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November 20, 2008


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Wasn't that area a Motorola superfund region at some point?

I was watching South Park the other night and the Goth kids had to come up with the worst place in the world to ship a rival to. They picked Scottsdale.

I remember Los Arcos. My doctor was next door to Papago Plaza on the west side. Always liked that Dairy Queen on McDowell before the canal too. Never liked Pancho's - you get what you pay for. Never have been in the Pancho's a few blocks away, but I sure do miss 'the Roach'. I made more trips to Thomas Mall.

Well said. I think I had a thing for the same Susie.

My parents moved to above 70th and McDowell in 1966, and I lived there while studying at LSU. Sorry to see things have deteriorated so much. We moved from 24th and Indian School, so Scottsdale was a step up from us. Once was collecting bugs for an entomology course under the lites in the Papago Plaza parking lot at 2 AM, got stopped by a cop, who did not believe me when I told him what I was doing. I had to show him some of the specimens, lol. Used to be a mexican place on scottsdale road not too far above McDowell, was my favorite.

whoops, sorry, meant ASU.

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