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March 04, 2009


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We've been watching this storm gather strength for years. We knew it would be bad but this is worse than anything we could have predicted.

Arizona was selected for this experience because of some arbitrary characteristics. There's the rootlessness and restlessness of the place. There's the nostalgia for the frontier and new beginnings. There's the weakness of buffering institutions like colleges and foundations. And there's the tectonic plates of Mexican and Anglophone culture pressing against one another.

Everyone is confirmed in their suspicions and prejudices. You're not going to persuade the construction tradesman that he would be better off voting for higher taxes in order to educate the offspring of the framer he works with. They're not linked by tradition or history, just time and circumstance. This is too new, too confusing and too sudden. It's Arizona as we collapse before the onslaught.

There is a bill making its way through the legislature to abolish the property tax! I guess that is to make up for the sales tax increase (but who's buying anything anyway?).

Speaking of the sales tax, Jon, it's not like they don't want to tax people. They want to tax the *right* people, i.e., the working and middle class. I mean, c'mon! Someone's gotta pay for those private prisons.

I'm thinking about moving to New Mexico, so all of these crack pots can entertain me rather than agitate me.

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