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October 30, 2008


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We got Arpaio because of a combination of things: The ridiculous reign of Tom Agnos during the Temple murders and the "angry white man" push of the early 90s.

I'd go for Agnos at this point. It's pretty clear no competent law enforcement man wants the job. At this point the question becomes if we even need a sheriff. Rural/Metro maintains a strong corporate enforcement agency that could contract with county islands. All we really need is a competent warden/administrator for the county jails who could oversee getting suspects from court to jail and back.

What we no longer need is a megalomaniac with a quick trigger. I think after Arpaio wins another term, that's the direction we'll see the conversation go.

Mr. Lash,

Thank you for this thoughtful piece. I have long thought the same thing about our police forces. My last couple of dealings with them have been very unpleasant (and these were just traffic stops). I would now believe a crook rather than a cop if I had to be on jury.

Dear Cal, Thanks for this great article ! I wish you would mail me a real printed copy from the actual publication. 3634 n. 5th ave, apt b-1 phx, az 85015 602-242-4313

Hello good article where does one go to report on elected sheriff that are corrupted and use fear and intimidation and use Malitia as there muscle ?

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