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December 24, 2009


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That ideology tells us that not only can everything be privatized but that it should be. The only exception appears to be highways since they facilitate the decentralization so vital to right-wing sociopathy. Of course, toll roads will eventually remove even that socialistic stain from our freedom-loving state.

Now, if we could only privatize the weather.

Even if there were a rest area between CG and Marana, it would be closed right now like all the rest in the state.

Talton: "Meanwhile, the highly touted "Sun Corridor" of Phoenix and Tucson is by far the largest metroplex in the nation without a passenger rail connection to relieve some of the congestion..."

And it is not even on the list of of possible high-speed rail corridors:


AZ can thank Kyl and McCain for that omission. Our two doddering senators ACTUALLY BRAG about not bringing home any bacon to the AZ table. How kook-stupid is that? In a saner state, these non-preforming fools would have gone the way of the glue factory ages ago.

Another great article, sir! And I agree completely with koreyl's assessment that our own senators continually brag about failing their constituents.

Additional comment: the traffic between Phoenix and Tucson has noticeably grown just within the last ten years. I recall watching it become more and more congested and unpredictable/dangerous during the first half of the decade as I regularly drove back and forth from UA to my home in Tempe. At that time in my life, I found it considerably easier, cheaper, and more conscionable to take the Greyhound (not bad for an individual college student, btw). And having visited New Mexico as they debated their inexpensive state-funded commuter rail (or the more recent expansion of SLC's), I desperately long for such an obvious route to appear in our state as well. But we shall see.

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