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December 03, 2009


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Endless growth was both a strategy and a refusal to think logically. Has there been any evidence of a reappraisal, a chastening perhaps? Has Bob Robb issued a mea culpa? Are the tea partiers more disposed to humility?

In our dreams.

It's impossible to imagine an emergence of "leadership" in a state as insentient as this one. Instead, there are those footworn paths of least resistance where the declining but still powerful "haves" make sure policy reflects their interests and not that of some sustainable future.

The evidence is devastating and still insufficient. Blind faith ensures that facts mean less than wishful thinking. We are a state that rejects planning, long views, and "inauthentic" leadership. We want our Reaganesque bromides validated, not Jeremiads from elsewhere. We are right because what we feel is more important than reality itself.

The allusion to a city sliding dow a mountainside brings to mind an Arizona memory of my long-past youth - - Jerome.

"The state is attractive to new residents and entrepreneurs, and by 2015 we will most likely be among the top five strongest economies in the country. Getting from here to there will be painful in the next couple of years."

Too bad McPheeters didn't bother to explain this remark further, in his report. It gives the appearance that he was simply trying to raise morale or add a spoonful of sugar to make the castor oil more palatable.

Ironically, Arizona's best chance of a return to the population growth model may lie with the Mexican immigrants it's been spurning.

Switching to limited Devil's Advocate mode:

A commuter rail system comprised of four lines crossing the metro area is "envisioned":


SRP plans to build a 20 megawatt solar power plant:


The U.S. Defense Department "could" spend "as much as" $42 million in a contract for body armor with two valley manufacturing companies:


Rah, rah.

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