particular made Central Phoenix seem almost uber-urban.

The distances traveled in Houston to get places were incredible and traffic a complete nightmare; this is not the kind of success anyone on this blog wishes to espouse for Phoenix. What construction and large scale housing planning is occurring in Arizona or the metro area are in the Central City thus far. And in that sense, I tend to equate success and economic recovery with growth more like Seattle's (despite some issues with car dependency even in that city).

Oh, and while in Houston, a Houstonian bragged about the fact that "downtown" was a wonderful area of over 100 square miles! I was confused; but even in those 100 square miles few people lived and the area where the skyscrapers existed was called "Skyline" and not downtown but was a part of downtown or something like that...

Rogue Columnist, There are many issues (some important, some less so) facing the people and the government of Phoenix. If you would identify two I would be happy to comment on them.

cal Lash, I would enjoyed attending. I hope I can make the next one. I can always be contacted via this email form.

This site certainly seems like a rational oasis in the vast desert of the real. I look forward to returning to it.

Peggy Neely will NEVER be elected Mayor of Phoenix. As a trusted representative of District 2 she violated her fiduciary obligation to her electors. She has "sold out" to commercial interests like Westcor. She has a clear conflict of interest by having Paul Gilbert, a zoning attorney for Westcor on her campaign staff helping to raise money for her failed bid for Mayor. As head of Transportation for the City of Phoenix as a City Council member, Peggy Neely gerrymandered Sonoran Blvd, a road that was supposed to link the new 303-loop east to Route 51. Upon information and belief she was paid off by Westcor with the help of attorney Paul Gilbert to not only change the name of Sonoran Blvd but to actually build the road so that it aligns with Westcor's property in Northern Phoenix and NOT Route 303. This, of course, enhances the value of Westcor's 80 acre commercial parcel of property. Why is this important? Because now motorists who are traveling on the new extension of 303 won't be able to travel east of I-17 to get to Route 51. Peggy Neely for political purposes "broke" the loop and has caused motorists irreparable harm. Not only that but because of her blind ambition to become Mayor, the road Peggy Neely is building, the NEW Sonoran Blvd., will dead end in a Phoenix residential community causing massive traffic and confusion for NOT only the local residents but for the folks who will be traveling WEST from North Scottsdale, Cave Creek Road area, and Carefree who think they are going to I-17 or 303. They will dead end at the intersection of North Valley Parkway and the NEW Neely Sonoran Blvd. This is called the Road To Nowhere. However, there a simple solution, build the Road To Somewhere. The Road To Somewhere is where the road was originally supposed to be built. This road is ONE mile south of the Neely-Westcor Freeway and perfectly aligns with the new Route 303. In fact, there is funding for this road and not for the Neely-Westcor Road. I am President of the Sonoran Citizens Improvement Association. My name is Clif Freedman. See

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