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July 23, 2009


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I was just thinking if things could be any worse if McCain had won, but then the thought of the chance that Palin could be our president ended that.

William Greider called it--Democracy is now only for the rich and powerful. The rest of us are sheep for the slaughter. Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Goldwater are turning over in their graves. Not that they would even be allowed into that "big tent" today.

Obama has proved himself to be weak, too much the thinker, and beholden to the corporate status quo. We 'hoped' for change, but got the same-old, same-old. He can't even jerk a knot in the tails of US military officers questioning his place of birth and refusing their duty!

It might be time to unplug the internet (and cable TV news)--the Kooks have taken it over.

I'm sympathetic to Obama because the megaphones are so disproportionately on the right that he necessarily has to kowtow to obsessive centrists and handwringers. Obama's effort to transcend partisan trench warfare was always doomed to fail because of this. People want black hats and white hats, not complex policy discussions. The American right has succeeded, despite their nearly complete incoherence, in controlling our political conversation. Of course, that means debasing it to surrealities, irrelevancies and venom without content.

There is no real policy debate in America outside a few blogs and academic symposia. The American left is now mostly courteous and reflective, not given to outbursts and outrage. Obama won his election not with a promise of "liberalism" but with a promise to stop anxiety spirals. The left is now self-neutralizing as a political force.

Absent some crystallizing shock in our national spirit, it's likely that Reaganesque nostalgia will sweep to victory in 2012, probably in the person of Mitt Romney. The rich will insulate themselves from the effects of their own self-interest. Eventually they, too, will reap the whirlwind.

The Democrats' failure to overthrow their ineffectual leadership when they recaptured the White House has led to this. While Nancy Pelosi enjoys a more in-your-face stable of dems, good old Harry Reid is a creature of the habits he developed in his long years out of power. He gets along to get along. He never could learn how to challenge the Republicans with the filibuster, and now he can't seem to get things done faced with Republican filibusters and threats. All the talk about Blue Dog Democrats just miss the point. If Reid were a real leader the Blue Dogs would quake in their boots at the mention of his name. Doesn't happen so the result is he can't even control his own party, much less the senate.

Wow, you need to study recent history as opposed to simply repeating the sheep rhetoric of the left. It just makes you look incredibly stupid.

"Obama got two wars, foreign policy in disarray, a huge budget deficit..."

Insinuating that all of these issues are the results of President Bush's policies is just plain ignorant, if that was your bleak intention. Amazing how simpletons could always find everything wrong with Ms. Palin because of the patronage to SNL, but don't know how many zeroes are in a trillion!

All of you sheep need to go back to 5th grade math and start over from there...either train yourselves or go thru life just as dumb the minute you were born...

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