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March 05, 2009


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The quote actually gives a misleading impression of this individual's coherence. He used to show up in the comment sections of Phoenix New Times stories and blogs, railing about Jewish conspiracies, how Bush was a secret socialist conspiring with other national leaders to bring about One World Government, and so forth.

Todd sounds like my next-door neighbor. He called Bush a RINO.

Explaining the Social Compact to self-described Rugged Individualists is futile. They really believe they're free agents not beholden to anyone, let alone society. That they're often drawing government benefits ought, at the very least, pose a philosophical problem. But, no. That would suggest the person is alert to complexities as opposed to the oversimplifications spoon-fed to him by talk jocks.

What are the odds Stallion lives in Sun City, world-wide headquarters of gov't teat-sucking hypocrites?

There's also a kook that regularly comments on news and opinion at azcentral who calls himself, TaxWatcher. He's really a Weenie... but just as much of a kook as the "stallion" and Jack Harper.

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