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January 18, 2010


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one correction and a comment

Sun City was in the Peoria school district before de-annexation; not Dysart. The later Sun City West was primarily in Dysart, and de-annexed; but the so-called Sun City West expansion area east of the original site was -- and remains -- in the Peoria district.

And, if you look at the far west end of Sun City west, where RHJohnsonBlvd leaves onto Grand avenue, you'll see a large open area between Grand Avenue and the tracks, and the SCW wall. That's on the original county-approved master plan as commuter rail station site; so Webb was not exclusively against rail transportation.

Bruce Ellison
former Sun City Daily News-Sun reporter

So all the old, white, well-off retirees don't want to contribute to society?

Does that mean we can take away all their public utilities too?

Just a note to let you know how much I'm enjoying these Phoenix 101 posts. I've given myself a temporary ban from sharing them on Facebook--I think my fellow Prescott High School graduates are getting annoyed with me, though all of us have nostalgic memories of heading down to the Valley to indulge our adolescent consumer obsessions.

Sadly, once you're no longer a teenage hick, the Phoenix metro area seems a little shopworn. Your posts have helped me understand why.

As Jon has observed over the years, Phoenix has many retirement enclaves . . some gated and affluent, others just lookalike stucco, but all mostly head-in-the-sand when it comes to those issues that don't resonate with their right field leanings.
Some days, the LEGAL immigrants are more concerning than those without documentation!

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