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October 31, 2008


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Eloquently stated.

"Who would vote FOR anything they offer?"

Certainly not me.

WHAT do they offer?

Nothing that interests ME!

Stood in line 3-1/2 hours in 90+ degree warmth to early vote in Peoria, AZ today. Poll workers handed out sun umbrellas and bottled water. The racially mixed crowd was in good spirits, helpful of each other (let the old ones have seats until their turn to vote) and no one left the line.

Joanna's experience is, happily, a nationwide phenomenon. While the forces of fear and escapism are strong, they're not going to defeat Obama. His mandate will be definitive and convincing.

The work that lies ahead involves nudging the fulcrum of the national debate in the direction of reality, empiricism and secularism. We either engage real problems in this country or we revert to nostalgic bromides more pertinent to 1950s America. It's not going to be easy countering the propaganda of the American right. But until we effectively make a case for realism, too many of us will continue to prefer culture-war nonsense to difficult choices.

Jon you have nailed it once again. I still hope for a strong Obama win so that the FOX news crowd won't have another "non-issue" to talk about. And as an African-American, the things that the GOP has said said about Obama, "we don't really know him, his past associations, he has no experience, he sat in a church for 20 years, etc" are all things that many of us have heard through the years. But it was funny, when Palin was chosen, almost instantly, the right said she was ok. They said they knew her. What a double standard. America let get this right. Obama is the only choice.

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