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February 02, 2009


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I find Daschle more troubling than Geithner, whose tax issues at least weren't aggravated by somethings we once quaintly called "political ideals". Just how does Daschle, who lobbies on behalf of health insurance and pharmaceutical companies, represent the change Obama promised? Even if he bites the hand that feeds him, the public will rightly suspect him using his gums.

What made Obama such a compelling figure was his apparent distance from the decadent insider-culture of Washington. Now, he's tainting himself by appointing mostly insiders to high office. Obama's political capital is being compromised before it can even be effectively used.

At some point, we may need to exacerbate the divisions in order to highlight the issues. If we blur them instead, we cede the drama to the screamers on the right. Liberalism further loses when it decides to co-opt its own political claims on behalf of some abstract comity. Worse, liberalism's failure of nerve also undermines its core moral arguments.

If we don't really believe anything because it's upsetting to Conventional Wisdom along with vested interests, then we should simply step aside. At some point, Obama may want to galvanize himself before he tries to galvanize this nation.

Hypocrisy is a better motive than Ayn Rand dogma? Anyway, I'm not surprised -- William Greider saw this coming in his book "Who Will Tell the People". We've just elected the Crips after partially ousting the Bloods.

Good post. The sleaze deepens and curdles. Salon's vigilant and excellent blogger Glenn Greenwald took up this topic a couple of days ago and thoroughly whacked Daschle and his trophy wife. It's worth further reading. Scroll down a bit after you open the link. http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/

"...Tom Daschle makes me wonder if the coup has already happened and America is under the control of a shadow government, whatever the outcome of elections."


what scum!


    I just wish the world could be happy. is that 2 much 2 ask?!?!?!

yes, sadness is my happiness, it is too much to ask. I love being depressed, I can't believe you want to take that away from me

I would have to agree with Depression Obsession. The wurld needs unhappy peeple otterwise no1 could bez h4ppy 4t 4ll. So i think we shuld just 4ll be h4ppy togetter.

Go back to school redneck

ya'll need to stahp, lyke 4 realz now

But sometimes cutting provides an escape... TO NARNIA!!!

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