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January 23, 2009


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Oh... I believe the Kookacracy can be defeated, but not in time to prevent the tremendous damage of which ASU Pres Crow warns.

I foresee an Arizona state government turn around similar to the regime change just this week effected by the American electorate... but just as it took eight long years enduring the kook, George Bush to wake up enough American voters, it might take the two years running up to the next Arizona statewide and legislative elections to adequately wake up the voters in our sun-baked paradise.

The Kookacracy probably counts the Univeristy of Phoenix as
A. A real University
B. An Arizona state school
After all, they're the name sponsor of the pro football stadium.

They probably think the same things about DeVry University. I first came to Arizona back in 1975 to attend DeVry, though it wasn't a "university' back then...

It began in earnest with Reagan and the all-out assault on unions in general, but teachers' unions and public education in particular. The Reaganites wanted public funds for parochial schools. They realized the best way to go about it was to discredit pubic education. And the best way to accomplish that was to starve it to death. Fife Symington duly did his part in Arizona. So it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Kooks could say, "See, public education really does suck." And it does, thanks in large part to a generation of malnutrition.

But who will tell the people? Local news anchors? What passes for newspapers? Beth and Bill?

People vote reflexively Republicans because it reminds them of something nice, like a homogeneous white population. The negative effects of a low-education, low-investment state can always be blamed on illegal immigrants and the ACLU. Even some of my liberal friends think the current economic crisis is the result of Democrats coddling Fannie and Freddie.

There's no other recourse than letting wingnuts have their way. Will people wake up then? Probably not.

Jon, I'm 62 and working on a M.of Ed at NAU. I think some enterprising lawyer should find a plaintiff, aka me, and sue the State of Arizona for violating the State's Constitution,i.e., funding of education including at the university level. I'm not a lawyer, but I do believe this idea could have legs.

Jon, when you have the Senate President Bob Burns choosing to "not believe" that Arizona is ranked 49th in education "just because," why should expect anything less? If the Kookracy had its own money, Burns' face might be on the dollar.

Jon, Arizona has bigger problems even than education. EVERYTHING is facing major cuts because the tax policy has favored sales taxes and our real estate taxes are too low (wonder why). And the budget has to be balanced. What can be cut except education, health care, and corrections? And you KNOW they are not going to cut corrections.
And yes, they don't value paying for ANYthing with tax money, not just education. I think the recession, coupled with the legislature, will finally drive out Michael Crow. Unless...can you say b-a-i-l-o-u-t?

I haven't heard one peep about cutting the police and corrections, and they are one (if not the largest) of AZ's expeditures. Everyone is focused on cameras handing out tickets, but not the crushing police state we live in. I really don't think the Kookocracy can be defeated. AZ will choke on its own bile first.

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