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January 12, 2009


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When the bill does get too high, they'll blame environmentalists anyway. There's no requirement in right-wing America that arguments be made with logical consistency or even with semantic rules. Rather, the Other must be remain a figure of menacing intent and shadowy powers. It helps if he's gay and Jewish like Barney Frank. Or if he has an Arab middle name, or if she has fat ankles and wears pant suits.

The "real" victims are those who want a nice house they can afford in a pleasant environment. They're made to feel guilty. They're told to believe "scientists" who talk about global warming even when it's freezing outside. They're told to share even though no one ever shared with them.

So, when the bill comes due, the decent folk who listen to talk radio and vote Republican will want to know which liberal is doing this to them and why. Whereupon, Bill O'Reilly can spit out Al Franken's name and the decent folk will know.

Oh, but wait. It gets much worse. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of acres of dead and dying coniferous forests in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of New Mexico. The insects have decimated these once-lush mountainsides.

Now, they are nothing but millions of board-feet of tinder. We'll see, as the summers get drier/hotter, and the bugs hungrier and hungrier.

We won't necessarily lose *entire* towns and cities - this is pretty isolated country - but we will lose (or have already lost) part of the beauty of the West.

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