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January 30, 2009


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As TS Eliot once observed, Mankind cannot bear very much reality. In Arizona, denial is the necessary ticket price to be taken seriously. That's explains why an Eliott Pollack is still given a seat of honor on Horizon. To suggest limits to growth is tantamount to loudly farting.

For the time being, we can enjoy our ringside seat at the economic apocalypse. Will Republicans find the hand of Jesus in budgets gouged of spending for the poor and young? I suspect.

It's safe to assume we're not going to pro-actively improve this state of affairs. But that doesn't mean some advantages won't accrue from the collapse itself. There are master-planned communities that won't be built. There are behemoth shopping centers plans gathering dust on drafting tables. And there's the land swaps that won't happen for want of market demand. As Jack Williams used to say, Leave us all enjoy it.

It is remarkable. I think Phoenix really is depopulating. The large number of empty homes, apartments, and now businesses. You can buy a 4000-sq-ft house in Maricopa for $110K but nobody wants to live that far from what jobs remain. When the developers finally lose, the rest of us will win.

After the first paragraph, I was having flashbacks to Arizona Dreams: A David Mapstone Mystery.

Reading further led me to remember some of Travis McGee's adventures (penned by John D. McDonald) in the older world of Florida real estate.

They make for great stories but depressing news.

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